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Story Artist | | 408-931-3433


CalArts - Character Animation Cartoon Network Current Series/Development Intern
Valencia, CA Cartoon Network | Burbank, CA
Sep 2018-Dec2018
ArtCenter - Entertainment Arts
Pasadena, CA
• Assisted the entire department on variety of administrative tasks,
2017-2018 meeting preparation, script coverage, and reports on episodes and
UC Davis - Biology/Fine Art GLAS Animation Festival Intern
Davis, CA GLAS Animation Festival | North Hollywood, CA
2010-2015 Mar 2018
• Coordinated with team to plan and produce festival materials
ACTIVITIES • Supported festival by providing enthusiastic customer service
The Mini Animation Fest
ArtCenter Improv Comedy Club
Co-president ACCD Mentorship Awardee - Mentor Antonio Canobbio
ACCD Entertainment Arts Council Titmouse | Los Angeles, CA
Member • Developed storyboards and character designs based off an original
script for portfolio preparation

VOLUNTEER Writing for TV Animation - Dani Michaeli

ArtCenter College of Design | Pasadena, CA
GZA Expo Spr 2018
Jun 2018 • Wrote a script and prepared a pitch bible for an animated TV show
CTNX • Practiced character building, narrative arcs, and character dialogue
Nov 2017, 2018 and how story falls into the production pipeline
AFI Fest Cinematic Storyboarding - Jay Oliva
Nov 2017 Concept Design Academy | Pasadena, CA
Animation is Film Spr 2018
Oct 2017, 2018
• Intermediate storyboard class focusing on camera use for tension
GLAS Animation Festival
building, staging methods, and genre changes
Mar 2017
• Hands-on experience in acting, camera placement, shot timing, and
fight choreography
SKILLS Senior Videographer/Production Assistant
Windows/Mac/Linux OS Aggie Studios | Davis, CA
Microsoft Excel/Word/PowerPoint Oct 2014-Jun 2015
Photoshop • Supervised the Creative Department of 30 junior members
After Effects
• Filmed and edited video content for clients with stories relating to
Premiere Pro
Storyboard Pro news, entertainment, sports
TV Paint • Assisted in coordinating sets, creating filming schedule, directing
FileMaker talent auditions, editing scripts, developing shot lists, and managing
Maya invoices