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21/8/2014 Quiz Question

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TMA Instruction TMA: TMA3/CIT811
Matric Number: NOU147214829
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CIT811 - User Interface Design and Ergonomics

Message Board 1 The following are disadvantages of a prototype, except?

Quick Info Cost effective

Instructor Message Not suitable for large applications

Quiz Note User can get too involved whereas the program can not be to a high standard
Producer might get too attached to it
Quiz Tip - 1

Quix Tip - 2 2 What is the full meaning of the acronym UIMSs?

User Interface Management Systems

User Interface Manipulation Symbols
User Intercept Manipulation Systems
None is correct

3 Which of the following options is not one of the techniques in User Interface Evaluation?

Software guidelines
Cognitive walkthroughs

4 The following are common programming languages and tools that support the implementation of MVC, except?


5 which of the options is not one of the hints for layout?

Reserve gridding layouts for 2D alignment

Nested boxes for internal
TableLayout is easier than GridBag
Use packing layouts when alignments are 3D

6 Which of the options is an object representing data or even activity

A View
A model
A modular
A Controller

7 MVC was first described in 1979 by ?

Holub Allen
Sagar Vasekar
Trygve Reenskaug
Michael Rimov

8 Storyboard is an example of?

High-Fidelity prototype
Medium-Fidelity prototypes
Low-Fidelity prototypes
Options A and B 1/3
21/8/2014 Quiz Question
9 Which of the options is not an advantage of Lo-fi prototypes?

It can evolve into implementation.

Fast iterations
Expensive equipment needed.
It can test multiple alternatives and the number of iterations is tied to final quality

10 Which of the options is not an another name for widget?


11 Every user interface consists of the following, except?

Input handling
Stroke drawing
Pixel model
Iconic model

12 Which of the following is an advantage of Widget

Encourage menu & forms style, rather than richer direct manipulation style
Constrain designer’s thinking
Reuse of development efforts
May be used inappropriately

13 What is the full meaning of the acronym MVC?

None is correct

14 The following are advantages of a prototype, except?

Early visibility of the prototype gives users an idea of what the final system looks like
Encourages active participation among users and producer
User can get too involved whereas the program can not be to a high standard
Helps to refine the potential risks associated with the delivery of the system being developed

15 Which of the options is not one of the prototyping tools?

Demo makers
Visual RAD tools such as Visual Basic, Optima++ and Borland Delphi

16 Which of the options is not one of the steps in Prototyping Model?

A preliminary design is created for the new system.

Routine maintenance is carried out on a continuing basis to prevent large-scale failures and to minimize downtime.
The new system requirements are defined in as much detail
The first prototype is modified,not based on the comments supplied by the users, and a second prototype of the new
system is constructed.

17 Which of the options is not true about a prototype?

Prototyping may improve communication between and among

Prototypes may be easily changed or even discarded.
A prototype may serve as a marketing tool.
Working prototypes may lead management and customers to believe that the final product is almost ready for delivery.

18 The following are characteristics of a prototype, except?

Maturation 2/3
21/8/2014 Quiz Question
Options A and B

19 Which of the following should not be considered before building a prototype?

Choice of prototyping too and its limitation

Composition of the team

Maximum lenth of an iteration cycle

Level of fidelity is needed in the prototype at last step

20 Which of the following is not a pitfall of a prototype?

Prototyping may stall if members of the team do not have enough decision-making authority.
The context of use for a prototype may be very different from the context of use for the final system.
The prototyping environment less vested in a particular design, hence more open to change and innovation.
There is no guarantee that the positions of developers and customers will converge during the iteration cycle.

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