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Streeton Primary School‟s weekly newsletter Issue 21 - July 26th

Recently you may have noticed that there has been a great deal of publicity around the
importance of school attendance and the negative impact poor attendance can have on a
student‟s education. Whilst school‟s do not want students coming to school when they are sick, it
is important for students to attend every day. I have included an article overleaf, written by
Michael Grose where he discusses the notion that it is not okay to be away nor be late to school.

Social Media trial - Streeton Primary on Facebook.

Staff at Streeton are excited about implementing one of the most powerful communication
devices since the invention of the telephone - our own official Facebook page at This is a great opportunity for us to move
forward in the way that we connect and communicate with parents in our community.
Research tells us that 70% of all Australians between the ages of 15 to 65 are using
Facebook. We also see that in excess of 80% of these Facebook users log in every day.
Placing our school communications in a space where our community frequently visits makes
a lot of sense.

We seek your support in making this trial of the Streeton Facebook page a positive and
worthwhile experience. We will be implementing a number of controls typically used by
organisations in establishing their Facebook presence, which means that the page will not be
as open as a personal Facebook page. Regardless of access, it does rely on all people using
the page to do so in a tone and manner that helps us to build a strong and connected online
Streeton community. We also want to be good social media role models for our students.

For anyone wishing to use our Facebook page, the best way to receive updates is to visit and click the „Like‟ button. This way when we
post updates, you will receive them in your page. This action will also allow you to
comment on or „Like‟ our posts. Please also read our Code of Conduct located on the
Streeton website - it is important that you understand how we
intend for the Facebook page to be used, and your responsibilities.

Have a great week,

Bronwen Lamond & Steve Allen

All students are required at school by
6.45am for a prompt departure.

Please note that commercial attachments to this newsletter are in no way endorsed by the school personnel or the School Council.
Streeton Primary School Yallambie Rd. Yallambie 3085 Phone (03) 9435 6070 Fax (03) 9432 0525 Email address:

On Tuesday and Wednesday night the performances of our school musical “JUST IN
TIME” were held at Montmorency Secondary College.

We would like to congratulate all students on excellent performances over the 2 nights
and a very big thank you to all the parents for giving their time to allow the children to
attend on both nights.

It was fantastic to see parents, grand parents and friends coming together over those 2
nights helping us to produce what we think is the BEST musical we have performed

A big thank you to all those families who helped with costumes and props. To our
backstage helpers and teachers for all their support and enthusiasm. Without all of your
contributions the musical would not have been the great success that it was.

Well Done Streeton.

The Specialist Team.

Streeton Primary School

Trivia / Social Night
Tickets on sale this Friday.


Tuesday 4th September
(No pupils required at school)

What’s on at streeton!
Mon 30th - Senior School camp to Canberra
Fri 3rd Aug 6.45am at school
Wed 1st Stepping Stones program 9.30-10.30am
Friday Wednesday
27th July 1st August
Thurs 2nd Uniform shop 9-11am
Sat 4th WORKING BEE 9am - 12pm

Mon 6th School Assembly 3pm Toula REQUIRED

Buildings & Grounds meeting 6.30pm

Finance 6.45pm
School Council 7pm
Wed 8th Stepping Stones program 9.30-10.30am At the end of school on the date that you have
Tree Planting Day been rostered below, please come to the sickbay
to collect the bedding. These need to be washed
Fri 10th Olympic Day (Whole School) and returned as soon as possible. Please
remake the beds if possible with spare linen
Mon 13th ALL Gr 5 students to Monty SC for
provided in the sickbay.
Leadership Day program
Wed 15th Stepping Stones program 9.30-10.30am
Friday 10th August
Thurs 16th Uniform shop 9-11am Kelly
Science Incursion whole school
Fri 17th Athletics Day (years 3 - 6)
Mon 20th Book Week
FOOD in a
Back up Athletics Day (years 3 - 6) FLASH
School Assembly 3pm
For Catering At Its Finest
Wed 22nd Stepping Stones program 9.30-10.30am
Call Marg on: 0414 749 794
SS „Trip to Italy‟
Thurs 23rd SS Incursion—‟Ancient Civilisations‟
* Adults & Kids Cooking Workshops
Sat 25th TRIVIA NIGHT * Kids-Cook-A-Birthday-Parties
* Princess & Pirate Parties
* Mini-Chef Parties
* Sugar-Plum Fairy Parties
* Ugly-Bug Parties
* Peter-Pan Parties

Keep collecting the Coles Sports for Schools

Keep the vouchers coming so we can get
more FREE sports equipment our school gets.

Please bring all your

tickets in to the green
collection box asap so we
Please note that commercial attachments to this newsletter are in no way endorsed by the school personnel or the School
can package them up and
Streeton Primary School Yallambie Rd. Yallambie 3085 Phone (03) 9435 6070 Fax (03) 9432 0525 Email address:
submit them.