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Personal Information:
Mobile : +971 55 116 2671
Email :
Address : Building 31-A Main Street, Town Center, Al Ain UAE

To become part of an Organization that provides opportunity for practical
implementation of my skills and abilities, acquired through knowledge and
experience. Attainment of a challenging position in a dynamic corporate
environment that utilizes my talents to the optimum level, offers continuing
opportunities for future advancement & growth. Whatever position I am working at,
I want to add a positive value there.

Employment Experience:

Teller Front Desk/Customer Services at Al Ansari Exchange, May 2015- Till Date

Work Description:

 Handle cash in dirham & all other foreign currencies.

 Provide fast, excellent and error free services to customer in a
very professional way complying with SGOT.
 Buying and selling foreign currencies from walk in customers
and handover excess currencies to main cashier according to
 Monitor daily on-going market currency rate and decide
buying and selling rate for each currency to attract new &
existing customers.
 Monitor rate on website, online tools and forecast currency
rate to avoid any possible losses & ensure maximum profit.
 Follow and Comply with AML rules, Policy and Procedures of the company.
 Provide adequate necessary information as required by management.
 International remittance across the world through Cash Express, GFT,
Western Union, DT, National Bonds, Utility Bills.
 Assisting in branch filing process as directed by Branch Manager.

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 Cash checks and pay out money after verifying that signatures are
correct, that written and numerical amounts agree, and that
accounts have sufficient funds.
 Examine checks for endorsements and to verify other information
such as dates, bank names, identification of the persons receiving
payments and the legality of the documents.
 Count currency, coins, and checks received, by hand or using
currency-counting machine, in order to prepare them for deposit to
 Provide multi-task services to the customer for different products i.e. CE, GFT,
DT, Western Union, National Bonds, Utility Bills, Travel Cards etc.
 Maintain a special file for the Internal Reporting of Unusual/Potentially
Suspicious Transactions.
 Resolve customer complaints immediately where ever possible, or
inform and follow up such complaints with concern department in Head
 All other the duties assigned by the immediate supervisor are done in the
most efficient manner.

Trainings Attended:
 Foundation Training(Customer Services)
 Anti-Money laundering
 Advance Anti-Money Laundering
 Prevention Fraud and Counterfeit Money 1
 Prevention Fraud and Counterfeit Money 2

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Internship Experience:
 Bank Alfalah, Pakistan for 6 months
 Billing, Cash handling, Remittance and clearing procedure of conventional
 Greeting and assisting the guests
 Ensuring an effective communication with the customer and closing
the deal by meeting the needs of individuals.

Educational Background:
2014 B.Com (Bachelor in Commerce)
Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

2012 I.Com (Intermediate in Commerce)

Leadership College Network, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

2010 Matriculation (Science Subjects)

Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Personal Skills:
 Self-Tolerance
 Analogical Ability
 Courteous demeanor
 Able to work independently: self-discipline
 Excellent communication and presentation skills, report writing
 Ability to quickly adapt the new and challenging situations
 Professional attitude in regard to motivation, cooperation, flexibility,
confidentiality, ethics and professional development

 English
 Arabic (Basic)

Available upon request

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