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SDR Mapping & Design

The integrated
surveying and engineering
SDRmap - The System
SDR Mapping and Design software SDRmap is the base of the system, onto which any combination of modules can
provides a complete solution for the be added. Take SDRmap and choose the combination of modules you need for
surveyor and civil engineer. Individual your customized solution.
modules integrate around one com- • SDRcad Full CAD functionality
mon database and graphical interface, • SDRcalc Survey computations
making it cost effective, quick to learn • SDRcontour Surface modeling
and easy to use. Every day, this • SDRprofile Vertical sectioning and plotting
comprehensive software system is • SDRvolume Volume computations
used worldwide in applications such as: • SDRdesign Road design
• Land subdivision • SDRdigitize Digitizer interface
• Cadastral surveying • GPSmap GPS data management
• Mining and earthworks Typical system configurations include:
• Mapping • SDRmap, cad, calc Cadastral surveys
• Highway design • SDRmap, cad, contour, profile, Mining and earthworks quantities
• Road reconstruction volume
• Monitoring surveys • SDRmap, cad, contour, profile, Highway design
• Site surveys volume, design
• GPS survey processing • SDRmap, cad, contour, calc, Land subdivision and development
• Quality assurance profile, volume, design, digitize

Development by software specialists, SDR Mapping & Design also provides very strong country specific customisation
and experienced surveyors and engi- including:
neers with close links to users, has
enabled continual enhancement of the • Local language • Coordinate display order
system since first release in 1984. • Units of measure • Local map projections
After a decade of development SDR
Mapping and Design is very reliable, To maximize productivity it is essential that software works the way you want to
meeting a wide range of requirements work with input and output to your specification. SDR Mapping and Design allows
and keeping pace with advances in you to define your own:
computer and survey technology.
• Feature code libraries • Plan forms
SDR Mapping and Design's ease of use • Grids • ASCII data transfer
enables you to be more productive • Plotting formats • Highway design parameters
from day one, yet it is one of the most • Symbols • Line types
sophisticated and powerful survey and • Raw data entry formats • Long and cross section styles
engineering software systems avail- • Reporting formats
able. SDR Mapping and Design has the
solution to all of your surveying and
engineering tasks.
SDRmap & CAD

Field-to-finish survey SDRmap is the base module of the • Graphical plot editor
SDR Mapping and Design system. It is • Interactive sheet layout for mul-
software. the complete field data processing tiple sheet definition
module giving you automatic reduction • High quality drawings direct to
of raw data to coordinates and auto- plotters, printers or plot files
mated mapping from sophisticated • DXF files for transfer to Autocad or
analysis of feature codes entered other CAD systems
during data collection. Literally, the
push of a button takes you from raw SDRmap's fully featured graphical
data to finished hard copy plan. Data database editor enables fast and
reduction features include: precise manipulation of coordinate
• Two-way data communications data including:
with a wide range of electronic • Datum transformations
field books and instrument data • Elevation adjustment
cards • Rotation, scaling and translation
• Flexible raw data editor • Database to database comparison
• Reduction of survey observations for quality assurance and as-built
onto local projections including: reporting
• Plane
• Mercator • Completely customisable read/
• Transverse Mercator write ASCII translator
• Lambert Conformal (1 and • Merging of two separate job
2 parallel) databases
• Cassini
• Rectified Skew Orthomorphic The SDRcad module provides instant
• Least squares adjustment of CAD functionality throughout the SDR
traverse networks, resections and Mapping and Design system. SDRcad
intersections includes many features not available in
general purpose CAD systems,
Plot processing features include: including:
• User feature code definition • Integration with design and survey
• Graphical plan form editor processing allowing drafting while
• Graphical symbol and line editors designing
• Browsing of any graphical entity to
display associated database
• Direct selection of existing entity
attributes for association with new
entities-just point and click
• Multi layer support
• Full text manipulation, and auto
line and curve annotation

New horizons in civil SDRdesign adds another dimension By taking advantage of the interac-
to your SDR Mapping and Design tive graphics interface and breaking
engineering design. system providing the tools to carry out the design process into components,
the full range of civil design work-from SDRdesign gives you full control over
basic rural roads to suburban streets the entire procedure. Components can
and multi-lane highways. be trialled and altered at any stage.
Full integration with the SDR Alignment definition is made easy by
Mapping & Design system ensures full graphic interaction in both horizon-
flexible provision of pre-design data tal and vertical views. Any changes are
and a smooth transition between instantly displayed enabling 'check as
surveyor and designer. This integration you go' designing.
also ensures that a completed design • Definition of alignment either
can be efficiently supplied to field staff manually or automated based on
for setting out purposes. pre-defined design elements and
safety factors
SDRdesign allows you to predesign • Up to 75 sub-alignments per
all commonly used design components master alignment
and store them in libraries for future • Comprehensive editing of elements
use: and shifting of elements
• Multiple natural surface definitions • Automatic application of
including shrinkage and bulking, superelevation and widening
excavation costs, maximum batter from table libraries
slope and material suitability • Superelevation displayed
• Multiple design material definitions graphically to simplify table
• Libraries controlling common customisation
features of interest such as seal • Full reporting of alignment and
edge and top of curb, and their plot road summary reports
• Templates Complex templates can be created that
• Superelevation tables represent the road cross-section.
• Full user definition of reporting Options include:
formats for volume and quantity • Multiple layers within templates
reports • User definable decision elements
enabling intelligent template
• Automatic batter creation
controlled by user specified grades
or maximum material batter

Intelligent automation • Chaining of templates to enable SDRdesign gives you the power and
template construction as a series flexibility to carry out a wide range of
for design. of building blocks projects. Some examples of its scope
• Templates can be tested and are:
trialled in isolation before applica- • Dual carriageway design using
tion to a design multiple sub-alignments
• Design templates that include curb
The comprehensive, automated and channel, footpath and street
reporting features include: furniture
• Setout reports for any nominated • Interchange design using multiple
feature alignments to define individual
• Cut/fill volume for each natural roads in a design
material • Vertical design of roundabouts,
• Lengths of construction materials intersections and cul-de-sac heads
• Areas of construction materials using multiple subalignments
• Volume of construction materials • Road reconstruction and
• Cost of materials at user definable rehabilitation of existing roads
rates including shape correction and
curb replacement
SDRdesign provides simplified • Widening of an existing
production of contract drawings that carriageway, and providing
include: sliplanes or passing bays
• Plans with all design line-work • Using multiple sub-alignments and
generated automatically templates to compute a minimum
• Profile plots including geometry overlay for a failing pavement,
schematics, superelevation and incorporating shoulder
widening undercutting and strengthening
• Cross-section plots with a cheaper material for cost
• Combined plan and profile plots effectiveness
• Mass-haul plots • Stopbank design including
upgrading of existing banks
• Civil projects including site
earthworks, building platforms,
canals, channels and dams
Comprehensive SDRcontour is the complete ground SDRcontour provides full plot func-
modelling software module that tionality with user control over:
contouring software. provides the real world basis for your • Contour interval
design work. • Surface subset plotting specified
Using the proven Triangular Irregular by contour range
Network (TIN) calculation method, • Pen color or thickness, and
SDRcontour produces a digital terrain linetype for major and minor
model from XYZ database coordinates. contours
The terrain model can be used for: • Differentiation between positive
• Height interpolation for points and negative contours
created throughout SDR Mapping • Label sizes, intervals and pens
and Design • Curve smoothing
• Long and cross-section interpola-
tion in SDRprofile Plotting options include:
• Surface to surface volume calcula- • Integration with SDRmap to
tion in SDRvolume provide composite drawings of
• Civil engineering design in contours and plan detail
SDRdesign • Plotting of multiple surfaces
User control over terrain model • Perspective view plotting
creation is provided by: • 3D model plotting to
• Point selection for each surface AutoCAD DXF files with:
based on layer, code, point • Contours as 3D polylines
number, or other database at- • Surveyed points as 3D points
tribute • Terrain model as 3D faces for
• User defined boundary and shading and perspective viewing
breaklines ensuring accurate in AutoCAD
terrain representation
• Individual triangle editing directly
on the formed model
• Exclude/include of points from an
existing model
• Merging of surfaces to create a
single combined surface
• Contour smoothing by triangle
SDRprof ile
Full sectioning of SDRprofile is designed for the creation SDRprofile gives you full control over
and plotting of natural surface your plotting styles with user defined:
modelled and surveyed long-sections and cross-sections • Plan forms
surfaces. through roads, rivers, stockpiles, • Annotation grouping
tunnels, mines - virtually anywhere that • Scales - both horizontal and
requires sectional viewing of data. vertical
Profiles can be created in a number • Numbers of rows and columns of
of ways: sections
• Spreadsheet entry of level and • Section labels, positions, pens and
tape type information sizes
• Automatically generated by feature • Multiple sheet selection
coding All drawing amendments can be
• Interpolated directly from a terrain viewed on screen and once defined,
model produced by SDRcontour your styles can be saved and recalled
• Import from ASCII file for future use.

SDR Mapping & Design's feature SDRprofile's plotting functions

coding techniques provide an excellent include:
means of data collection, reduction • Multiple profiles at the same
and plotting. Feature codes require section
very little user input after data collec- • Automatic plotting of multiple
tion, and provide a powerful tool for sheets
sectioning. • Direct to plotter or DXF file creation
• Integration with SDRmap to
SDRprofile also allows simple to very produce combined plan/
complex routes to be defined along longsection plots
which sections can be interpolated, for
example, routes can be straight lines
for stockpiles, or transition curves for
road geometry.
Earthworks, tunnel and SDRvolume is the general purpose methods are available to suit individual
volume calculation module suitable for needs and provide cross checking on
dam volume software. a wide range of computational tasks results, including:
such as: • End area sectioning
• Open cast mining excavation and • Prismoidal sectioning
spoil quantities • Volumes above a specified level
• Waste disposal surveys surface
• Stockpile volumes • Volumes above an irregular or
• Coastal and river erosion computa- sloping base
tions • Volumes between two contours
• Progress payment computations • Void volume between two surfaces
on large projects All methods allow you to apply shrink
• Lake and dam volume or bulking factors to results.
• Landscaping earthworks balances
• Tunnelling quantities SDRvolume also provides functional-
ity for the generation of design sur-
SDRvolume provides a very system- faces using simple templates with
atic approach to volume computations specification of platform width and
with clear reporting and good provision grade to natural surface. Applications
for independent calculation checks include surfaces for:
giving a high degree of integrity. • Channels
Volumes are calculated using either • Stopbanks
digital terrain models or field cross- • Simple dams
section data. A range of computational

Extensive survey SDRcalc performs all of your coordi- automatically from a range of
nate geometry calculations both popular data recorders. Network
calculation software. graphically and interactively with the adjustments are provided by:
database. Applications include: • Least Squares
• Cadastral calculations • Bowditch
• Subdivision design • Transit
• Roading layout
• Stormwater network layout A full selection of tools for
All calculations are based on an subdivision design calculations are
interactive graphical editor so provided using:
you easily can view and check • Intersection calculation by two
computations. Where necessary, data bearings, bearing and distance,
is displayed textually to supply two distances
complete information for computation • A full range of arc calculation
decisions. routines including compound
SDRcalc is very easy to use. Simply • Inverse calculations that will
point and click to enter information, produce data collector files for
and as soon as SDRcalc has the field setout
minimum of data to perform a • Offset calculations
calculation the result will be displayed • Automatic line and arc subdivision
on screen for checking. Where • Comprehensive area calculation
sufficient information is present, all including adjustment to pre
calculations will compute height determined area
values for newly created points. • ARC-INFO formatted output for lot
Topographic data reduction is • Object definition for commonly
supported for a wide range of stadia used design elements such as
and EDM techniques. cul-de-sac heads, street
Traverse data can be entered and intersections and building
displayed graphically during the envelopes
data entry process, or accepted • Direct access to plotting

SDRcalc also provides horizontal

road alignment computations which
compute all chainage intervals and
road side points. Full curve computa-
tions are supported with circular arcs,
symmetric or asymmetric curves and
fully transitional curves.
Solar observation reductions are also
provided for by the Hour Angles
SDR Communications

Your link to industry One of the very important functions DXF Interface
of any specialist software is the AutoCAD DXF files have become the
standard devices and ability to communicate and pass industry standard in transferring
software. information onto external devices drawing information. SDR Mapping and
and other associated software. The Design recognises the importance of
SDR Mapping & Design system having good facility for import and
has several specialist modules for export of DXF files with the DXF
this type of communication. Interface module.
DXF interface provides a very flexible
system with a high degree of user input
into the import and export of DXF files.
Features include:
SDRdigitise interfaces directly to a
• Complete control over mapping
wide range of digitisers including ADI
between AutoCAD and SDRmap
format, to provide a quick and practical
method of data entry from existing
• Layers
plans, maps and charts.
• Linetypes
• Colours
Using the standard SDR Mapping
• Control of point symbols as ACAD
and Design graphical interface
blocks, points or separate vectors
SDRdigitise provides an instant visual
• Automated removal of duplicate
check on digitised elements and also
the facilities to edit as you go.
• Customisable DXF header
Functionality includes:
• Point digitising and linework
• Creation of AutoSketch compatible
construction as you digitize
• Tracing of curves and lines
• Creation of DXF files in either ASCII
• Lot and area calculations
or Binary format
• Arc calculations
• Line and point editing features
• Full CAD functionality
• Automatic and manual zooming
and panning
• Assignment of point/line attributes
to puck buttons for quick applica-
SDR Communications

Off-the-shelf modules MOSSlink MPS2 Link

MOSSlink enables the import and The MPS2 Link module is specifically
for data exchange. export of MOSS GENIO formatted data designed to interface to the MPS2
to and from the SDR Mapping and photogrammetric stereo-plotter from
Design system. Adam Technology Ltd.
Features include: This interface enables you to take 3D
• Transfer of full 3D coordinate coordinates and line data directly from
information a stereo ground model in the MPS2
• Retention of MOSS 'stringing' into an SDR Mapping and Design
• User definition of layers, line types database.
and codes associated with MOSS Features include:
string names • User control over symbols,
• Automatic export of contours as linetypes, colours and sizes
MOSS contour strings • Line data as either straights or
smooth curves
GPSmap • Direct creation of breaklines for
The GPSmap module enables the use in SDRcontour
importing of kinematic GPS data • Automatic gridded point creation
collected using Trimble Navigation Ltd
Series 4000(TM) receivers. ASCII Translations
Rather than operating as a separate The SDR Mapping and Design
module, GPSmap adds GPS functional- database editor provides a powerful
ity throughout the SDR Mapping and system for reading and writing ASCII
Design software to enable you to use files for data transfer.
GPS data seamlessly with conventional Any database attribute can be
data. Features include: written to a file, or extracted from a
• Transformation of GPS data to your file, in a wide variety of formats. The
local coordinate system including system is provided with a set of
both three and seven parameter definitions that can be used to read
transformations and write many common ASCII for-
• Transformation of ellipsoidal mats. It is also possible to modify these
heights to geoidal heights definitions, or create new definitions,
• Full reporting on transformations so that virtually any ASCII file can be
• Auto point classification to enable processed.
point tracking
• Reporting of point coordinates as
XYZ or Latitude, Longitude and
• Planar transformations
• Heighting adjustments
The SDR Commitment

To ensure that SDR Mapping and Design

remains a world leader in surveying and
civil engineering software, we are
committed to providing continued support
and development worldwide.
This is achieved through a global
network of distributors assisting users
around the world. These distributors are
experts in survey and engineering
technology and are committed to
providing quality service and advice.
This regular contact between distributor
and user also provides invaluable
information in further development of the
system to meet new requirements.
If your local SDR Mapping and Design
distributor is not listed below, please
contact Datacom Software Research Ltd
direct for further details.

Tec hnical Specif

echnical ications

Software Requirements

• MS-DOS version 5.0 and later or


Autodesk, Inc. Series 4000 is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Ltd. MOSS is a product
Copyright Datacom Software Research Ltd., May 1995. SDR and Sokkia are registered
trademarks of Sokkia Co., Ltd. AutoCAD and AutoSketch are registered trademarks of
• NOVELL Netware version 3.0x if
operating on a rnulti-user network

Hardware Requirements

of MOSS Systems Ltd. MPS2 is a trademark of Adam Technology Ltd.

Minimum Optimal
• CPU 386 486
• RAM 4Mb 16Mb
• Hard drive 40Mb 200Mb
• Monitor VGA SVGA
• Parallel port Required
• Mouse Required

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