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Circle the correct answer

Choose the best answer for each blank.
1. The man ___________ dinner for everyone last night.
A cook C cooked
Ammar and his family were in the living room.
B cooking D cooks
________ (12) were watching a movie. His little brother
_________ (13) to watch cartoons. However, everyone
2. I _____________ to eat at KFC yesterday. liked the latest movie.
A wanted C wanting
B wants D want 12. A Their C We
B They D Us
3. My mother ________ an athlete when she was
young. 13. A want C wanted
A is C are B wants D is wanted
B was D were
14. He _____________ food from the kitchen.
4. I ____________ on trip with Aisyah last week.
A smelling C smells
A go C am going B smell D smelled
B going D went
15. The dog __________ loudly.
5. They __________ some orange juice for him.
A pours C pouring A barked C barking
B pour D poured B barks D bark

6. My sister _________ fried rice yesterday. 16. My father and brother __________ the football
A eating C ate game last night.
B eats D eated
A watching C watch
B watches D watched
Choose the best answer for each blank.
17. The maid ___________ the napkin on the table.
Pak Ali ____________ (7) fish last week. He __________
(8) some seashells by the sea last week. He A placed C placing
__________ (9) collecting them. B place D places

7. A buy C bought 18. The boy __________the race earlier.

B buys D buyed
A started C starting
8. A collects C collecting B starts D starts
B collected D collect
19. She _________ me the present yesterday.
9. A love C loving
B loves D loved A give C giving
B gives D gave
10. Ameer ____________ his mother to wash the plates
20. Aunt Sally _____________ in Senai before this.
A helped C help
B helping D helps A live C living
B lives D lived
11. Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.
21. Cindy _________ here last month.
A harry potter studied in hogwarts. A came C coming
B Harry potter studied in Hogwarts. B come D comes
C Harry Potter studied in Hogwarts.
D Harry Potter studied in hogwarts. MissAsh