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Jordan- Amman | Mob: +962-77-5030036 | Email: 

LinkedIn: ​​ skype:ahmadhammad229 

Motivated  product  manager  and  Solutions  Architect  possess  13+  years  of  experience  with 
deep  technical  knowledge,  management,business  and  interpersonal  skills.  passionate  about 
making  tech  products  that  people  love  !  web,  apps  or  communication  services  ,  that  delivers 
amazing  value.  Participated  in  many  types  of  enterprise  projects  utilizing  wide  range  of 
technologies  and frameworks. Provided innovative, high quality and cost effective solutions for 
many  sectors  such  as  telecom,  ​advertising  ,service  providers,  SaaS  ,  PaaS  ,CPaaS,  banks  and 
governmental  entities  in  many  different  countries  including  Jordan,KSA,  ​UAE​,Palestine, 
Armenia, Mauritania, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Tanzania.  
challenge in product/project/ management ,business analysis or solutions architecture topics to 
apply  the  blend  of  my  technical ,business and  managerial skills to achieve the highest possible 
growth on personal and career path levels. 
● Product Management  ● Digital advertising and Marketing 
● Solutions architecture  ● AI Contact Center /CallCenter 
● Project Management  ● CPaaS / UCaaS 
● Business Analyst  ● API and EAI  
● Data monetization  ● VAS & Telecom Solutions  
● UX (User Experience)  ● IOT Internet of Things 
● SMS & SMPP subject-matter expert  ● Machine Learning and Chat Bot 
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate  
Amazon Web Service 

Certified Scrum Product Owner   

International Scrum Institute™  
Ads Mobile Certification 
March 2018 – present  Technical Product Manager  Noqoush Mobile Media Group 
➔ End  to  End  Data  monetisation  solution  ,an  in-network  Telco  Operator  solution  that 
makes Telco operators Subscribers information available for Advertisers in Ad server . 
➔ R&D (research and development) 
➔ partner  cross  departments  management  including  (security  ,  big  data  ,  business  , 
operation and planning team ) 
➔ software and system design and development using python, pandas ,Gunicorn,Linux. 
➔ provide software architecture analysis and product documents . 
Sept 2016 – Jan 2018 Technical Product Manager  Unifonic 
➔ End to End new generation SMSC System include :  
➔ R&D (research and development) 
➔ provide  technical  and  business  requirements  and  solutions  design,include  telecom 
domain ,web ,API and sdk ,billing and charging , M&O domains.  
➔ -high-level  abstract technical design of the entire solution, and then handed over to the 
the development team for implementation . 
➔ - conduct UAT with partners and customers .  
➔ - Amazon AWS solutions architecture , infrastructure and cost reduction. 
➔ - product owner ,write technical and business stories using scrum methodology .  
➔ -Market intelligence and provide marketing presentation and proposal .  
➔ - Works closely with engineering,sales, marketing,and  support  to  ensure  business 
case and customer satisfaction goals are met. 
➔ Presales/Project Manager for enterprise clients and accounts .  
May 2014 – Aug 2016  Systems Integrations Team Leader  ArabiaCell 
➔ design  and  build  data  warehousing  project  utilizing  cutting  edge  indexing  engine  to 
process  historical  data.  The  processing  includes  data  extracting,  transforming,  loading, 
cleansing  and  delivering  to  the  Business  Intelligence  interface,  plus  automated  report 
generator  engines.  Load  balancing,  high  availability,  high  performance  and  scalability 
architecture  parameters  have  been  considered  during  the  design  and  implementation 
phases  to  meet  the  business  section  demands  of  analyzing  billions  of  records. 
technology used Apache Solr ,​Apache Karaf and Talend ETL​.   
➔ design  and  build  telecom  USSD  gateway  for  telecom  service  provider,  using  SS7  JAIN 
SLEE Mobicent framework(Telestax open source). 
➔ integration  solution  on  Jordan  E-Governments  SMS  project,  the  project  aims  to 
introduce  SMS  services  in  order  to  enhance government services,design and implement 
integration  points  that  consider  each  governmental  entity  specifications  and  meet  the 
overall  governmental  standards  in  terms  of  security,  high  availability,  scalability, 
performance  and  quality  in  addition  to  implementing  central logging system to register, 
handle  and  resolve  any  technical  incident  to  ensure  the  quality  of  service,  the  project 
included  many  entities  such  as  Central  Bank,  Customs,  Super  Supreme  Department, 
Civil Status Directorate and Department of Land & Survey. 

➔ Security audit include policies ,procedures,practices and penetration test .   

May 2013 - May 2014 Data Integration Lead  BlueOSS, Amman - Jordan 

➔ Data integration role in cost effective cloud billing service.  

➔ integration  with  VOSS-CISCO  SAAS  Cloud  to  collects  the  virtual  PBX  CDR  data  then 
generates  billing  details  per  the  telecom  service  provider  customers  usage.  In  order  to 
ensure  the  quality,  scalability,  performance  and  high  availability,  Amazon  AWS  cloud 
has been selected as a deployment and execution environment.  
➔ proof  of  concept innovative service adapter to convert between  "​Radius​"  to "Diameter" 
Protocol .   

Mar 2011 – Dec 2011 Senior Technical Consultant Ominx   

➔ implementing  EAI  /API  to  handle  the  integration  points  with  Oracle  Siebel  CRM,with 
web  services,  InfoGraph  Geo-location  and  special  hardware  like  ID  card  printers  and 
cameras  .  The  project  aims  to  automate  manual  business  workflows  to  enhance  public 
sector  customer  experience  and  business efficiency. Many technologies have been used 
such as Oracle SOA and ColdFusion ESB. 
Jul 2008 – Mar 2011 Senior Software Developer  Globitel 

➔ Participated  as  GSM  &  VAS  team  member  in  build,  customizing,  provisioning  and 
operating  several  telecom  services  including  Speech  Log  solution  to  log  the  call  center 
voice calls for quality purposes, RTB (ring back tone )service and collect call product.  

➔ implementing  integration  points  with  the  newly  branded  PBX  systems  such  as  Avaya 
and  Cisco  Call  Manager.  Many technologies and protocols have been used such as SS7, 
C/C++ & Java.  
➔ charging  services  integration  ,utilizing  many  technologies  including  Diameter  charging 
client  (SCAP1,  SCAP2),  CORBA  interface  integrated  with  Alcatel  ngHLR,  ​IBM 
Websphere MQ integration MML, RTBP and Ericsson UCIP gateway​. 
➔ Participated  in  provisioning  the  mentioned  services  for  many  telecom  service  providers 
in  different  countries  including  Armenia, Tanzania, Mauritania, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, 
Mauritania, Yemen and Iraq. 
Dec 2006 – Jul 2008 Java Software Developer  BeeCell 
➔ developing  and  operating  VAS  SMS  Service  Applications  (SMPP  transmitter,  receiver, 
transceiver) in order to meet customer demand and quality of service. 
➔ implementation  of  innovative  and  cost  effective  IVR  system  using  free  open  source 
PBX software called "Asterisk".and build dynamic IVR menus. 
Feb 2006 – Dec 2006 C++ /JAVA Software Developer  NGT   
➔ write  C  programs  to  interface  Kannel  gateway  with  company  system  and  make  needed 
modification on Kannel opensource).  
➔ Write Java mobile based applications using J2ME) . 
Nov 2017 - Rising star prize winner in Umniah IOT Hackathon (first IOT activity in jordan ) 
smart parking solution using IOT , include business ,Technical and product management aspect 

Dec 2015 -Third Place Local Winner Of Orange API Developer Challenge -SCOD
Scratch card on demand is a telco service provides innovative method for customers and 
distributors as well to pull PIN and buy it using indirect payment method (parent and child 
levels) , various types of technologies have been utilized including USSD 
Gateway,SMS,Payment API,Java,C++,OrangeAPI and php. 
Nov 2012 - Best Mobile App In Startappz Hack An App Competition- Rescue Me (Blood 
Healthcare Android mobile app finds the nearest person has the similar blood type, the idea of 
the app came from the human needs for the urgent synergy with blood donators using 
Programming languages​: Java , Python on ​linux​ ,kotlin and android. 
Machine learning​: Amazon Sagemaker and Lex for conversational interfaces for applications. 
Web​: php , codeigniter ,css . 
Frameworks​: Pandas,Apache Solr, Karaf, Talend, redis , elasticsearch and ​JAIN SLEE​. 
Cloud Computing​: Amazon ​AWS​ Web Services,STC cloud and basic microsoft azure. 
Telecom​:  GSM,  SS7,  ASN.1,  ISUP,  TCAP,  MAP,  CAP,  SMPP,  SMS,  MM7,  MMS,  SIP, SCCP, 
GPS, PBX, Asterisk, IVR, CTI, Diameter, ​Radius​, MML, USSD Gateway and Kannel Gateway. 
Security​: Packet Craft Programming and Penetration Test 
Revive  Adserver  ,  google  ads,google  analytics  ,data  monetization  ,campaign  optimization 
,attribution , ​A/B testing​ and basic RTB . 
● Entrepreneurship and Business Development Training from SPARK 2JAN- 8FEB 2019 
● Digital Product Management 16 hour by Scott Germaise NOV - DEC 2017 
● PMP® Certification Preparation May 7th to May 18th, 2017 Process&Smith. 
● Mini MBA (master in business administration) in Practice Feb to Oct 2017. 
● JAIN SLEE by Telestax from 10 to 13 July 2017 -dubai 
● CEH (certified ethical hacker) and penetration testing in pioneer academy 85 hour start 
on 7​th​ of March 2016 
● Data Science Bootcamp with Jordan open source association (JOSA) 45-hour training 
from 28​th​ of December 2015 to 13 February 2016 include ETL, visualization data 
analytic, machine learning, regression classification ,information retrieval (apache solr) 
& recommender sys. 
● CMMI level 1 and 2 (Capability Maturity Model Integration) from 8 -10 June 2013.
● Augmented Reality Workshop with Qualcomm SDK, September 8, 2012 Amman- KBP
● Nokia developer training in Jordan from 11 - 12 May 2012.
● IPhone development for managers from 1​st​ -2​nd​ August 2010 (10 hours).
● IPhone mobile applications development from 18​th​-29​th​ July 2010 (50 hours).
● CCNA Course in Teleprobe Corp during the period 4​th​ May to 29​th​ June 2008.
Organization  Project  Year  Country  Company 

du  Data monetization   2018  UAE  Noqoush 

Saudi Airlines  messaging  2017  KSA  Unifonic 


Alinma ,ANB,SHB  SMS integration  2017  KSA  Unifonic 


Central bank of  Jordan eGov  2016  jordan  ArabiaCell 

Jordan  Program SMS 

Jordan Customs  Jordan eGov  2016  jordan  ArabiaCell 

Program SMS 

Civil status  Jordan eGov  2015  jordan  ArabiaCell 

directorate  Program SMS 

Watanyia mobile  USSD  2015  Palestine  ArabiaCell 

VOSS-CISCO  HCS integration  2014  USA  BlueOSS 

Karabakh  RBT  2011  Armenia  Globitel 

MTN  Collect Call  2010  Syria  Globitel 

Arabic : Mother Language 
English : Good 
Nationality : Jordanian 
Date of Birth : 1983/03/10 
Place of Birth : Amman - Jordan 
Marital Status : Married 
Philadelphia University, Jordan, Bachelor in Software Engineering, 2001-2006