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Reflection Overall Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Subject 4 Subject 5 Subject 6

English Maths Geography

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My results
Exllence 2 Merits for both the
(be specific - which
s dfs s ad

standards, and what grades)

I got 119/132 Which is skills and knowledge
just 90% giving me a 7 in papers
IB marks

Reflection - Use of grammar and

I have to focus on my Didn’t study much

What weaknesses or
structure of the essay Algebra which I lost 9 for the skill part as I
strengths were highlighted in
marks in
the outcome of this thought it would be
examination? This may
require you to look more
easy, studied for the
closely at your exam paper, knowledge but didn’t
and any feedback provided remember and
by your teacher.
practice to write more
in detail about
What did I do to prepare Study the essay Past papers
J ljknkjhkPas o

A bit of reflection on
for this examination?
question from Exercise different types of
E.g. (Maths) I worked Reflection from notes
through past exam papers. I previously years graphs and mapping
completed exercises and techniques
examples related to the
content examined. I
reviewed notes, etc. I needed to also
remember details and
facts to support the
knowledge paper
Are there things that I Go though all the

did not do, which I know

questions as anyone
is possible but Instead I should have
I should have done in I

order to improve my
outcomes in this I went through and started revising
subject? focused on a few that earlier
E.g. (English) I should have
collated notes on the film, might not even be in
and identified examples of the exam
film techniques to support
arguments about key
characters and ideas.

Where could I go to get Practice writing film Always go home

advice on new
strategies and help with
or book reviews as and revise the thing
improving in this homework we learned that day
E.g. Ask for advice from my
teacher; speak to my friend
who got all E’s in this
subject; ask learning
support; speak to another
science teacher than my
own to get a different

What new strategies

have I identified to help
with my ongoing study
for this subject?