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National Chemical Fertilizer Company - Ammonia Plant Reliability Enhancement

General Information
Owner National Chemical Fertilizer Company Progress 22%
Masterplan project Budget Value $125m
(Parent Profile)
Location Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia Contract Value $99m
Status Execution Net Value $99m
Sector Fertilizer Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Chemical Award Date August 2018
Contract Type Engineering Procurement Construction  Completion Date January 2021
Project ID 41836 Last Updated On February 2019


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Estimated Cash Flow (Quarterly)

Description & Scope

Onshore/Offshore Onshore
Greenfield/Brownfield Greenfield
National Chemical Fertilizer Company (Ibn al-Baytar) is coming up with a Reliability of Improvement for Ammonia
(Sabic Affiliate) in Jubail,Saudi Arabia.  
The project involves the upgrade of existing plant by enhancing the production capacity from 1,575 metric ton/day to
1,650 metric ton/day (min.)using 6,100MMSCFD natural gas as raw material for producing synthetic ammonia,while at
the same time improving operation reliability and energy efficiency and realizing sustainability.  
The US$125 million project includes the following:  
1. Improvement of reliability and sustainability of existing plant  
2. Construction of out-stream factor facilites  
3. Improve energy efficiency of the plant  
4. Construction of an associated facilities

Role Company Contact
Owner National Chemical Fertilizer Company Contract Manager, Talha Alghayas Siddiqui, Phone:+966 13 
350 6411
FEED KBR Phone:+1 713 753 2000
Main Contract Bidder China Tianchen Engineering Corporation Phone:+86 22 8681 0418
Main Contract Bidder eTEC E&C Phone:+82 2 489 9000
Main Contract Bidder Sinopec Phone:+86 10 5996 0114
Main Contract Bidder Wuhuan Engineering Co. Ltd. Phone:+86 27 81926001
Main Contractor Sinopec Phone:+86 10 5996 0114

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Event Type Event Date
Main Contract Completion, Commissioning January 2021
Main Contract Award August 2018
Main Contract Commercial Bid Submission June 2018

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National Chemical Fertilizer Company -  Execution Chemical $99m
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Summary for Fertilizer Plant projects in Saudi

Country Region Project Count Project Value
Eastern Province 4 1,978

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Breakdown of Fertilizer Plant in Saudi Arabia by status

Value of Fertilizer Plant projects in Saudi Arabia Value of Fertilizer Plant projects in Saudi Arabia
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News and Updates

Date News
February 2019 On August 2, 2018, Sinopec subsidiary, Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd has signed the EPC
contract with contract value US$99 million for the project with SABIC and mobilization works are
May 2018 It is understood that the main contract tender was issued and the following companies have participated
in the project    
- Sinopec  
- eTEC EC  
- China Tianchen Engineering Corporation  
- Wuhuan Engineering Co. Ltd.
January 2018 Budget is an estimate.
January 2018 KBR has been appointed as the FEED contractor on the project.
January 2018 The SOI had been issued and the submission has taken place.  
SNC Lavalin amongst others has submitted the SOI.  
Currently feed is ongoing on the project.

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