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Chapter 1


Background of the Study

We all know that we are living in a world that most of us had an access to the

internet. According to (Dentzel, 2018). The internet has turned our eistence upside

down. It has revolutionized communications, to the extent that is now our preferred

medium of everyday communication. In General Santos City National High School

Grade 11 Ict Strix students , most of the student uses Internet for their assignments and

projects. It is a good thing where the students help to do their job as a responsible


The researchers aims to determine the learning acquisition of the Grade 11 Ict

Students in their usage of internet.

Statement of the problem

This study aims how internet can help the Grade 11 ICT- STRIX students of General

Santos City National High School.

Specifically, this question will be answered:

1.) How the internet helps the students?

2.) What is the effect of Internet to your academic performance?

Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study is to understand the of the Internet at General Santos

City National High School. In order to finish this aim, the following objectives were


1.) Understand the importance of Internet Connection to students.

2.) Examine how the Internet is being used by students.

3.) Determine the frequency of Internet usage.

Scope and Delimitation

The scope of this study is focused on the effect of Internet to Grade 11- Ict Strix

students. This is the proof that Internet is very popular and very important in our daily


This study will be conducted in General Santos City National High School, the

respondent will be selected Grade 11Ict Strix students.

Benefits and Beneficiaries

The study will help the following people:

The Students, they will be able to know how they use Internet.

The Parents, they will able to know how their children used Internet.

The Researchers, they will gain knowledge on how Grade 11-Ict students of General

Santos City National High School uses Internet.

The Future Researchers, this study will serve as a research they can look up for Review
of Related Literature for their future research.

Chapter 2

Review Of Related Literature

The internet is a global linking of devices that allow information transfer. The internet

was established in the early 1960’s by the U.S department of defence (Schneider,

Evans and Pinard, 2006) for military purposes. It is a fact that the internet is one of the

greatest advancement in the world of information technology as it has become a useful

instrument that has fostered the process of making the world a global village. The

Internet provides an environment in which millions of people participate and engage in

the creation and exchange of information.




According to Jafari M, Dayani M. (2010) acessing to the information resources and

scientific findings, knowledge sharing, scientific relationships between scholars, online

learning, accessing to the virtual libraries and so on using the internet increase the

importance of the internet network more than expected. Nowadays, the internet is one

of the main parts of students daily lives for satisfying the academic, social, and

recreational needs.


In a related study, Aseni (2005) assessed information searching habits of Internet

users at Medical Sciences University of Isfahan, Iran. The findings showed that the

respondents were obtaining quality information through the Internet and all the

respondents were using the Internet.


Recently, Oyedun (2007) conducted a study on the Internet use in the Library of

Federal University of Technology, Minna, and observed that most of the respondents

claimed that through the Internet services in the library, they have improved

considerably in their academic performance.


The use of the internet is one of the major factors affecting the academic

performance and social life of university students. The number of hours spent on

internet will affect the grades of students depending on if the internet is used for study

purpose or social purposes. Many studies have been conducted regarding the type of

information the end-users seek and obtain on the Internet and in which circumstances

they prefer electronic sources to paper sources(Tenopir et al.2003).Also , students can

gain from others’ knowledge and experiences, participate in chatrooms, share ideas and




In a research article, Ying-Fang Chen and Samuel S. Peng (2005-2006 academic year

juniors).A study done on a variety of randomly selected University students in Taiwan

showed that heavy Internet users and non-heavy Internet users differed significantly on

a number of dimensions. Non-heavy users had better relationships with administrative

staff, academic grades and learning satisfaction than heavy Internet users. Tuckman

(1975) defined academic performance as the apparent demonstration of understanding

concepts, skills, ideas and knowledge and proposed that grades clearly depict the

performance of students. Heavy users were more likely than non-heavy Internet users

to be depressed, physically ill, lonely, and introverted.


Chapter 3


Research Design

This study will use phenomenological method. This is to know the experience of the

internet users on how the internet help them.


The participants of the study will be the Grade Eleven (11) students enrolled in

General Santos City National High School. There will be seven (7) participants which

will be interviewed.

Locale of the Study

This study will be conducted in General Santos City National High School.

Data Collection

The study was conducted by the researchers using the following procedure:

1. Creating an interview guide

2. Selecting Grade Eleven (11) students as the participants of the study

3. Gather respondents and ask them to be part of the survey and

4. Analyze and interpret the data gathered.

Interview Techniques

The interview technique that will be used is Computer Assisted Personal Interview

(CAPI). To personally interview our participants.

Ethical Consideration

As a responsible researcher, this study will follow and consider ethical standard

towards to:

1. The researcher will secure all the private information of the participants to the public.

2. The researcher will not be bias and be true of what will be the outcome of the study

3. The researcher will be good and consider what the interviewer says.


This study will use purposive sampling technique. This technique will be used

because we will select participant thats is right for our study.


The researcher will create their own questionnaire and will be validated by the three

experts in the field of research to ensure that the question are appropriate to the study.

The questionnaire will be based on the statement of the problem.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

The reseachers organized the gather data by identifying the most common answered

by the respondent of the study.

Chapter 4

Results and Discussions

This chapter presented the results and discussions based on the data gathered.

Table 1.

Uses of Internet

Question Response Significant statement Theme Concept

How does 1.Dahil sa internet 1.Through internet, you can Internet helps Communication,

Internet nakakapag-access access online sites to by entertainment,

helps you? tayo sa communicate to other people communicating and information

pamamagitan ng or access entertainment other people,

pakikipag websites. gather

komunikasyon sa information,and
2.Internet can help you by
pamilya natin, access other
finding answers to your
kaibigan at tiyaka online sites.
studies and assignments and
malaking tulong din
can also give information to
ito pra sa mga other country.

estudyante kung
3.Internet can help students
may ipapagawang
translates the language of
takdang aralin
other country.
maaari tayong mag-

search sa computer

at marami tayong



2. (Ahhmm) Internet

help us to search a

an assignment or

finding a data to a

get an answer to

our assignment and

also internet help us

to find (ahmm)

some data that we

need to know (that’s


3. For research,

maka research ka,

makakuha ka ug


makahatag ka ug

information ug

kanang maka

communicate ka sa

other country nga

mga tao didtoa

maka hanap ka

kung unsay mga

bawal didto ug mga

basta impormasyon

mao lang.

4. (Ah) Maraming

tulong ang internet

satin dahil sa

internet pwede

tayong mag search

ng kahit na anong

gusto mong hanapin

mga kahit na anong

mga sagot sa

inyong mga studies,

assignments. Ang

internet ay tama


5. (Ah) Isa sa mga

nakatulong sa

internet is ano sa

paggawa ng mga

assignments, sa

research, sa mga

(ah), sa mga friend

mo sa facebook.

Then pag pag

papanood ng

anime, movies at

kung anu-ano pa.

6. Ang internet

nakakatulong kasi

siya sa mga

estudyante kasi

nakakadagdag kasi

ito kahay ng pag

hindi moa lam ang

linggwahe ng isang

lugar, malalaman

mo ito through

research kunwari

wala kang internet,

pwede ka maggamit

ng data pag walang

internet so

maraming tulong

ang ito lalo na

ngayon na highetch

na ang mga


Table 1 shows the of Internet to the Grade 11-Strix students.

Based on the study, Internet can be used to communicate, gather information and

access and other online sites. In addtition to this, Internet as affirmed by Awoleye,

Siyanbola and Oladapo (2008) is used for information development, enhances easy

communication, improves academic performance, used as a researched tool, provides

solution to assignments, gives information on entertainment & education, and a source

of scholarship. (Rose & Fernlund, 1997) Also states that It allows for the exchange of
information and for interaction among individuals in real time, making transport and

distance no longer a problem.

Question Response Significant Answers Theme Concept

2. What is the 1. Ang epekto sa Internet can have a bad Internet can Negative

effect of epekto sa result because students have a bad effect.

internet to academic sometimes don’t listen to and effect to

your performance discussions of teachers. students

academic internet sa akin ay

performance? minsan hindi

nakakatulong siya

kasi minsan hindi

na minsan hindi

nakikinig ng

maayos so

minsan yong ano

yung internet

nakakatulong sa

mga estudyante


nakakahanap ka

nang mga

impormasyon sa

According to Griffiths and Szabo (2014) the internet addiction (IA) fails to take into

account the focus of the object of addiction (e.g, gambling, video gaming, social

networking, sex, work, shopping, etc.) In addition it has been argued since the late

1990s that most of the people who spend excessive amounts of the time on the Internet

are not addicted to the medium itself, but use the Internet to fuel other and specific

addictions i.e, most people have addictions on the internet rather than to it (Griffiths,

1999, Griffiths, 2000)

Chapter 5


Based on the data gathered by the researchers, the following recommendation are


1. Make Internet as a good source of information to your studies.

2. Continue using Internet for communicating to other to maintain good relationship.

3. Be a wise Internet user.

4. Control the time you spend in Internet.

5. Surf safely in the Internet.

6. Think before you click.