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Asignación 2.

Asignación 2.02 consists of two parts: you will watch a video as you complete a video
response chart, and you will write a paragraph, in English.

View the grading rubric at the end of this document before beginning your work. This is
your guide to a submission that is excelente.

Part One—Watch the video as you organize the ideas you learn.
As you watch the video Un Día en la Vida: Xcanatún, México, organize the ideas in the
video response chart below. Complete your chart in English.

Video Response Chart

Title of Video
The title of the video is Un Día en la Vida: Xcanatún, México

1. In which city and town do Maarit and her family live?

Maarit and her family live in Xcanatún, México

2. What language does Maarit speak?

Maarit speaks Spanish.

3. Describe Maarit’s town.

It has a big town square that is surrounded by buildings.

4. What does Maarit’s father do for a living?

Maarit’s father makes pottery for a living.

5. What is Maarit’s daily routine?

She wakes up at 6:15 am, does chores, eats breakfast, get dressed and walks to
school to be there by 8. She catches a bus home at 5 pm, and then does

6. Describe Maarit’s home life.

She does a lot of chores.

7. Describe Maarit’s school life?

She enjoys school, especially math.

8. Who pays for Maarit’s enrollment in school?

Her mother and father pay for her enrollment in school.

9. What are Maarit’s goals?

Her goals are to become an architect.

10. Maarit is a descendant of which ancient North American Native tribe?

She is a descendant from the Mayan tribe.

11. List 3 ways in which Maarit’s ancient North American Native culture influences
modern Mexican culture.

The bowls her father make are influenced by their ancestors, the way they tend to
the animals and farm the land, the walls used in Maarit’s house.
Part Two—Express Your Ideas


In the video Un Día en la Vida: Xcanatún, México, you learned about Maarit’s daily life.
Write a paragraph (6-8 sentences) in English in which you compare and contrast your
life to Maarit’s life.

In your paragraph, be sure to include:

 a topic sentence in which you address the prompt and mention the title of the video
 three or more ways in which your life compares and contrasts to Maarit’s life
 evidence from the video to support your ideas
 a concluding sentence that restates your topic sentence
 correct grammar and punctuation
 at least six sentences

Write your paragraph in the box below.

In some ways, I have a similar life to Maarit, but in some ways, I don’t.
Like Maarit, I wake up in the morning eat breakfast, then get ready for the
day. Unlike her, I don’t have to feed chickens or do anything else. I also
don’t walk to school like her, but I do have to study many subjects. Both of
our favorite subjects are math. When Maarit gets home from school she still
has to do things such as homework, but I don’t have to do anything except
for eat dinner and go to bed.

Read this rubric before beginning your writing. This is your guide to a submission that is

Rúbrica para un trabajo excelente

Categoría ¡Excelente! Intenta otra vez
3–2 points
1–0 points
I clearly wrote a topic sentence
I partially wrote a topic sentence
that addresses the prompt.
Topic that addresses the prompt.
I partially stated the title of the
I clearly stated the title of the

5–4 points 3–0 points

I clearly wrote three or more ways I partially wrote two or less ways
in which my life compares and in which my life compares and
contrasts to Maarit’s life, as shown contrasts to Maarit’s life as
Support for in the video Un Día en la Vida: shown in the video Un Día en la
Main Idea Xcanatún. Vida: Xcanatún.

I clearly used evidence from the I partially used evidence from

text in my response. the text in my response.

1–0 points
3–2 points
I ended my paragraph by
Conclusion I ended my paragraph by clearly
partially restating the topic
restating the topic sentence.

Format 5–3 points 2–0 points

I wrote a partially-developed
I wrote a well-developed paragraph of five or less
Categoría ¡Excelente! Intenta otra vez

paragraph of six or more

sentences, in English. sentences, in English.

1–0 points
2 points
Grammar and I partially used correct English
I used correct English grammar,
Punctuation grammar, punctuation, and
punctuation, and spelling.

Video 2 points 1–0 points

Response I completed all areas of the video I completed some areas of the
Chart response chart. video response chart.