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Location Recce

Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Type of room/area: Utility


Location Address: Goring,

Reading, Whitehills green

Sat Nav details (Post code):


Nearest Train Station: Goring

and Streatly train station

Nearest Bus stop:

Gatehampton road, outside
Goring and Streatly train
Lighting Information: Solutions:

There are many overhead lights and multiple

windows to allow lots of light in

Sound Information: Solutions:

There is a train station nearby and road, but road Trains that come through the station mostly run
is very quiet as cars rarely come through on electricity now so you cannot hear them from
the location

Power Information Solutions:

Lots of power sockets are available for

equipment if needed

Hazards: Solutions:
Floor is level and isn’t slippery so I safe. There is
a counter and washing machine ect… which have Make sure crew and actors watch out for edges
sharp edges so they don’t cause harm to themselves