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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 9:59 AM

Sections 1-11 Rights of the People

Sections 12-22 Rights of the Accused

Section 1 Right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY

Right to due process of the law
Right to the equal protections of the laws
Section 2 Right against Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Section 3 Right to privacy (communication)
Section 4 Freedom of Speech
Right to a Free Press, Freedom of Assembly, Right to petition
Section 5 Freedom of Religion
Section 6 The liberty of abode and Right to Travel
Section 7 Right of the People to Information on Matters of Public Concern
Section 8 Right to Form Unions, Associations or Societies
Section 9 Right to Just Compensation
Section 10 Non-impairment Clause
Section 11 Free-access to Court
Section 12 Custodial Investigation Rights
Section 13 Right to Bail
Right against Excessive Bail
Section 14 Rights of the Accused
Right to Due Process of Law in Criminal Cases
Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Right to Confront One's Accuser
Basis for Trial in Absentia
Section 15 Writ of Habeas Corpus
Section 16 Right to Speedy Disposition of Cases
Section 17 Right against Self-incrimination
Section 18 Right to Political Beliefs and Aspirations
Section 19 Prohibition against Cruel, Degrading or Inhuman Punishment
Section 20 Non-imprisonment for Debts
Section 21 Right against Double Jeopardy
Section 22 Right against Ex post facto law and Bill of Attainder