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Q3 Binder Check # 4 Due Feb 13th

Printed Name:________________________________ Date turned in:__________________

I abided by the Grimsley Honor Code, and verify that all completed work is my own work,
words, and ideas, with the exception of assignments deemed as “collaborative” which will
only contain common ideas, not exact phrases or answers: Put only a Do not write
check in in these
(Signature)________________________________________ these blanks! blanks!
(must be in cursive! See me for help)

Task Self Teacher

Check Grade
Place this sheet under divider #2: Results, behind the /5
Assessment sheet, behind Binder Check #3.
Completed the Binder Self-Check section on this /5
Sign your name to signify that you abide by the honor /10
code on this sheet.
Put assignments in the correct dividers and order /10
listed on back.
The Binder has no loose papers/papers from other /10
Have binder ready to be checked by date due: /10
Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Binder Check Grade: /50

Binder Organization should be on-going throughout the course. To “turn-in”

your completed binder, be sure it is located on the bookshelf in the classroom
on the due date. Turn in the binder whether you are finished or not. If you
need help organizing your binder you can come to tutoring and/or check the
classroom binder (orange) to assist you.
*** At any point before March 22nd, you may turn in your binder. I will
not accept any binders, first check or redo, after this date. If you are
going to be absent, present your binder to me earlier.***
Binder Completion #4:
Assignment Section Self Teacher
Check Grade
Midterm Data Sheet /25
Binder Check #3 (this worksheet)
( 1- 40) Parts of Speech (Aug-Sept)
(41-80) Sentences (October) and Phrases (November)
(81-100) Clauses (December) /200
(101-125) Verb Usage /250
All the World’s A Stage: Introduction to Shakespeare Notes /50
Drama Vocab List
Literary Techniques Cheat Sheet
Demystifying the Sonnet (2/4) /50
Unit 3 Overview Worksheet (1/3) /50
Unit 3: Isn’t it Ironic? (1/4) /75
Unit 3: History of Drama (1/7)
Unit 3: History of Drama cont. (1/8)
Unit 3: Shakespeare Documentary (1/10)
William Shakespeare (1/11)
Unlocking Shakespeare: Language (1/15) /75
Syntax Strikes Back (1/16) /100
Unlocking Shakespeare: Language (Speaking like /75
Shakespeare) (1/17)
Unlocking Shakespeare: vocabulary (Speaking like /75
Shakespeare) THE HANDBOOK (1/18)
Unlocking Shakespeare: Meter (1/30) /75
Unlocking Shakespeare: Meter (The Bard & Hip Hop) (1/31) /50
Understanding Shakespeare: Sonnet 18 (2/4) /150
Prologue Close Reading Activity (2/5) /100
Binder Completion Grade: /1,400

***Please remove all Unit 1 and Unit 2 assignments from: Notes and Assignment sections in
your binder. Leave all your grammar warm-ups under Grammar and any quiz/test under
Results. Do not remove any thing from Before the First Tab Divider or under Class info.