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Beh Seegee cutter [N-DEPTH CRYPTOCURRENCY INITIAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE Note that for the purpose of this initial interview, the term “cryptocurrency” means the following: © Bitcoin © Alternative coins © Tokens General questions with regards to cryptocurrencies ‘QUESTIONS 1/P response 1. When did you start getting involved in the . cryptocurrency space and how did you get involved? 2. Do you invest in cryptocurrencies, trade . cryptocurrencies, and/or mine cryptocurrencies? Are you involved within the space in any other way {ie. advisor, teacher, cryptocurrency ATM service provider, selling hash power, running an exchange, part of a mining pool or any other business venture related to the space)? 3. Do you use any cryptocurrency mixing services and « tumblers? If so, which services do you use? Can you please provide us with the tracing history, along, with all the cryptocurrency addresses you “mixed”? Why do you use these services? 4. Do you use shapeshift exchange or changelly? iso, « please provide us with the cryptocurrency addresses you've used to trade with, along with the dates you _made these particular “swap” trades 15 ied fear" Ss 5. Have you received any gifts in the form of cryptocurrencies? ‘a. Which cryptocurrency address was gifted? b. Which cryptocurrency was gifted? How much of it was gifted and when did you receive the amount? ©. What is the person's name who gifted you this amount and their address? What is their association to you? d. What was the reason for the gift? 6. Who filed the tax returns for the period under audit? Also, what documentation was given to the tax preparer with regards to your cryptocurrency investments, in order for them to calculate the right capital gain(s) and/or income? 16 ivn 1 genes cu teven Caraga Reveous Gees Keener iterview questions — Individuals personally investing or trading cryptocurrencies QUESTIONS 1/P response Can you tell us about all the cryptocurrencies that « you own? Provide us with a timeline of when you ‘made each purchase from fiat to crypto. ‘Where did you purchase these cryptocurrencies? a. IFexchanges, which ones do you use? b. Did you purchase bitcoin or crypto currencies privately from individuals? If so, how did you become aware that these individuals were willing to buy or sell erypto currencies? How were these transactions facilitated — location, procedure followed, etc? can you pull out the trading history from each exchange you use? We would like to view the crypto-crypto trades as well. Do you store cryptocurrencies on wallets other than « custodial wallets (i.e. third party exchange wallets)? a. If so, please provide us with a list of all the ‘addresses you control and use, other than the custodial wallets you have on exchanges. ‘Note: DO NOT GIVE PRIVATE KEYS AND/OR PAPER WALLETS SHOWING BOTH ADDRESS AND PRIVATE KEYS How do you fund your cryptocurrency exchange(s) ‘account(s)? Bank account, credit card, flexepin, or ‘another way? Moreover, do you use the same bank ‘account(s)/ credit cardis}, or other way described above, to transfer cryptocurrency holdings back into fiat? if not, which other accounts/eredit card(s) do you use? v

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