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Reason of cost center in sales order:

Order reason is assigned to sales area + cost center combination in OVF3 to map the costs incurred in the free issues
normally. When we do a free issues sale, samples sales, promotional activities cost of sales has to be booked against
some account {as we are not charging to our customers} and via OVF3 with the help of cost centers it gets captured.
And in case of free issues sales, samples sales, promotional activities we put the order reason inside the sales orders
as that field is made as mandatory at sales order level.

In addition to the points indicated already, if you want to capture costs incurred sale order wise, then this should be
addressed with the combination of Order Reason and Cost Center which is maintained in OVF3.

It depends upon the client requirement if he needed we can maintain it, if not no need to maintain it is optional. If
user asking he want to see the reports cost centre wise you can activate this
Configuration part:
Sales organization+Distribution channel+Divisin+Order Reason=Cost Centre

End user part:

If you want to see cost center wise revenue you have to maintain it in VA01 - sale order, maintain order reason as
shown in screen shot
Current system config for pricing procedure is using one ZDIST procedure for company wide sales channel.
within the ZDIST is a set of condition types which mapped correspond to Account key.
User requirement want to identify the FOC sales by different G/L accounts.
such as
1) promotional gift assign to GL1111,
2) Donation assign to GL2222.
Can i use one sales order type for FOC - ZFOC enable to identify posting to different G/L accounts from time to

FOC process steps,

1.Define new sales document type for the FOC process.
2.Define new pricing procedure for FOC process.
3.Maintain R100 - 100% discount condition type in FOC pricing procedure.Keep R100-condition in such way to
make total value should be zero.
4.Define new account key for FOC process and assign this single account key to pricing condition type as well as
R100 condition type in FOC pricing procedure.
5.Define new document pricing procedure for FOC and assign this new document pricing procedure to your FOC
sales document type.
6.Now you do the FOC pricing procedure determination with new FOC document pricing procedure as one of the
key combination through OVKK transaction.
7.Do the account determination for new FOC account key with different G/L account through VKOA transaction
8.Maintain condition records as 100 % discount for R100- 100% discount condition type through VK11 transaction.
Now when you create FOC sales order system will determine the FOC pricing procedure with total value zero due
to 100% discount,
When you release the FOC invoice to the accounting system will post those values to the different G/L account
through different account key which was defined and assigned for FOC process.
1) promotional gift assign to GL1111,
2) Donation assign to GL2222.
Same steps you fallow for promotional process and Donation process,
If you want post to different G/L accounts you better to have two different pricing procedures.

have following queris:

1. If the material is sold on standard sales process with item category is TAN, now i want to send free sample of
the same material to different customer. Then how can i determine item category(TANN or Other ) in sale order
type FD(Free sample Sales type).
2. While doing PGI the material movement should be free sample type of material movement which should be
other than normal sale mvmt
3. The accounting entry at PGI should be not to COGS but to the promotion and publicity account.

Follow the below procedures:-
1) In FS00, create two new G/L Accounts for sample sales which your FI people has to do. One for customer credit
and one for posting to promotional account
2) Create a new pricing procedure for sample sales in V/08 with a new Account Key (say ZSM) which may be
assigned to your PR00
3) Next in VKOA, assign the Account Key and G/L Account created for customer credit for the combinations which
you already maintained for normal sales
4) Create a new sale order (if need be) and billing type and assign this pricing procedure in OVKK
5) Go to OBYC, double click on Transaction GBB and assign the new G/L Account created for promotional account
for the combination of 0001:::VAX:::Material Type
Now create a sale order and see the Accounting Document
have a question on the cess values aspect of free sample sales.Recently, I have configured a free sample sales for
one of our clients. Now, in the invoice the user does not want the cess values to be passed to the customer.I
changed the R100 discount type in the pricing control data, still tax is picked up, showing negative net value and
not zero. Now, how to arrive at excise payable as credit entry and octoroi etc as debit entry in G/L accounts. or
where I am going wrong, please suggest.
For sample sales that is you are despatching material on free of cost, follow the steps mentioned below
1) In V/06, you should create a condition type, say ZDIS (for 100% discount) and maintain the following:-
Cond. class::::::A
Item condition:::X
Save the condition type
2) In OV34, create two new Account Keys, one for PR00 and one for 100% discount. Say the two Account Keys are
3) In V/08, against PR00 condition type, assign Account Key ZSM with a tick in "Required". Next for condition type
ZDIS, assign the another Account Key ZSP without any tick in the three boxes. Against this discount condition type,
assign the step number of net value under the tab "From", assuming that after PR00 you have multiple condition
4) In FS00, create a new G/L Account with description as Sales Promotion Expenses
5) In VKOA maintain these two Account Keys for the sales organisation / chart of accounts with the same G/L
account for both the Account Keys. Dont assign different G/L Account here.
6) Now create a sale order and do billing. See how the accounting document flows. Post still if you have any

sample goods sales

In sample sales goods values and excise and tax debiting to customer account,
But my client requirement is these above values get debit to a sales promotion account instead of customer

You can define new pricing procedure by copying the existing one for the sample process.
Define new sales document type for sample process.
Define new document pricing procedure for sample process.
Assign the new document pricing procedure to your sample sales order document type.
Do the pricing procedure determination in OVKK transaction for this combination.
Sales areaSample document pricing procedureCustomer pricing procedure-->Sample pricing procedure.
Define new account keys through this IMG path
Assign this new account keys in your sample pricing procedure to respective condition types(i.e price etc).
SPRO>IMG>Sales and Distribution>Basic functions>Account Assignment/Costing>Revenue Account
Determination>Define And Assign Account Keys.
Do the sales promotion account G/L account assignment with the combination of new account keys
SPRO>IMG>Sales and Distribution>Basic functions>Account Assignment/Costing>Revenue Account
Determination>Assign G/L Accounts.
Now the sample sale value will get posted to different G/L account.

give seperate condtypes and seperate accounting keys (Zkeys) and seperate GLs then it goes to seperate accounts. i
am sure try, this can be controlled (debit/credit) from condtype plus/minus field value..