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Jinelle Gutierrez

Ms. Guzman

Period 3

November 13, 2018

ISSN Reflection

The purpose of the project for my AP English Literature class called “Personal Insight

question” was to be prepared for the UC applications. When I got the assignment I felt nervous

because these short response essays were going to help the UCs determine whether I get

accepted into a college or not. This reflection is on my fourth essay which answered question

number eight of the personal insight questions. A goal I created for myself when I received the

prompts was to choose four out of the eight prompts to write about because this would help me

prepare for each prompt. Another goal I set for myself was to have the essays revised by my

peers because the revisions would help me write a good short response to the prompts.

For this assignment I had the option of choosing any four out of the eight prompts. My

first goal was to choose prompts that I can easily give examples and talk about. In order to

accomplish my goal of choosing which four to write about, I read each question and figured out

which one I felt most comfortable with. The prompt I decided to write about was question

number 3.) ​Every person has creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem

solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you

express your creative side​. ​I wrote each short response essay and had it revised at least twice by
my peers. Finally, I fixed each essay to the revisions that my peers and I had left. However, I

know that my essays can still be revised so that they sound better and are more fluid.

These assignments taught me that having my essays revised many times was not a bad

thing at all, but instead a good thing. These essays have to be the best because they will help the

UCs determine whether I will be acceptable for their university. Something that I made very

well and that I was proud of was my fourth essay. That essay was more personal I was able to

write it with a lot of reflection. However, an area I need to improve on is to find better examples

for my essay because at least one of the essays that I wrote does not fully answer the prompt. I

also need to improve on writing and organizing the essay because I tend to make my essays

sound confusing until I look back at it and organize them better.

I investigated the world as I wrote each essay using my own experiences and perspective.

I know that these essays are important to today’s society because many students across the

country are writing them to apply for the UC universities. I recognized and weighed perspectives

by revising my prompts with my peers and discussing the revisions. I rewrote my essay based on

the revisions that I received, so that my essay can have more fluidity among transitions and have

more of a reflection all throughout.