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The Minnedosa

Since 1883
Volume 136 Issue 52 Friday, March 8, 2019 90 cents plus tax

this week
Hooping It Up!

Meet Our L ast Wednesday, Febru-

ary 27th, both the grade
seven and grade eight Tan-
Minor Hockey ner’s Crossing School Ti-
gers boys basketball teams

Stars battled it out against the

Neepawa Tigers boys team
at the TCS gymnasium.
5 pages of Both Minnedosa
teams starting teams came out on top
with the grade seven boys
on Page 8 winning 16 to 15 and the
grade eight boys winning
35 to 23. Currently the
grade seven team has six
players and the grade eight
team has eight players.
The TCS boys were
scheduled to hit the court
again yesterday, Thursday,
in a basketball tournament
in Forrest. We will let you
know how they made out
Students next week!
Photo by Karen Mitchell

Enter The
Workforce Water Park a Possibility for Minnedosa

M innedosa and Area

velopment Corporation,
in Manitoba. The first lo-
cation being considered is
Currently, the com-
pany has eight inflatable
to develop the company’s
first Manitoba water park.
EDO Parrott explained to
Council that all the com-
pany would require from
The site chosen for the
business would also re-
quire nearby washrooms,
changerooms and storage
to keep watercraft, swim-
mers and other users of
the lake from entering the
water park boundary.
Possible locations sug-
Economic Development water parks in Canada and the Town of Minnedosa space, which Parrott indi- gested for the water park
If your
Officer, Chantelle Parrott, is hoping to expand by in- and the Manitoba Govern- cated the lower level of the have been discussed and
label appeared as a delegation vesting in its first Manitoba ment (owners of the lake) Minnedosa Pavilion as a include the area directly
reads before Town Council last location. The application is approval for the business possibility. south or directly north of
week to share an exciting from Splish Splash Wa- to move forward. Splish The water park, featur- the Pavilion. This would
19/03/31 new business proposal for ter Parks showing interest Splash is responsible for all ing a number of inflatable leave the main beach,
It’s time to the community. in Minnedosa Lake came costs, insurance, liability, family-oriented play struc- swimming and watercraft/
renew your Splish Splash Water to the local CDC office staffing, operation, etc. tures in the lake, requires paddling areas of the lake
Parks, an Alberta based through Travel Manitoba. “This is an excel- a minimum of up to eight unaffected and still avail-
business, has shown inter- The company’s owner lent tourism opportu- feet of water at the deepest able for those users.
Call 867-3816 est in establishing one of is looking to invest up to a nity and there is no risk to point. The park area would
its inflatable water parks quarter of a million dollars Minnedosa,” stated EDO be sectioned off by buoys Continued on Page 2

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