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Skit Performance Rubric

The Panchatantra

Category 4 3 2 1
Clarity and Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly Speaks clearly Often mumbles
Volume distinctly all the and distinctly all and distinctly or cannot be
time, (100-95%) the most (94-85%) understood OR
mispronounces no time, the time, mispronounces
words. Volume is mispronounces mispronounces more than one
loud enough to be one word. no more than word. Volume
heard by all Volume is loud one word. often too soft to
audience members enough to be Volume is loud be heard by all
throughout the heard by all enough to be audience
presentation. audience heard by all members.
members at least audience
90% of the time. members at least
80% of the time.
Dialogue Group uses clear Most of the Some of the Group did not
distinct voices, group uses clear group uses clear use clear distinct
facial expressions distinct voices, distinct voices, voices, facial
to make the facial facial expressions to
characters more expressions to expressions to make the
believable and the make the make the characters more
play easily characters more characters more believable and
understood. believable and believable and the play was not
the play easily the play easily easily
understood. understood. understood.
Content Shows a full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem
understanding of understanding of understanding of to understand
the topic. the topic. parts of the topic. the topic very
Props/Visual Group made an Group made an Group made Group made little
Aids excellent effort to effort to bring in somewhat of an or no effort to
bring in props/visual aids effort to bring in bring in
props/visual aids to to show creativity props/visual aids props/visual aids
show creativity and & to enhance the to enhance the which may not
to enhance the play/skit. play/skit. have enhanced
play/skit. the play/skit.
Preparedness The whole group is The whole group The whole group The whole group
completely seems pretty is somewhat does not seem at
prepared and has prepared but prepared, but it is all prepared to
obviously might have clear that present.
rehearsed. needed more rehearsal was
rehearsal. lacking.

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