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I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to:
a. Identify the rules in forming the plural of nouns
b. Answer the proper way of forming the plural of nouns.
c. Write the correct spelling of nouns in their plural form.

II. Learning Task

a. Subject Matter: working with singular and plural nouns
b. Reference: English For All Times p. 64 – p. 65
c. Materials: Overhead projector, pictures, visual aids, hart
d. Values:

III. Developmental Tasks

Teacher’s activity Students’ Activity
a. Review
-Classroom Maintenance
-Checking of Attendance

Who can recall what we discussed Yesterday, we discussed about Nouns


Very good!!!
Who can define what is noun? Noun is a name of person, place or a

b. Motivation

Before we anything else, we will watch a Watch a video clip about plural nouns
short video about plural nouns.

*( Old McDonald)
Most plurals end in ‘s’
Just add an ‘s’
Some plurals need ‘es’
If they end like this
With an ‘sh’ here
‘Ch’ there
Here an ‘x’, there an ‘s’
Anywhere an ‘ss’
When a noun ends like this
You must need ‘es’.

I. Activity
*refer to attached Activity Sheet

II. Analysis
Do you know children that there are 7
rules in forming the plural of singular nouns
but we will take up the 1st four rules.

Let’s go back to the activity we had. we add “s” and change “y” to “I” and
add “es”.
What did you observed?

Yes, that is correct. Those 2 you mntioned

were included in the rules. But first, we will
talk about the first rule. Add S to most singular nouns to form
the plural?
Does any of you had the idea what is the first
rule in forming singular nouns to its plural

Very Good!! *Give examples

Example: book-books
Who can give other examples? *Give examples

Okay children, can you give nouns that end

with s, ss, x, ch, sh and z If singular noun ends with S, SS, X,
Ch, z add -es to form the plural
How can we make these singular nouns in
plural forms? What is the 2nd rule? city, story, library, day, toy

Can you give nouns ending in y preceded by

a consonant letter? city- cities, story - stories

How can we make these singular noun in

plural form? If a singular noun ends with a
consonant y, change y to I and add -es.
What is the 3rd rule?

Take note there are some words that end

with a vowel y for example monkey – *Give examples
Who can give other examples? If singular noun ends with a vowel and
y add -s to form the plural.
How can we make these singular nouns in
plural form? What is the 4th rule?
III. Abstraction
The rules in forming plural forms of the
noun are:

1. Most regular countable nouns make

their plurals
plurals by adding -s to the singular
2. nouns that end in -s, -z, -ch, -sh, and
-s add -es to the singular form.
3. Regular countable nouns make their
plurals by (1) adding
-s or -es to the singular form and (2)
by changing final y
to i and adding -es if the singular
form ends in a consonant
4. Regular nouns ending in
a vowel + y do not
change the y to i and add -es; instead,
they simply add s:l

IV. Application
Give the plural forms of the words in the
parentheses. Write your answers in the

(Tree)_________________ are important to

people. They are the source of many (thing)
_________________ that we need in our
everyday life. They give us wood for our
_________________, (building)
_________________, (factory)
_________________, and
(industry) _________________. They supply
us with paper for our (letter)
(book) _________________, (magazine)
_________________ and news papers. They
give us
(fruit) _________________ like mango,
chico, banana, and avocado. Most of all, they
give us
the air that we need in order to breathe.

IV. Evaluation
Write the plural form of the following nouns.
1. kite__________ 6. lesson.___________
2. dress_________ 7. elephant__________
3. box___________ 8. key_____________
4. lady__________ 9. brush___________
5. quiz__________ 10. cowboy__________

V. Assignment
In your assignment notebook, Identify if the given word is in singular or in plural form. Write S
if it is singular and P if plural.
1. witches 6. bus
2. berry 7. cheese
3. nuts 8. house
4. sky 9. cactus
5. bushes 10. news
Activity Sheet

Skill: Plural Nouns.

Adding –s, and changing Y to I and adding –es.

Traceable Word Cards


1. The teacher will post the Traceable Word Cards on the board.
2. The teacher will pick a random student to trace the name of the noun written in broken
3. After tracing, the pupil will sort the word card into the correct heading
4. The pupil will classify if the singular noun was changed by adding –s or changing y to I
and add –es and will write the plural form of each noun in the worksheet.