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Flat File (csv) to Z file Table Conversion

JDE Version used: OW Xe Release 7334 SP 19 Standalone Demo

Objective: To transfer data from flat file (prodconv.csv) shown below to Z Table
F4101Z1 using TC

Steps followed to create the Flat File:

1. Data from F4101Z1 table was exported to csv format. The following fields from
F4101Z1 were exported: EDUS (User ID), EDBT (Batch Number), EDTN
(Transaction Number), EDLN (Line Number), EDCT (Document Type), TYTN (Type
Transaction), DRIN (Direction Indicator), TNAC (Transaction Action), ITBR (Update
Item Branch) and ITM (Identifier Short Item)

2. Same order given above is maintained in the csv file. After exporting the csv file was
cleaned so that only numerical data remained in the file. The csv file is as shown
below. The file is named prodconv.csv

Steps followed in the TC Director:

1. Select the Data Conversion radio button and click on Next.

2. For External Data click Next.

3. In Select Environment choose <LOGIN ENV> for both Input Environment as well
as Output Environment. Click Next.
4. In Select Input click the Text File tab, click the Browse button and choose the
prodconv.csv located at E:\ prodconv.csv The path E:\ prodconv.csv is shown
Description on the RHS.

5. Click the User Defined Format button. On the User Defined Format – Type form
for Format Type choose the Fixed Width radio button (is this correct?) and for Row
Formats choose the Single Format radio button. Click Next.

6. In the User Defined Format – Column Layout form click the Add button and enter
the Alias, its length and its data type. The Aliases of all fields (in the input flat file)
that you want to convert / transfer must be added using the Add button. For this TC, 9
Aliases viz. EDUS, EDBT, EDTN, EDLN etc (these are show in Step 1 above) have
been added as shown below. The last alias ITM is not in the figure below.

All the aliases have been added in the same order in which they appear in the
prodconv.csv file i.e. column A represents alias EDUS, column B represents EDBT
and so on. (is this necessary?) Click Next and the screen shown below is shown
7. Now click the Finish button. In Select Input click the Next button.

8. In Select Outputs choose the Table tab and type F4101Z1 in the QBE above the
Object Name and press enter. Drag and Drop F4101Z1 from LHS in to Description
on the RHS. Click Next button.

9. In Table Options place a tick for Run Currency Triggers, Clear Output Tables,
and Force Row by Row Processing (is this correct?)

10. The next screen will show Input: E:\ prodconv.csv and Outputs F4101Z1. For
Events choose the Row Fetched event. Place a tick in the Issue a Write for this
Event? box. Click the AdvancedER button.
11. Use the x= button and enter the above for Table Conversion event. Click the green
tick mark to save the ER. Now click the Next button.

12. In Logging Options place a tick for Log All Errors. Click Next. Enter a version
number and click a Finish.

13. Screen shown below will be shown. Click the Map Same button. Click Save in Top
Left corner and then exit the TC.

Corrections: In case you find any errors in the above steps please give your corrections