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ENGLISH 2-BTTE (First Semester)


DIRECTION: Read each item carefully and write your answers legibly in your test booklet. No answers
should be written in your test questionnaire.

I. IDENTIFICATION: Give what is asked.

1. This is a definition that broadens or expands the discussion of an object, process or concept.
2. Gerontology has taken its name from “geron” a Greek word. It is using what method of expansion?
3. Lubricants include wax, oil, grease, and petroleum which are used to minimize friction. It is using what
method of expansion?
4. This report presents information monthly, quarterly or weekly.
5. This report includes comparison of the company’s present performance with that of the previous year.
6. This report includes assessment, evaluation and feasibility study.
7. This is made to determine whether or not a project is likely to succeed or will be economically viable.
8. This is known as the conventional farewell to the reader.
9. The salutation in business letter is always followed by a ________________.
10. The most formal salutation to be used is __________________.
11. This is used to authenticate the body of the letter.
12. What is the complimentary close to be used to address a politician?
13. You are addressing the letter to the president of this institution, how are you going to write its inside
14. This criterion of an effective business letter means the inclusion of all necessary details and
15. A criterion where it express one’s ideas or thoughts clearly and accurately.

II. In what section of the application letter will the following be included? Write the letter and the correct answer.

A. Attracting favorable attention B. Creating Desire C. Convincing the Employer

16. Results of board exam such as LET

17. Your advertisement in Manila Bulletin , February 20, 2008 issue interests me much to apply in your
institution as a Math Teacher or to any position that suits my qualification.
18. I am graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Math.
19. I held important organizations in our school.
20. Enclosing herewith are my resume and transcript of records for your further evaluation

III. TRUE or FALSE: Write True if the statement is correct and False it is incorrect.

21. Complimentary close will matter depending on the salutation.

22. A progress report is consists of 5 parts the same as feasibility study.
23. Letterhead is an example of conventional heading.
24. A complete inside address is consist of 4 lines.
25. Signature is usually consists of two parts.


26 -28 Parts of Progress report (in order)

29 - 31 Formats of letter

32 – 36 Parts of annual reports

V. ESSAY: Answer the question in complete sentence and with 3 to 5 sentences.(9 points)

Why business letters are important?