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Location Recce

Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Insert photo of location (do not draw) Type of room/area: Modern


Location Address:

Goring, Whitehills green

Sat Nav details (Post code):


Nearest Train Station:

Goring and streatly Train


Lighting Information: Solutions:

There is a combination of both natural lighting Depending on which lighting we use we either
which comes from the big glass windows, and wait for a sunny day and use the natural lighting,
the electrical lighting which comes from the but as it only comes from one side of the room
standard light in the kitchen we could use a light bounce to balance
everything out.
Sound Information: Solutions:
There won’t be any sounds other than planes if Check if the area is not under a flight path and to
the area is in a flight path. make sure anything that will make noise.

Power Information: Solutions:

there will be many sources for power as we are
in a house
Hazards: Solutions:
there are sharp edges on the side of the table Have some one watching whilst the filming is
and the floor could be slightly slippery happening as they can make sure no one falls or
the camera man doesn’t walk into he table