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BASF Coating Binders


Paper adds value to life.

BASF adds value to paper.

We offer rapid and individual solutions to

optimise your production and quality:

» A broad range of different standard binders to achieve differentiated

performance characteristics
» Tailor made binders with a specific spectrum of performance features
» Worldwide technical service on the spot based on expert knowledge
» Superior product quality based on most modern production technology
Your partner for coating paper and board

BASF, as a leading worldwide supplier With the new Basonal® binder concept
of paper chemicals, has a great tradi- we are able to supply tailor-made prod-
tion as a binder supplier for paper coat- ucts deriving form an in-depth analysis
ing. As a result of many years of good of your system by our technical experts
relations with the paper industry, we based on a wide variety of monomers
have a deep understanding of the rela- within a short period of time.
tionships between chemistry and appli-
cation technology of paper coating. Combined with our sophisticated port-
folio of additives, as for example our
Our range of binders comprises the thickeners Sterocoll® or cobinders
Acronal® and Styronal® grades, which Acrosol®, we offer the optimum combi-
have become well known all over the nation of price and product performance.
world by virtue of their outstanding
properties. The Acronal® grades are Due to our most modern production
dispersions based on acrylic ester and technology realized with our Basonal
styrene copolymers, the Styronal® grades plant in Ludwigshafen and our new
are dispersions based on styrene-buta- plant in Hamina (FIN) we deliver prod-
diene copolymers. We developed sever- ucts with superior and constant product
al products with different performance quality.
characteristics for a broad range of
applications in coating of graphic papers
and board.

Basonal® plant, Dispersion plant,

Ludwigshafen, Germany Hamina, Finland
The Acronal® portfolio

Acronal® grades are aqueous dispersi-

ons of acrylic ester and styrene copoly-
mers with a solid content of approx.
50 %. Advantages of these dispersions
are excellent print evenness in offset
and rotogravure and a very low level of
thermo- and UV-yellowing and odour.

Acronal® Acronal® Acronal® Acronal® Acronal® Acronal® Acronal® Acronal®

S 305 D S 360 D S 504 S 728 PR 8745 500 D S 200, S 208 V,
S 201 553 V
Film Properties* hard soft soft hard hard soft soft soft
ACN** • • • •
In compliance
• • • • •
with FDA listings
Special features high very low very low high very low very high ink excellent self-thickening
stiffness mottling mottling stiffness mottling receptivity roto printability roto binder
high wet pick high binding high binding balanced excellent alkali excellent
power power range of blister swellable roto
properties resistance binder printability
high print high print
gloss gloss

* Film properties: < 10°C: soft; 10 – 20°C: All Acronal® binders are in compliance with BfR (exception Acronal® S 208 V).
middle hard; > 20°C: hard For further details see technical information sheet and safety data sheet.
**ACN: Contains Acrylonitrile

REM-analysis of a coating colour Advantage of Acronal® grades: low offset mottling:

cryoscopic fixation without Acronal®
The Styronal® portfolio

Styronal® grades are aqueous dispersions

of copolymers of styrene-butadiene with
a solid content of approx. 50 %.
These products are designed to achieve
differentiated performance characteristics
e.g. excellent binding power, good print-
ability for all common printing processes,
excellent runnability even at high machine

Styronal® Styronal® Styronal® Styronal® Styronal® Styronal® Styronal®

D 517 D 537 D 628 D 719 D 731 D 809 PR 8818X
Film Properties* soft soft middle hard middle hard hard hard hard
ACN** •
In compliance
• • • • • •
with FDA listings
Special features high binding high binding high binding high binding high blister high binding high binding
power power power power resistance power power
low mottling excellent high print gloss good printability high stiffness high stiffness high stability
high resistance high wet pick high resistance
to electrolytes resistance to electrolytes

* Film properties: < 10°C: soft; 10 – 20°C: All Styronal® binders are in compliance with BfR.
middle hard; > 20°C: hard For further details see technical information sheet and safety data sheet.
**ACN: Contains Acrylonitrile

Coated board Heidelberger Druck
Basonal® –
The perfect fit for your process

Beside our standard product range, coated paper. Basonal offers a new BASF supplies a range of aqueous
BASF offers solutions that are tailored potential for improvement with top per- dispersions of copolymers of acrylonitrile,
to specific customer needs. We take all formance in obtaining individual proper- butadiene, butyl acrylate and styrene
your process components into consid- ties and balance on other properties. under the Basonal® trademark.
eration: coating concept, pigment To each product of the Basonal®
system used, machine speed, rheology, BASF has succeeded in drastically range is allocated a four-digit number
coating equipment, drying configuration, reducing the development time for identifying the customer and a two-
base paper, environmental requirements binders. This has been achieved by digit serial number.
etc. Basonal® is the missing piece of optimising the whole chain of processes
the puzzle in this complex system. via technical service, R&D, laboratory, Please contact your local BASF repre-
technical centre, production and logis- sentative if you are interested in these
With our binders we optimise binder tics. Customers are involved in the tailor-made dispersions.
characteristics like binding power, blis- development of the product at an early
ter resistance, printing properties and stage through technical projects and
other technical requirements of your research partnerships.
BASF’s paper coating approach:
More than only a product

For the introduction of our binders we In the paper laboratory samples from Take advantage of the service, know-
offer you technical and commercial trials or production are analysed. Using how and resources of one of the major
service on the spot. Our marketing staff state-of-the-art testing equipment and chemical producers worldwide.
are immediately available. Support is innovative processes, we help you
provided by an expert team of experi- to identify problems and solve them
enced application specialists. quickly. Thus you stay ahead of your
In our Paper Technical Center – a com-
plete paper plant in miniature – we are BASF also has a lot to offer in the
able to test tailor-made concepts with field of commerce. For example,
you. Trials are run at speed of up to you can take advantage of BASF ex-
3333 m/min on the pilot coating facility cellent logistics know-how or allow
– with all state-of-the-art-technologies, us to support you on the subject of
just as in practice. e-business.

® = registered trademark of BASF SE

Paper Technical Center Electron microscopy Tanker being filled

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