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Course Title

Introduction to Gender Studies

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Course Description and Objectives


This course offers an introduction to Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary academic field that explores critical questions about the meaning of gender in society.


The aim of this course is to introduce to students key concepts, history and the development of feminism, current debates and topical issues.

Course Objectives

Understand how Gender Studies as a discipline developed and its value in contemporary society.

Apply the fundamental perspectives in Gender Studies to solving and addressing everyday life social problems and issues.

Understand the role of Gender Studies in society, and in particular, its function as a science and tool for advocacy and social change.

Assessment of students

Coursework 30% Examination 70%

Assignment 1

Discuss the factors leading to the rise of African Feminism (Due 23 March 2019)

Assignment 2

Using the Cycle of Violence provided, examine the actions of both the abuser and the victim (Due 17 April 2019)

Instructional methods

Class lectures

Seminar presentations Group discussions

Seminar presentations Group discussions

Course Outline

TOPIC 1: Introduction and key terms


Gender/Sex, Gender and sex (roles), Triple Roles, Domestic labor, Socialization, Gender equality and equity

TOPIC 2: Patriarchy


Meaning of Patriarchy, Emergence of patriarchy, patriarchy and inequalities

TOPIC 3: Introduction to Feminism


History of Western Feminism Feminist waves Feminist theories Radical Feminism, Marxist Feminism, Liberal Feminism, Black Feminism (b)Post-Colonial Feminism/Third World Feminism History of Post-Colonial Feminism African Feminism and African Feminists Zimbabwean Feminists






Biological explanation:


Hormones and brains, Brain lateralization, Evolutionary Perspective ,Psychoanalytic theory The Social Perspective The social construction of gender, Social learning theory, Cognitive Development Theory

TOPIC 5: Gender and Social Institutions


Gender issues in education Obstacles to girls’ education Gender issues in the workplace Women and work, Obstacles to job satisfaction and achievement Gender issues in the media Male and female images

TOPIC 6: Introduction to Human Rights and Instruments


International and Regional Instruments (CEDAW, SADC Gender Protocol etc.)


Constitution of Zimbabwe (Section, 17, 80, 81 and 82) (b) Domestic laws Domestic Violence Act (2007), Sexual offences Act (2001), Legal Age of Majority Act (1982), Trafficking in Persons Act (2014), Equal Pay Act (1980)

TOPIC 7: Gender Based Violence

Forms of Domestic Violence, Cycle of Violence, Effects of Domestic Violence, Strategies to end Domestic Violence

Reading List

Acker, J. (1999) ‘Rewriting Class, Race, and Gender: Problems in Feminist Rethinking’, pp. 44– 69 in M.M. Ferree, J. Lorber and B.B. Hess (Eds) Revisioning Gender. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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