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City of Derby, Connecticut

One Elizabeth Street - 06418

Marc J. Garofalo, MPA, CCTC Telephone - 203.736.1462

Town / City Clerk Email -

March – 2019 - Monthly Food Collection

To benefit

St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank

Helping Hands of the Valley
237 Roosevelt Drive - Derby, CT - 203.734.7577

Pancake Mix &

Please bring to
Derby Town/City Clerk’s Office by March 31, 2019

FYI, the Derby City Hall staff, in lieu of a Holiday Secret Santa Gift, donated food to the St. Vincent DePaul
Food Pantry in December 2015.

After discussions with the operators of the Food Bank, we asked them for monthly suggestions for food
collections to concentrate on what is in short supply. We decided that we would start a monthly
collection of one specific item to help them feed those in need in our City and the Valley.