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IN MY DREAMS Lyrics by Music by LYNN AHRENS, STEPHEN FLAHERTY Moderato, haunted EbwBb cwah Elm/Bb cab With pedal was found — 10 DISIES ChS/Eb DhnosyEb EIS DIS/ES SS - by the side of a road. ‘There were tracks alla - round, it had Ps 15 ChS/Eb Bhm D Fim D re - cent - ly snowed. In the dark-ness and cold with the wind inthe (© 2016 PEN AND PERSEVERANCE and HILLSDALE MUSIC, INC. ‘All Fights Aderinistred by Ws MUSIC. CORP. Peete rae eee er Fim D A(nos Ct Gems) CHNC) AR with mo name and no-—smeme"ries_ but these: a aint colla voce ‘With movement 2 rtm Faug Fim'E, Dém7b5) cim Rain a-gainst win - dow. Sheets up-on mp ie Caug Cém’B Atm7(65) Em c — nurs = es whis-p'ringo = ver - head. “Call the child An = ya.” ——=|" be Esus} Em Fladd2) G(nosF FF G(noS/F_—Fémm($5)/B “Give the child don’t know a thing be-fore that eo 23456 « B Fém7(}5)/B car Fm Faug = Trav-cl-ing the back roads, lores 4 Fae Dém75) cém Caug Cin’ ee Sleep-ing in the wood. Tak-ing what 1 Work-ing when fs Fr so Atm7(b5) Em c G GFE Bs yl a Keep-ing up my = age, fool-ish as it scems, Fa § ia if ‘Tempol 5 Fadd2) D9sus D Am? D7 G(add2) ’ night, all a-lone,__ ins my dreams. In my dreams