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(all question mostly from past yr paper)


Ripple tank

-type of wave




-Lamda =ax/D

-super position, nodal, anti nodal line

-d-t graph or v-t graph (the 2graph)

-sound machine wave (?)


linear motion (dono what)

3.nuclear reaction

-mass defect

-calculation of E=mc2 (electric,mass defect,amu)

-gama beta alpha thing

  • 4 temperature graph

-boiling n coling curve

-specific latent heat,specific heat capacity


-gas-mono, bouron gauge ( tak sempat salin not sure )


-atm(?) –mercury, factm(?) ,anacoid (?) [tak sempat salin]

-calculate atmospleric presuse of


(I think is named manometer?)

  • 6 circuit


-ohm’s law definition

-resistance V=IR

-relationship between factor in ohm law (not sure alak anot)


automatic switch [from 2007]







-(function n useage all that gua)


(essay) concave mirror

-application –slide projection

-ray diagram

-Relation of C , F (C is centre of circle,F is half of C)

9(essay) solenoid/step up transformer

-flaming left hand rule


- -thing like above -how to increase solenoid (increase number to turn,soft iron core,increase I) -Right

-thing like above

-how to increase solenoid (increase number to turn,soft iron core,increase I)

-Right hand grip rule

-determine the north pole/s of solenoid

-y need to step up (increase V,decrease I,reduce P loss=I2R,alternationg current)

11 Submarine/buoyant force (I think this is compare,suggest essay)


-balast tank… ..

-FB= Vpg

12 radio isotope

-read sub topic 5.3 n 5.5

-use in (medicine,agriculture,industry, alcuole(?) )

-half life calculation

-waste management (low-lab,clinic ),(intermediate-industry,hospital ),(high-reactor )

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**might miss something for I cant copy/understand the teacher ==

Hope this will help u all


-tranverse wave - water wave

-equilibrium forces - object hanging & tension force

-nuclear fission-mass detect & total energy

-heating graph - solid to liquid & calculate heat energy

-manometer - (pressure in liquid & relate the depth and density to pressure)

-electromagnectic - deflection copper wire (number of batteries) (relate the

amount of current to deflection or movement)

-series circuit (calculate resistance & compare the brightness)

-electronic- transistor (automatic switch circuit)

- light @ street lamp during night- LDR- transistor - calculate VBE


1) concave mirror- object before f & object far from fcompare object

distance , size of image-Draw the ray diagrams for concave mirror-slide of

projector - modification, power bulb, position, curvature,position of slide,

position screen+projector

2) induced current in solenoidcompare- no of turns-deflection-cutting the

magnectic flux-rate of cutting-magnitude induced currentrelate no of turns

-rate cuttingrelate rate cutting -magnitudestep up transfromer - modification-

core- diameter/materials- turns pri _ secondary- no of diode- position pri &

secondary coil

3) Bouyant Force-submarine able to submerge-investigate characteristic of

submarine-calculate buoyant force - height , surface area , density

4) Radioisotopes-detect leakage-definition-investigate characteristic

radioisotope beta , gamma - half life , state of matter-Determine the alpha

particles & beta particles from decay graph of Radon-Calculate no of