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Colégio Berlaar N. Sra.

do Patrocínio Avaliação
Sou Berlaar, sou participATIVO
3º Trimestre
Ano: 5º ano Data: 30/11/2018
Educando (a): ____________________________________________ Nº____

Pontos distribuídos: 12 pontos

Pontos Obtidos:______

1. Read the activities below and match them to the means of communication. (2.0/____)
 Read the news  Surf the net
 Watch videos  Read
 Listen to music

Internet Magazine Newspaper Radio Smartphone

2. Read and write the questions to the answers given. (2.0/____)

a) ______________________________________________________________?

Yes, I do. I surf the net every day.

b) ______________________________________________________________?

Yes, I do. I listen to music on my smartphone.

c) ______________________________________________________________?

Yes, I do. I read e-books on the tablet.

d) ______________________________________________________________?

Yes, I do. I listen to the radio in the car.

3. Read and match the questions to the answers. (1.0/____)
a) Do you read magazines? ( ) Yes, I do. I listen to the radio in my
b) Do you listen to the radio? mom’s car when I go to school.
c) Do you read the newspaper on ( ) Yes, I do. I read fashion magazines.
Sundays? ( ) Yes, I do. I surf the net every day after
d) Do you surf the net after school? school.
( ) No, I don’t. I read the newspaper on

4Read the text and answer the

questions: (2.0/____)
My name is Jane, I’m 13 and I’m from Paris.
Now I live in the U.S.A. with my parents, but all
my family live in France. I miss my family
specially my grandparents Pierre and Marie. I
talk to them on the Internet every Sunday. We
use Skype so I can see them and they can see

a) Where is Jane from?

b) Do her grandparents live in the U.S.A.?
c) How do they keep in touch?
d) When do they use Skype?

5. Look, read and complete. Use the words from the box. (1.0/____)

a) Where’s the apple tree?

It’s __________________ the restaurant.
b) Where’s the ______________?
It’s next to the supermarket.
c) ___________ the __________________?
It’s next to the restaurant.

6. Look at the picture, read and check () the right option. (1.0/____)
a) ( ) The library is next to the bank.
( ) The library is behind the bank.
b) ( ) The bank is in front of the drugstore.
( ) The bank is next to the library.
c) ( ) The supermarket is on the left of the movie theater.
( ) The supermarket is on the right of the movie theater.
d) ( ) The drugstore is in front of the supermarket.
( ) The drugstore is next to the bank.
e) ( ) The restaurant is next to the movie theater.
( ) The restaurant is behind the movie theater.

7. What comes next? Read and write. (1.0/____)

a) Sunday – Monday – Tuesday - ________________

b) Friday – Saturday – Sunday - ________________
c) Tuesday – Wednesay - Thursday ________________
d) Thursday – Friday – Saturday - ________________

8. Read and write. (1.0/____)

Celebration: ____________________ Party
Date: ______________________________
Time: ______________________________
Place: _____________________________
Phone number: ______________________

9. Look, read and check. (1.0/____)

( ) FALL

( ) FALL