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Protection upgraded

SurTec® 675
Transparent Passivation
For Zinc and Zinc/Nickel Alloys

 trivalent cobalt-free passivation for zinc and zinc-nickel alloys
 very highly concentrated product
 contains trivalent chromium salts
 produces coatings with transparent to bluish iridescent colour shade
 in combination with SurTec 551, it produces coatings with transparent colour
 easy to operate and to maintain
 can be analytically determined and adjusted
 IMDS-number without SurTec 551 application: 3641289
 IMDS-number in combination with SurTec 551: 159510273

make-up values: for zinc/nickel (silver) for zinc/nickel (blue-iridescent)

SurTec 675 4 %vol (4-5 %vol) 8 %vol (6-10 %vol)

SurTec 551 3 %vol

temperature: 35°C (30-40°C) 40°C (30-40°C)

immersion time: 75 s (60-90 s) 75 s (60-90 s)

pH-value: 3.25 (3.0-3.5) 2.5 (2.0-3.0)

make-up values: for zinc (silver) for zinc (blue-iridescent)

SurTec 675 4 %vol (3-5 %vol) 8 %vol (6-10 %vol)

SurTec 551 1 %vol (1-4 %vol)

temperature: 30°C (20-40°C) 30°C (20-40°C)

immersion time: 60 s (30-90 s) 75 s (40-90 s)

pH-value: 2.0 (2.2-2.7) 2.0 (1.8-2.5)

adjust the pH-value with 10 % nitric acid solution

resp. with sodium hydrogen carbonate
NOTE: pH-values > 4.0 can cause precipitations!

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make-up: Steps for make-up:

1. Shake the product well before use!

2. Fill the calculated amount of SurTec 675 (together
with the slight precipitation) into the working tank.
3. Fill up to the final volume with tap water.
4. To achieve a transparent colour, add slowly SurTec 551
step by step under thorough agitation.
5. Check the pH-value. If necessary, adjust the pH by adding
nitric acid resp. sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Now the bath is ready to use.

tank material: steel with acid-resistant plastic or rubber lining

agitation: efficient air injection

Filtration: continuous filtration (pore size 1 µm) with active carbon is required

exhaust: required for worker’s protection

hints: SurTec 675 has principally an unlimited service life. For good corrosion
protection, the concentration of zinc and iron should be determined
periodically. The zinc concentration should range below 5 g/l and the
iron concentration below 120 ppm.
SurTec 675 is also sensitive to lead impurities (do not use lead to fix
your air injection pipes!).

recommended process sequence:

1. Zinc/Nickel Process SurTec 717 or Alkaline Zinc SurTec 704

2. cascade rinsing
3. optional: activation
for SurTec 717: no activation recommended,
only if needed:
in hydrochloric acid, pH 3.0 for 10 s
for SurTec 704: in hydrochloric acid, pH 2.0 for 10 s
or in 1 % nitric acid
4. rinsing
5. Trivalent Passivation SurTec 675
6. cascade rinsing
7. optional: sealing with SurTec 555 or SurTec 555 S
8. hot air drying (70-85°C)

The rinsing methods have to be adapted to the plating line.

Maintenance and Analysis

Check the pH-value and analyse and adjust the concentration of SurTec 675 regularly.

In case of combination with SurTec 551, replenish both additives in the ratio 1:1
(additives cannot be premixed before addition).

Sample Preparation

Take a sample at a homogeneously mixed position and let it cool down to room temperature.
If the sample is turbid, filter the solution.

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SurTec 675 – Analysis by Photometry

equipment: spectrophotometer or
filter photometer with 600 nm filter unit (± 50 nm)
100 ml volumetric flask, 1 cm cuvette

procedure: Plot of the calibration curve (quarterly):

Prepare standards with SurTec 675 concentrate in 100 ml volumetric
2 %vol Fill up 2 ml concentrate to 100 ml and mix well.
4 %vol Fill up 4 ml …
8 %vol Fill up 8 ml …
16 %vol Fill up 16 ml …
Fill each standard into a 1 cm cuvette and measure all standards at
600 nm photometrically against air. Plot the absorbance against the
Sample measurement:
1. Fill the filtrated bath sample into the 1 cm cuvette
that was used for determining the calibration curve.
2. Measure the solution in the photometer at 600 nm against air.
3. Determine the concentration using the calibration curve.

SurTec 675 – Analysis by Titration

reagents: sulfuric acid (½ conc.)

ammonium persulfate
0.1 mol/l silver nitrate solution (= 0.1 N)
potassium iodide
0.1 mol/l sodium thiosulfate solution (= 0.1 N)
starch solution (1 %)

procedure: 1. Pipette 5 ml of the filtered bath sample into a

250 ml Erlenmeyer flask.
2. Dilute with approx. 100 ml deionised water.
3. Add approx. 3 g ammonium persulfate.
4. Add 10 ml ½ conc. sulfuric acid.
5. Add 15 ml 0.1 mol/l silver nitrate solution.
6. Boil the solution for 20-30 min (colour turns to light yellow).
7. Cool down the solution.
8. Add approx. 2 g potassium iodide.
9. Cover the Erlenmeyer flask and store it in the dark for
approx. 5 minutes.
10. Titrate with 0.1 mol/l sodium thiosulfate solution to slightly
11. Add several ml starch solution (colour changes to turbid blue).
12. Continue to titrate until the colour fades to turbid greenish.

calculation: consumption in ml · 0.76 = %vol SurTec 675

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Zinc – Analysis by Titration

reagents: 0.1 mol/l EDTA solution (Titriplex III, Merck)

buffer solution 5.5 (90 g/l anhydrous sodium acetate
+ 15 ml/l acetic acid in deionised water)
indicator: xylenol orange solution (dissolve 0.1 g xylenol orange
in 100 ml deionised water)

procedure: 1. Pipette 2 ml bath sample into a 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask.

2. Dilute with approx. 100 ml deionised water.
3. Add 25 ml buffer solution 5.5.
4. Add 1-2 ml indicator.
5. Titrate with 0.1 mol/l EDTA solution from red to yellow.

calculation: consumption in ml · 3.27 = g/l zinc

Technical Specification
(at 20°C) Appearance Density (g/ml) pH-value (conc.)

SurTec 675 liquid, greenish, 1.223 (1.16-1.28) 2.0 (1.6-2.6)

clear to slightly turbid,
with little precipitation
SurTec 551 liquid, colourless, 1.100 (1.08-1.12) 10.0 (9.0-11.0)
clear to slightly turbid

Consumption and Stock Keeping

The consumption depends heavily on the drag-out. To determine the exact amounts of
drag-out, see SurTec Technical Letter 11.
The following values per m2 can be taken as estimated average consumption:

rack barrel

SurTec 675 3-6 ml 8-15 ml

SurTec 551 3-6 ml 8-15 ml

In order to prevent delays in the production process, per 1,000 l bath the following
amount should be kept in stock:

SurTec 675 Transparent Passivation 90 kg

Product Safety and Ecology

Classification and designation are noted in the Material Safety Data Sheets (according to the
European legislation). The safety instructions and the instructions for environmental protection
have to be followed in order to avoid hazards for people and environment. Please pay attention
to the explicit details in our Material Safety Data Sheets.

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We are responsible for our products in the context of the valid legal regulations. The warranty
exclusively accesses for the delivered state of a product. Warranties and claims for damages
after the subsequent treatment of our products do not exist. For details please consider our
general terms and conditions.

Further Information and Contact

If you have any questions concerning the process, please contact your local technical

For further information and contact details please visit our homepage:

13 November 2017/DK, MR

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