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Why No Borders

The Democrats, other liberals and socialist want to do away with our borders. They feel
everyone should have the right to go wherever they want to. Or, is this just political lip service?
If all the countries in the world, and the United States in particular, did away with borders, we
would have the following:

There would eventually, be no country, then

There would be no states, look at California,
Then there would be only your home/property
And tribes with each group controlled
By a leader like centuries ago

This means we would be back to the Wild West

Where everyone carried a gun
And everyone fortified their property
And each tribe would go to war

Because there would be no laws, that is

That could be enforced, and
Every tribe having their own laws,
Which means we become lawless

Whatever form of government then exist

Would turn into a dictatorship with the
Members of congress who go along
Would survive and the others eliminated

They would be fighting the tribes to keep order

The military would be out in force, like the Middle East

This is the very, reason why we, have a democracy and a constitution, a government run by Rule
of Law to maintain order and freedom of fear and protection from unwanted disturbances to
tranquility, prosperity, and quality of life.

Liberals are living in a fantasy world, without regard to the consequences, because they don’t
care, after all when it all falls apart, they won’t be around, for it to affect them.

When it comes to borders consider this, if an American entered another country illegally they
would be placed under arrest and put in jail. No other country has as liberal an immigration
policy than America. If you illegally enter into Mexico, it’s a felony, punishable by 6 years in
prison. Do not pass go, do not get two hundred dollars, do not get an out of jail card, go directly
to jail!

Isn’t it interesting that the elite and wealthy liberals are so quick to bleed sympathy for the illegal
immigrants while being financially secure setting in their ivory towers, and being surrounded by
security guards and walls, while the rest of us have to be concerned about whether or not we are
secure in our homes and on the streets due to the sanctuary cities protecting illegal criminals, and
our fractured immigration laws?

Keep in mind, the liberals and elite could care less about the rest of us. It’s all about greed,
money and power. This is life, unless we stand up and change it!

January 21, 2019

© Copyright 2019 William Royal Horton. All Rights Reserved.