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Filtration Solutions

for Gas Turbines,

Generators, and Compressors

Cooling Inlet Air Improves Turbine Output

Choose Evaporative Cooler or Chiller Coils to Create Higher Mass-Flow Rate

Cooling the turbine inlet air -- GDX self-cleaning Evaporative Chiller Coil System
filter house with Cooler Module
even by a few degrees -- can inlet hoods
increase power output substan-
tially. This is because cooled air is
denser, giving the turbine a higher
mass-flow rate and resulting in
increased turbine output and
efficiency -- even as much as 0.4%
per degree Fahrenheit or about
0.7% per degree Celsius. (See
graph on p. 4)
This Donaldson Evaporative Cooler enables This Donaldson GDX filter system + Chiller
Donaldson offers two well-proven this GE Frame 7FA Gas Turbine near Coil filters and cools the air for an Alstom
inlet air cooling methods: Lubbock, Texas, USA, to yield maximum GTX100 gas turbine in the seasonally hot &
output even during the hot dry summer humid climate of the upper midwest USA.
Evaporative cooling and chiller
coils. The chart at right contains
guidelines for their application.
Which Cooling Method Is Best For YYour
our Site?
Donaldson evaporative coolers
Evaporative Cooler Chiller Coils
and chiller coil systems are
currently cooling gas turbine • Can cool the inlet air regardless
• Economical operation
engines all over the world, from of ambient humidity
• Uncomplicated system
Southern California to Saudi • Can be sized for small or large systems
Arabia -- in hot & arid climates, • Broad range of cooling achievable,
hot & humid climates, and in down to 45F/7C
places with seasonal heat.
• Cooling efficiency depends • Need source of chilled water
Designs range in size from 25,000
on relative humidity of • Causes slightly higher ∆P than an
cfm to 1,300,000 cfm, and are ambient intake air....high humidity evap cooler does
available with choices in media can inhibit cooling effect
efficiency and materials. • Need source of make-up water

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Donaldson designs the chiller coil
How It Works
system as a module that is typically
As airflow passes through the
positioned downstream of the air
chilled coils, the air is cooled
filters. This allows the coils, fins
through an indirect heat
and parts to stay clean enough to
exchange with the cooling
function well for many years. On
fluid. The air then passes
some systems where this
through drift eliminator
positioning is impossible or
media and into the turbine.
undesirable for some reason, we
recommend using pre-filters to
The coils are cold and
ensure the cleanliness and
therefore condensation is
functionality of the coils.
created. Condensate droplets
are directed downward and
For maximum turbine perfor-
collected in pans, then
mance, the design temperature of
directed out of the system.
the air leaving the cooling system
Typically, all
and entering the turbine is typically
condensation is
no less than 45°F / 7°C. The
eliminated this way, but
ambient air temp and the altitude
at the site are the major factors
used in sizing and designing a coil
system. Cooling agents are usually
either water or a water/glycol mix,
depending on local ambient
conditions. While Donaldson
doesn’t supply systems containing
ammonia, we will work with your
supplier who does.
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