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Welding Procedure Specification

WPS For Overlay and Repair OF Martenzetic SS (GTAW +SMAW)

wps No: Supporting PQR: QW-408:Gas

Welding process: GTAW+SMAW Gas:Argon

Composition:99.95 Flow Rate:6-12Lit/min

QW402:Joint Desighn
Type: BW SW Fillet
Type of Weld: Single Double QW-409:Electrical Characterist
Transfer Mode(GMAW):
Short-Circuiting Glubular Spray

Tangestan Electrode(GTAW): SFA5.12

QW403: Base Metal Size:1.6mm

[P,S] no:6 Group No:1 Type:ETWH

Material Spec: TYPE410 , F6a , F6b QW410:Technique

Stringer or Weave Bead:Both
Multi - Pass or Single Pass(per side) both
Thickness:All Number Of Electrodes: 1
QW-404:Filler Metal Dia=2.4mm Electrode Spacing:NA
Specification: SFA5.9 +SFA5.13 A NO 8+8 Contact Tube To Worke Distance:12-14mm
Classificatin:ER-309+ECOCR F NO:6+8 Interpass Cleaning:Grinding , Brushing

QW405:Position QW-407:PWHT Temp:

position of Groove:Flat Fillet: Temp:NR
Vertical Progression: Up Down Holding Time:NR

QW-406:Preheat Heating Rate:NR

Preheat Temp: Min:NA Cooling Rate:NR
Interpass Temp: Min: Max:200 C

Pass or Weld Layer polarity Amp Volt Filler metal Proc. TV(cm/min)

1 DCEN 70-110 18-22 ER-309 Dia =2mm GTAW 10-20

2 DCEP 110-170 20-30 ECOCR Dia =2.5mm SMAW 10-20
n DCEP 150-200 25-35 ECOCR Dia =2.5mm SMAW 10-20

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