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Welcome to Ysgol Bae Baglan for a spectacular night of entertainment!

Prepare to be wowed as you marvel

at the story of P.T. Barnum, who many of us will recognise from the recent film of the Greatest Showman
inspired by his life. This ambitious retelling showcases the talents of our pupils and staff who have worked
tirelessly to bring the show to life and who have once again raised the bar for theatre at Bae Baglan.

I am sure that you will love every minute of tonight's performance and I feel confident that this is a
production that you will remember for a very long time.

Thank you all for your continued support.



In the middle of the 19th century, Phineas Taylor Barnum introduces his circus acts as he stands in front of a
tent, proclaiming, "There Is a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute". He loves spectacle and excitement, using hype and
"humbug" to promote his exhibits. His wife, Charity, disagrees with his "humbug" but loves him and aims to
keep him grounded. Barnum then introduces the oldest woman alive, Joice Heth and, thanks to some Barnum
humbug, she becomes a success! His wife Charity urges him to get a job in a factory, but Barnum refuses and
Charity wryly accepts the disparity between their views.

Barnum enlists clowns to help build a museum for his attractions and it's up to Charity to encourage him to
keep going, with the result that, "everything about the museum was spectacular". However, the museum
burns down accidentally. Barnum finds a new star attraction, Tom Thumb, who appears to advise that, "Bigger
Isn't Better".

Barnum then becomes Manager of the famous Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind. He becomes besotted with
her and accompanies Jenny on tour, leaving Charity behind, as a marching band greets them. Although all
seems to be going well for Barnum, he finds that without Charity he is miserable. He decides to break ties with
Jenny and return home to the woman he loves!

Upon his return he promises to live the more sedate life Charity desires for him, in "Black and White." After a
failed stint running a Clockworks Factory and a failed attempt to build his own city, he turns to politics. When
his campaign looks doomed to fail due to lack of interest, Charity realizes how important his talents and
passion are and allows him to inject color and life into his campaign. He is elected Mayor of Bridgeport, and
the two of them recognize the value in each other's approach to life and how they complement one another.
Barnum is prepared to run for Senator, but his beloved Charity dies suddenly, leaving Barnum bereft and

When Barnum finds himself cheated of the Senatorial nomination by his political party, he laments his position
and realizes that his talent for Humbug will never leave him. James Anthony Bailey arrives and offers him the
chance to "Join the Circus". Initially resisting, he soon agrees… and they form the famous Barnum and Bailey
Barnum Joe
Charity Dayna
Joice Heth Abigail
Tom Thumb Alex
Jenny Lind Neve
Ringmasters Lewis
Blues Singer Rebecca
Backing Singers Caitlin
Bailey Taylor
Lyman Daniel
Amos Oliver
Mrs Stratton Tao
Mr Stratton Rhys
Goldschmidt Mitchel
Wilton Abigail
Acrobats Emma
Suffragettes Nicki
Tallest Woman Fearne
Bearded Lady Ellie
Ribbons Anthony
Hoops Holly
Poyes Emilia
Clubs Alisha
Plates Travis
Pedal Boards Lily
Staffs Ellie
Production Team

Helen John

Mair Pennington

Eve Jenkins

Sara Mays

Adam John

Michael Larkman

Dawn Noonan

Jodie Jones

Anne Cole

Special Thanks to:

Steve Blackmore

Anthony Fletcher

Wendy Kent

Sound and Lighting:

Joseph George

Petra Stewart

Ashton Vickery

Joshua Dolloway

Jack White

Organised Kaos:

Nicola Hemsley

Asher Maurice

Jack -Paul Grey

Madi Guilfoyle

Libby Benedek

Caitlyn Hutchinson


Ryan Joseph Jones

Paul Lewis

Heidi Davies

Lisa Maddock

Jack Joy

Paul Bewen-Chappell

Glyn Davies

Jeff Rees

Lyn Rees

Make Up

Janette Donne



Becky Buckley