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QUARTER 3: Empowerment Technologies


Grade: 11 Semester: Second Semester
Subject Title: Empowerment Technologies No. of Hours/Semester: 80 hours
Prerequisites (if needed): N/A

Subject Description: Information and communication technologies as a tool for curating, contextualizing, collaborating, and creating content and experiences for learning
in the professional tracks.

Highest Enabling Strategy to

Learning Competencies
Highest Thinking Skill to Assess Use in Developing the Highest
Content Content Performance Thinking Skill to Assess
Standard Standard KUD Assessment Technique Enabling General Teaching
Strategy Strategy
Level WW QA PC
Information and The learners The learners shall The learners:
Communication demonstrate be able to:
Technology an
covering the understandin at the end of the
topics of:
g of: 2-week period
1. The current independently 1. compare and K Under Communication
state of ICT ICT in the compose an contrast the standi
technologies context of insightful reflection nuances of varied ng
(i.e., Web 2.0, global paper on the
3.0, convergent communicati nature of ICT in
online platforms,
technologies, on for the context of their sites, and content to
social, mobile, specific lives, society, and best achieve
and assistive professional professional tracks
media) specific class
track (Arts, TechVoc, objectives or
2. Online Sports, Academic)
address situational
functions, and challenges

2. apply online U Applyi Communication

safety, security, ng
Online safety, ethics, and etiquette
security, ethics, standards and
and etiquette practice in the use
of ICTs as it would
Contextualized relate to their
online search specific professional
and research

3. use the Internet U Applyi

as a tool for credible ng
research and
gathering to best
achieve specific
class objectives or
address situational