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New news as of March, 2006: we have two new cards printed up, which are not in any of the games or
booster packs. They are a secret (fold in space) and a special (mad scientist triples bomb strength). These
cards will be available at the Origins National Game convention in June, and at other conventions we attend.
You can order them from our webpage.

All three of the games (Nuclear War, Nuclear Escalation, and Nuclear Proliferation) have one deck of cards in
common: the warheads and propaganda cards. Each of them should have:
19 Ten Megatons
10 Twenty Megatons
4 Fifty Megatons
1 Hundred Megatons
12 Five Million Propaganda
6 Ten Million Propaganda
2 Twenty five million Propaganda

The other deck is the carriers, secrets, and specials:

Note that the other cards can be separated by their colors. The basic Nuclear War cards are just black, red,
and yellow. The Nuclear War secrets and top secrets have no color - just red and black. The escalation cards
are full four-color, and the proliferation cards are black, red, and blue. (Change as of December, 2001. The
Nuclear War decks and Nuclear Proliferation decks are now all in full color, but each card has an identifier
that tells which deck it is from.)

NUCLEAR WAR (Basic Game)

9 Polaris Missiles
9 Atlas Missiles
6 B70 Bombers
3 Saturn Missiles
4 different Antimissiles (one each "S", "B", "A", and "P".)
5 different Top Secrets
(disastrous earthquake)
(10 million leave for a neutral country)
(Mysteriously vaporized)
(Violent tornado)
10 different Secrets
(Test Ban)
(Summit Talk)
(Stock Market super boom)
(Peace corps)
(First on moon)
(Beatnik Pacifists)
(Population explosion)
(Little old ladies)
(Raises taxes)
(Ambassador gets drunk)
and 8 assorted ads & jokers not used in playing the game (You can use them to make up your own cards) Plus
if you have the NEW deck, the two new cards are a SPECIAL (advanced recycling) and a SECRET (Mars

9 Minuteman Missiles
9 Titan Missiles
4 B1 Bombers
3 MX Missiles
2 Cruise Missiles
3 Space Platforms
1 Killer Satellite
1 Sprint Interceptor
1 Nike-Zeus Interceptor
1 Jet Interceptor
1 Superserum
1 Civil Defense
1 Saboteur
6 Spies (all different)
4 Top Secrets
(Supervirus - see rules)
(Meltdown - enemy loses 25 mil)
(Food Poisoning - you lose 10 mil)
(Cloning - double one population card)
7 Secrets
(Boring speech - 2 mil defect to enemy)
(Athletic superstar - take 2 mil from enemy)
(TV Radiation - enemy loses 2 mil)
(Punk Rock - you lose one turn)
(Venus Radiation - take a random card from the dead pile)
(Environmentalist Protest - enemy loses one turn)
(Spy Trapper - if stolen, enemy loses 2 ml)

15 different secret cards
(Computer virus)
(Suicide terrorist squad)
(Talk show host retires)
(Atomic cannon recall)
(Budget proposal)
(4000 shoes)
(Sports riots)
(Public demonstration)
(World comes to the rescue)
(Eco terrorists)
(Time Travel)
(World economic recession)
9 Scud Missiles
4 Submarines
4 Atomic Cannons
3 Stealth Bombers
2 Spies
2 Smart Bombs
2 Space Shuttles
2 Trading Sessions
2 Stealth Fighters
2 Patriot Anti Missiles
2 Decoy Missiles
1 Ultimate Leadership Bomb Shelter
1 Military Salvage
1 Public Relations Coup
1 Saboteur
1 Guardian Angel

If you are sorting your decks, all the booster cards have a tiny skull & crossbones symbol down in the lower
left corner, and there is a link to a list just below.

WMD: Weapons of Mass Destruction cardlist:

The WMD game has two decks also. One deck is 40 population cards, and 15 50/50 cards. The population
cards are the standard mix of population, but on full sized cards. The 50/50 cards can be EITHER a missile or
a warhead, whichever you need at the time they are revealed. The 50/50 cards are:
1 Saturn missile/100 megatons
2 Coyote missile/40 megatons
2 Atlas missile/20 megatons
4 Trident missile/15 megatons
6 Polaris missile/10 megatons

The second deck:

3 15 million propaganda
3 10 million propaganda
6 5 million propaganda
1 Laser ABM defense (stops any missile or bomber)
1 EKV anti missile defense (stops any missile except Saturn)
4 B58 Hustler Bombers
2 Coyote Missiles
2 Atlas Missiles
2 Polaris Missiles
1 Trident Missile
3 60 megaton warheads
3 40 megaton warheads
4 20 megaton warheads
4 15 megaton warheads
4 10 megaton warheads
THREE special cards:
Miniaturization, allows you to put one any sized warhead on any missile.
Sudden wind change
Droid of Death
One Top Secret, the WMD card
and eight secret cards:
Popular war
Spider hole
Voting machine malfunction
Aunt Raxie's Donuts
Chemical warfare
Illegal Immigration
and of course
Suicide bombers.

And if you are sorting your decks apart, all the WMD cards will have a number on the bottom (-1, +2, +5 etc)
which is used instead of a spinner or rolling a die.

If you have lost one or two of the cards, we will sell you any one single specified card for $3. (Yeah, I know
that's a lot for one card, but practically everyone who orders a card wants a 100 megaton or supergerm, and
odds are we'll have to break open a deck to send you what you need).

A population deck should have four 25 million, six 10 million, ten 5 million, ten 2 million, and ten 1 million
cards. That's 40 cards for each population deck.

Cardlist from the booster sets.

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