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Vol. 2, No. 6 SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd 2019 © International News Organization, 2019

Westphalia Raided Once Again A New Congress to

Emulate WA
A nation by the name of Republicanana has
taken it upon themselves to form a new Na-
tionStates Congress in an effort to form a
new international legislative coalition due to
dissatisfaction with the World Assembly.

Additionally to making a forum thread on

the subject, Republicanana sent out individ-
ual telegrams to several nations. After re-
ceiving one, I decided to have a chat with
Republicanana about their vision for the NS

“The name is the NationStates Congress.

The particular moment that sparked this
idea is when I realized the WA could not re-
form in any way because of the rules that
Fighter jets of The Black Hawks take over the airspace of Westphalia.
ban any changes that would interfere with
the game structure. Like amendments,
By AURELIUS organising of a massive raid some failed, while the other were which almost every legislature has but the
Just over a week back, following by TBH who decided to carry out repealed. Overall, the region was WA cannot allow them because somebody
the unexpected ceasing-to-exist of their plans a week back, and raid- never liberated. would have to change the games coding. I
the founder, Westphalia was raid- ed Westphalia with a massive just realized that we could create something
ed by The Black Hawks, in what force of over 50 nations, a number Ultimately, a significant number on the forums that a feature of a game is bet-
seems as a repetition of the raid that is still growing. This was of defenders under the Alliance of ter than.”
that happened over a year back. simply a repeat of what happened Independent Regions came in and
This raid was carried out over a year back when the found- sought to free Westphalia from Republicanana expanded on what they
by Valkyrie, who had led the raid er had CTEd, leading to a raid be- the clutches of the raiders. wish to achieve by bringing nations together
last time too. This raid itself, while ing carried out by TBH. As Westphalia soon descended under this new initiative.
having a number of interesting into a battlefield with various forc-
features, also raises some core This incident had the attention of es seeking control of the region, “I am hoping, as well as I hope other na-
questions about the region itself the NS metaverse as the raid was out of seemingly nowhere, the tions that join this NS Congress do, is to ex-
that must be contemplated going quite large and well planned out. founder revived his nation and pand prosperity throughout the entirety of
forward. The raid was followed by a num- hence, dispelled the raider forces NS for the betterment of our citizens. This
ber of WA proposals which sought and the control of Westphalia re- [implementation] will be a problem for a
The House of Petain, the founder to liberate Westphalia, which in verted back to the natives. Anoth- good bit of people. However, the WA…
of Westphalia, went inactive for a turn would open it up for defender er important incident that hap-
long while, which was followed by forces to liberate the region from pened around this time was the CONTINUED ON PAGE 3
his nation CTEing. His nation the raiders. These proposals led to migration of a number of…
CTEd a little over 150 days ago, a tussle within the Security Coun-
which led to careful planning and cil of the World Assembly, as CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Election Troubles in Allévarres

Allévarres is a small group of is-
lands in southern Veropa, a fictional
continent in the Universal Pact. Al-
lévarres is known for its geographical
beauty, but it has recently been mak-
ing the news for completely different

Background Information
The origin of all of the controversy
surrounding Allévarres dates back to
the 2015 Presidential Election, when
Élvernne Jitspatrique was elected the
President of Allévarres.

At first, he was praised for his will- Scrutineers count the ballots of the 2019 Allévarres general election.
ingness and determination to make
everyone equal economically (he However, as the years passed, this things for himself, and he gained con- ing to stop his so-called “illegitimate”
funded charities and support ser- part of his manifesto worsened the trol of almost the entire government. regime.
vices, for example). economy and Élvernne grew corrupt. Presidential candidates and political
He spent money on unnecessary parties soon rallied together, pledg- CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Agarntrop reports on the landslide re- Aurelius investigates the re-invasion of Daunlaund writes on continued events in Daunlaund reports on their favorite art of
election of incumbent Delegate Fedele, Westphalia by The Black Hawks, Grey- Allévarres, where election troubles are the week from the NS forums, while Llo
who was able to get 68% of the vote over lyn discusses the creation of a new NS causing chaos and uncertainty in the up- challenges you to a crossword based on
rival Wonder Woman and avoid sending Congress, and Wymondham details the per echelons of the bureaucracy, while this edition’s articles and NS general
it to a runoff count. key gameplay events of the week. the balance of power remains uncertain. knowledge.

SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd 2019 Section P

Fedele Re-Elected as TEP Delegate

Fedele addresses citizens of The East Pacific in a town hall meeting during their campaign for Delegate.

By AGARNTROP regional terms, focused on peace- ties and engage members who “have
In The East Pacific, the nation The re-elected delegate, Fedele, has keeping efforts. received a previous lack of attention
of Fedele has been re-elected as Dele- done many things in that they deserve.”
gate with 68% of the vote. Fedele was
well ahead of second-placed Wonder
his time of delegacy,
a title which he has
Fedele has Fedele gave Nation-
States Today a short Fedele’s term will run until July and
Woman with 21% of the vote, there-
fore triggering no runoff.
held since the last
Delegate election in
been re- statement on his elec-
tion win:
he will have unlimited power during
his delegacy according to the laws of
October, including elected as TEP, and he says he will not be run-
In a thread on TEP’s forum, voters creating what he “I think it says a lot ning again as there are “plenty of
selected several candidates on a pref- describes as Delegate about our hopes for the good options for delegate once we
erence list of favorite to least favorite, a “competent and future of the East that have successfully built up the wealth
with all candidates excluding Fed- fantastic” cabinet with 68% we had so many well and talent of our region”.
which includes Mar- qualified candidates.”
of the vote
ele and Wonder Woman receiving
well under 10%. However, Wonder rabuk, Paki, Tim
Woman still did not get anything near Wallenberf, Gnapir, Fedele is planning on
the percentage of incumbent Fed- Cain, Wonder Woman, Charity, Zuk, continuing to create efficiency in the
ele who won a landslide victory. and Davelands. He has also, in inter- ministries, straighten out TEP’s trea-

SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd 2019 Section G

Westphalia Raided Once Again A New Congress to Emulate WA

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 cameral legislature.
doesn't really force laws on you
either. They just send you a TG say- “Initially, we will stick strictly on
ing that your country has implement- the NS Forums, however, all options
ed laws to follow GA resolutions, but are on the table, other than a new
where is the game effects?” region. A bill will be introduced into
the House and Senate and then it go
Republicanana later told me what to the committees assigned to it, then
they believe will set the Congress it will go to the floor for 72 hours of
apart from the World Assembly. debate than 72 hours for a vote. It is
possible for multiple bills on debate
“What sets the Congress apart from and vote at once. If the bill passes
the World Assembly is members' one house, it goes to the other to re-
power. Right now, only WA Dele- peat the same process.”
gates can determine what resolutions
Westphalia is raided by The Black Hawks after its founder CTEd. can be voted on, [and] they cannot be To conclude, initiatives like the one
changed once they are submitted as taken by Republicanana are what
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 they will have to eject all the natives, make the world of NationStates vi-
a proposal. If a WA Secretariat sees
Westphalians to RHINIA, which to which may prove to be a difficult task brant with endless possibilities for
the resolution as illegal, then no work
some, was seen as the successor re- considering the number of natives international cooperative engage-
can be done on it to continue the pro-
gion to Westphalia. having a significant amount of influ- ment. Though it’s likely to draw some
cess. With committees, our members
ence. And even if they manage to criticisms from those who might
can determine the path of bills as
Understanding of the previous raid achieve it, executing the re-found it- think it unnecessary, this reporter
they head for a vote. So, more mem-
is important for this raid itself does self will be a rather risky task as can’t help but appreciate the ambi-
ber power, the ability for amend-
not have many differences. The core many natives will be looking to re- tion of nations (like Republicanana)
ments, and committees. We will not
elements are the same – founder found the region for themselves. who see the change they wish to
have people on a higher plane when
CTEd, and TBH conducted the raid. Hence, Valkyrie says the way ahead make and take the plunge into un-
it comes to bills.”
In the words of Valkyrie, “[…] the has not yet been decided. charted waters. Only time will tell
last raid was my first big op. Every- Lastly, Republicanana explained how successful this congress will be.
thing went great, we decided not to re For Westphalia itself, as Xiulens ex-
how the structure will work as a bi-
-found. And then suddenly the found- plains, the way ahead is rather
er came back. And that was that. This straightforward. They will be looking
raid is mostly closure and a little bit of for the support of the defender com-
me being petty.” munity to liberate the region, and
should the circumstances require it,
This raid itself was built off the last push for a WA liberation, and subse-
failed attempt. So, while TBH were quent aid in gaining control back. This
eagerly waiting for their chance to however threatens the region to de-
strike, which as per Valkyrie, the scend into a battleground just as last
planning had started from 30th Sep- time. Ultimately, their best hope
tember, 2018, they began reaching out would be for the Founder to revive
to their allies around a month back, the nation once again.
and ultimately executed the raid, and Republicanana’s proposed Congress will first meet on the NS forums.
gained the control of the WA Delegate In the words of Roavin, in the game-
play forums:
This Week’s Gameplay Report
on the 23rd of February.

When asked, Xiulens, the native for- “[…] I suspect quite a few will be
hesitant to try to defend Westphalia By WYMONDHAM again this week, with 83 regions be-
mer WA Delegate, and currently the
again, so you’ve got that going for you Howling Wolves ing tagged at the Minor and Major
native with the most endorsements,
as well in case you intend to grief the Move over Black Hawks, there's a updates of February 24th. Lily’s in-
place.” So far, no defender organisa- new raider group in town. The Grey terregional military has a new mem-
tion has stepped up and aid Westpha- Wolves, have come to the scene be- ber, The Yeet Army.
“[…] A raid was inevitable, however
we were not expecting it just yet.” lia. This may be due to a number of ing met with both mockery and sup-
port on the Gameplay forums. So far Sekhmet Legion
The region was in the process of reasons, such as the region being as-
they have raided 1 region, The United Osiris’ Sekhmet Legion, now the
switching leaderships when the raid sociated with fascists a while back
Emperors of India. It shall be inter- most active GCR military, performed
happened, which made them all the and so forth, which may have greatly
esting to see how this new group a 10 hit tag raid on the minor of the
more vulnerable. He further men- damaged their reputation.”
fairs. 24th of February. The Legion has
tioned that, “[…]We did not have
been more active as of late, mainly
many allies to contact and every WA So, covered in a mist of uncertainty,
Lily due to its resurgence under leader
nation in the region was endorsing the future of Westphalia hangs on a
The group referred to by many as Benjabobaria, who NS Today inter-
me….. So we did not really have an thin rope. The raid has, interestingly,
the ‘fastest raiders in NS’ struck viewed here.
action plan.” brought to the surface a number of
challenges the region faces internally,
Considering the region was in the such as some dissatisfaction towards
exact same predicament over a year the current regime, spells of inactivi-
back, it is rather surprising to see the ty, and so forth. The region’s relation-
region was not particularly prepared ship with RHINIA is also not altogeth-
this time around either. In the words er positive. So, there are a lot of areas
of Xiulens, “Nothing changed. With- the region needs to work on, should
out a founder, we were quite power- they survive this raid.
less.” This raised the question of what
next, for both the raiders and the na- Ultimately, all that remains is to
tives. wait and watch. To see if the region
will be refounded or will the founder
For The Black Hawks, the way return from the grave to save the re-
ahead is rather straightforward. They gion yet again. Whether the defender
will be looking for a refound, so that community come to their rescue or
they can add another region to their not. How will the sequel to the West-
growing list of trophy regions. How- phalian raid end? That is yet to be
ever, in order to execute a refound, seen.

SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd 2019 Section I

Election Troubles in Allévarres

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 included the PC (Partier Com-
What Happened Next munisme) and the PL (Partier
Elections were called in early 2019. Libéerons). However, this was far
Just before these took place, there from the end of Allévarres’ troubles.
was an uproar from the Allévarrian The day after the results were an-
people. The conflicts came predomi- nounced, both sides of the political
nantly from the supporters of the far compass protested in a mass uproar
left and far right parties. As the in Laport, the capital of Allévarres.
fighting became more violent, people Some claimed the election was
started to flee Allévarres. “rigged”. This resulted in seventeen
people being injured, thirty one being
Originally, other Veropan nations, arrested and two losing their lives.
such as Neviersia, took in a few hun-
dred thousand people. However, as One Candidate’s Speech
the borders became too crowded, Giving a speech in the centre of
Laport, surrounded by hundreds of Mahakam before the Battle of Rethug. Map by Flakery.
they began to turn the refugees away
from their ports. thousands of supporters, Davide
Frandtkellvais, the leader of the PDL,
Elections gave the following speech:
Elections had been postponed many
times throughout the last few months “I solemnly swear, that as a presiden-
of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. In tial candidate, I shall aid in securing
February, however, the day of the an ultimate end to the corrupt regime
elections finally came around. And of the National Assembly, of Élvern- The results of the 2019 Allévarres general election, by Neviersia.
soon after, the results were an- ne Jitspatrique, and divert the coun-
nounced. try towards the direction to freedom,
harmony.” the country, looking for safety. One of
democracy, and peace. If we change
the countries many attempted to en-
The PDL (Partier Démocrats our ways, and stop the corrupt ac- The Refugee Crisis Renewed ter was Neviersia.
Libériel) ended up as the winners of tions by Élvernne, we can have a bet- As violence and poverty continued
the elections. Other successful parties ter Allévarres, of free elections and to rise, millions of Allévarresians fled As mentioned earlier, Neviersia had
closed the border due to the waves of
immigrants coming through. Howev-
er, due to public pressure and a par-
liamentary vote, Neviersia re-opened
the border. The immigrants were wel-
comed in with open arms, and out of
the four million Allévarrians who fled
Allévarres, two million went to

There is no quick fix to the prob-
lems in Allévarres; the division runs
deep. Despite many efforts to re-
install democracy to the country,
nothing has worked yet. Hope for the
situation in Allévarres to improve is
high however, despite the consensus
that it will take a while to do so.

Few consumer goods line the supermarket shelves in the main cities of Allévarres.

SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd 2019 Section A

Art of the Week Weekly Crossword

We are back and here to look at I think this piece is really funny Have you been paying attention this week? Test yourself with our weekly
another great haul of art! Lets see and I really like how the radioactivi- crossword, based on the articles in this edition and general knowledge of NS.
who we have this week. ty is done. Another great piece by

By Maori Moon By Krovius

Maori Moon is back and as bril- Wow! I can’t believe someone actu-
liant as ever! This one caught my ally drew that coat of arms! It’s
eye because of all the detail in every amazing. The attention to detail on
aspect of the piece. this piece is unbelievable. It’s one of

You finished it? Congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back — you earned it!
By Algermaine the best I've ever seen.

I really love this piece! All the This week’s art concluded
weapons look really cool and so do The standard of this week's col-
the countryballs themselves. Al- umn was extremely high. People put
germaine has really pulled this one so much time and effort into these
out of the bag. pictures and I think it really pays

off. All of these pieces could easily
make my top ten. It shows that it
doesn't matter what you use to draw
countryballs, it's what you do with Have your say. Read more here.
the knowledge and resources you've
got, and that's why these pieces
made the list this week.
By Intercosmos

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