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1. What kind of test must a teacher use if she wants to test the students’ ability to organize ideas?

A. Multiple choice test

B. Short answer
C. Essay
D. Technical problem type
2. NSAT and NEAT results are interpreted against a set mastery level. This means that NSAT and
NEAT fall under _________________.
A. intelligence test
B. aptitude test
C. criterion-referenced test
D. norm-referenced test
3. This is the first step in planning an achievement test.
A. Select the type of test items to use.
B. Decide on the length of the test.
C. Define the instructional objective.
D. Build a table of specifications.
4. Which objective below is the highest level in Bloom’s taxonomy?
A. Explain how trees receive nutrients
B. Explain how a tree functions in relation to the ecosystem
C. Rate the three different methods of controlling tree growth
D. List the parts of a tree
5. For mastery learning, which type of testing will be most fit?
A. Formative testing
B. Criterion-referenced testing
C. Aptitude testing
D. Norm-referenced testing
6. Which is a characteristic of an imperfect type of matching test?
A. An item may have no answer at all.
B. The items in the right and left columns are equal in number.
C. An answer may be repeated.
D. There are two or more distracters.
7. The criterion of success in teacher Leo’s objective is that “ the pupils must be able to spell 90%
of the words correctly.” Ana and 19 others correctly spelled 40 words only out of 50. This means
that teacher Leo __________________.
A. Attained his objective because of his effective spelling drill
B. Attained his lesson objective
C. Failed to attain his lesson objective as far as the 20 pupils are concerned
D. Did not attain his lesson objective because of pupils’ lack of attention
8. Which is a norm-referenced statement(s)?
A. Danny performed better in spelling than 60% of his classmates.
B. Danny was able to spell 90% of the words correctly.
C. Danny was able to spell 90% of the words correctly and spelled 35 words out of 50 correctly.
D. Danny spelled 35 words out of 50 correctly.

9. After teaching lessons, Ms. Ho gave a qui to her class. Which does she give?
A. Diagnostic test
B. Summative test
C. Performance test
D. Formative test
10. In the parlance of test construction, what does TOS mean?
A. Table of specifics
B. Term of specifications
C. Table of specifications
D. Table of specific item test
11. What is the main purpose if a teacher uses standardized test?
A. Compare her students to the national norm
B. Serve as a final examination
C. Serve as a unit test
D. Engage in easy scoring
12. Teacher Jessica gave a pre-test, and most of her students passed the pre-test. What should
teacher Jessica do?
A. Go on to the net unit.
B. Go through the lesson quickly in order not to skip any topic.
C. Go through the unit as usual because it is part of the syllabus.
D. Administer the post test
13. If teacher Jerick wants to test his students’ synthesizing skills. Which of the following has the
highest diagnostic value?
A. Completion test
B. Essay test
C. Performance test
D. Multiple choice test
Why is the test item poor?

I. The language used in the question is not precise.

II. The test item does not pose a problem to the examinee.
III. The blank is at the beginning of a sentence.
IV. There are many possible correct answers to this item.
A. I and II
B. I and III
C. II and IV
D. III and IV

15. Which of the following statements is the main purpose of administering a pre-test and a post-
test to the students?
A. To measure the value of the material taught
B. To measure gains in learning
C. To keep adequate records
D. To accustom the students to frequent testing
16. Which assessment activity is the most appropriate to measure the objective “ to explain the
meaning of molecular bonding” for the group for the group with strong interpersonal
A. Write down chemical formulas and show how they were derived
B. Build several molecular structures with structures with multicolor pop beads
C. Draw diagrams that show different bonding patterns
D. Demonstrate molecular bonding using students as atoms.
17. Read and analyze the matching type given below.

Match A and B.
Write only the
letter of your
answer at the
blank before
the number.


What is wrong with the test item?

A. It is not valid.
B. It is not reliable.
C. Descriptions and options are in wrong place.
D. It contains only 5 items.
18. Study this matching type of test, then answer the question below.

Match A and B.
Write only the
letter of your
answer at the
blank before
the number.


Which is the best way to improve the matching type of test?

A. Add one or two items at column B.

B. Add 5 items to both columns
C. Add two or more items in column A.
D. Add ten items in both columns to be more comprehensive.
19. Mr. Charcos conducted a test after discussing the lesson “ Table of Specification” to check
whether the students learned something about the lesson. The result is not a part of the
computation of grade but to get feedback only. Which type of assessment did Mr. Charcos
A. Placement assessment
B. Diagnostic assessment
C. Formative assessment
D. Summative assessment
20. Which statement/s is/are TRUE about constructing matching type of test?
I. The options and descriptions are not necessarily homogeneous.
II. The students must be greater than the descriptions.
III. The directions must state the basis of matching.
IV. The descriptions must be in Column A and options in column B.
A. I only
B. II and IV
21. Which of the following test items can effectively measure HOTS cognitive learning objectives?
A. Objective test
B. Achievement test
C. Completion test
D. Extended essay test
22. Which of the following is a NOT characteristic of an objective test?
A. Can cover a large sampling of content areas
B. Time-consuming to prepare
C. There is a single or best answer
D. Can measure higher-order thinking skills