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Gangs of Middlesborough - Some Post-Brexit Adventures in February 2020

Thorntree in Middlesborough - highest leave vote of any ward in the UK with 82.5 and incidentally the ward
with the lowest educational standards in England and Wales.

Thorntree, Northern Middlesborough - February 26th 2020 Search for the Food Haul.
Rumours that a large pack of Economy Hot Dogs and another of Cheapo Burgers have been hidden
in a still working fridge in a ruined Lidl have reached the ears of the North Ormesby Gang and the
nearby Pallister Pirates at roughly the same time and both are hunting for it in the ruins.

The North Ormesby Gang

John Craggs (Leader) Shotgun
Frank Spraggon (Hero) Shotgun
Jack Charlton (Sharpshooter) Assault Rifle
Bobby Murdoch (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Alan Foggon (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Back in camp :
Terry Cooper (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Tony McAndrew (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Jim Platt (Ganger) Assault Rifle
David Armstron (Ganger) Assault Rifle

The Pallister Pirates

Rex Tugwell (Leader) Shotgun
'Dangerous' Derek McGhee (Ganger) Two pistols
Khadijah Clayton (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Bailey Norton (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Anisa Cook (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Back in Camp:
Shayne Colborn (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Lennox Farnley (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Harley Blackwell (Ganger) Assault Rifle
Jimmy Reese (Ganger) Assault Rifle
The North Ormesby gang, led by John Craggs, moved west into the ruins around the remains of
Lidl from the west while the Pirates entered from the south east. Almost immediately shots were
exchanged and while one of the Pirates was knocked down, the return fire killed the Ormesby Hero
Frank Spraggon.

This was the signal for the action to become general and Pirate Ganger Khadijah Clayton was shot
and killed while 'Dangerous' Derek McGhee was knocked back into cover. The Pirates returned
fire, killing Alan Foggon and under cover of the fusilade one of the possible locations for the
refrigerator was searched without success.

With one of the Pirates searching and another downed the numerical advantage lay with North
Ormesby and a volley knocked down one Pallister Pirate and gruesomely killed another ganger
when her ammunition pouch 'cooked off' and causing nearby Pirates to take a morale test - which
most of them passed without too much problem.

The firefight was interrupted when one of the Pirate gangers shouted that she had found the food
and the Pirates consequently started to disengage and head out of the area. Despite a chase by the
remaining North Ormesby Gang the Pirates succeeded in getting their haul away and even grabbed
several packs of ketchup from the ruined store.

The Pirates departed for an evening of feasting while the dejected North Ormesby Gang trudged
back home for a dismal meal of pot noodle, grilled rat and dandelion leaves.