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Zamboanga City
An extension Program with
F.L. Pena, Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay

Name: Florelene B. Taballeja Date: March 8, 2018

Course and Year: BTTE – III Duration:1:00 hour


Garments Fashion and Design
(Detailed Lesson Plan)


At the end of the session, the students should be able to:

a. Define what is an invisible running stitch;
b. Perform invisible running stitch; and
c. Value the importance of invisible running stitch.

Topic: “Invisible Running Stitch”
Visual Aids:
 PowerPoint Presentation
 Video presentation
 Pictures

Materials Needed
 Hand needle
 Cloth
 Pin cushion

Cutting Tools
 Scissors



A. Prayer
- May I request everybody to
please stand and let us put
ourselves into the presence - (The students will stand for
of God. _______, please lead the prayer)
the prayer.

B. Greetings

- Good morning class. - Good morning ma’am.

- How are you today class? - We are fine ma’am.

- Please take your seats. - Thank you, ma’am.

C. Checking of Attendance

- Let’s check your attendance

first, ______ may I know who is - (student will report)
absent today?

- Very Good, since all of you are - (students do the barangay clap)
present today, let us give a
barangay clap for everyone.

- It means that all of you are

interested to learn in our new
lesson this morning.

Collecting of Assignment

- Did you make your assignment

which I have given to you last - Yes, ma’am.
meeting class?

- Kindly pass it forward.  (the student will pass their

- Very good. Remember class that
you should always pass your
assignments on time because this
serves as your attendance.

- Alright class, what have we
discussed last meeting?  (student’s response).

- And who can define what is

stitch?  (student’s response)

- Before we proceed to our
lesson proper, let’s have first a
short activity, for you to get

- Let’s play “Don’t touch the ball

when the music stop”. I have
here a picture and a ball of
paper. When the music play,
start passing the ball and when
the music stop, whoever will be
the last student to hold or
 (The students will do the
touch the ball will be the one
to answer the question base on
this picture.

- Based on this picture  (student’s response)

presented. What have you

- Very well said______. That’s


- Did you see stitches on the

 No ma’am.
forehead of the girl?

- Is it possible to sew with a  (student’s response)

hidden stitch or an invisible

- This morning you will learn on
how to sew “Invisible running
stitch” Later on, we will tackle
all these things but first let me
present to you the objectives
for you to attain at the end of OBJECTIVES
our lesson. At the end of the session, the
students should be able to:
- Boys kindly read the first
objectives; girls read the a. Define what is an invisible running
second objectives then all will stitch,
read the third objectives. b. Perform invisible running stitch,
c. Value the importance of invisible
running stitch.
- Thank you class, so those are
the objectives that we need to
attain at the end of our lesson.



- This time let us read first the TRADE TERMS

following trade terms which are
related to our topic this  Knot – any of various fastenings
morning, to unlock the formed by looping any tying a
difficulties of words you will rope (or cord) upon itself or to
read later. another rope or to another
 Snip – the act of clipping
 Fabric – artifact made by
weaving or felting or knitting or
crocheting natural or synthetic
 Stitch – sewing consisting of a
link or loop or knot made by
drawing a threaded needle
through a fabric.
 Thread – a fine cord of twisted
fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or
nylon etc.) used in sewing and

- Any questions regarding to the  None ma’am.

trade terms class?
 History
Invisible stitch – also called
slip stich, a ladder stitch, or a
blind stitch. This is commonly
used hand stitch because its
great for finishing seams

This stitch gives a great finish

on collars ( an also works
great to close up pillows,
bean bags and the like).

- Now, did you understand what - Yes, ma’am.

is an invisible running stitch,

- Do you have any question? - No, ma’am.

J. MATERIALS Materials Needed:

- Let’s enumerate the materials  Hand needle

needed. Everybody please  Cloth
read.  Pin cushion

 Cutting tools
 scissors

- Did you understand the uses of

 Yes ma’am.
every material class?

- Aside from the materials, we Reminders/safety tips

have some reminders to keep
in mind for you to be able to 1. Always prepare the materials
work properly and safely. needed.
2. Always follow the procedure.
3. Presence of mind while doing to
avoid accident.
4. Use sharp shears/scissors.
5. Always put the hand needle on
the pin cushion after used to
avoid accident
- Any questions about the reminders
class? - No ma’am.

- This time student please listen 1. Prepare all the material

and observe carefully on how I needed.
will follow the procedure. 2. Before you begin fold the fabric
Kindly read the procedures where you want your seams to
step by step while im doing. be.
3. Thread the needle and Knot
one end of the thread to make
extra strength.
4. Bring the needle up from one of
the folded edges so the knot is
5. Slide to the top, then go
opposite side and pick up a
little bit of fabric.
6. Next go directly across to the
other side and do the same
7. When you are about to finish,
pick up a little fabric like before
then lock by a knot.
8. Finally, to hide the tail of the
thread, go down out the side of
the fabric and snip the thread.

 (Students will observe silently)

 None ma’am

- Do you have any questions?  Yes, ma’am.

- Did you really understand the

procedure? RUBRICS

L. APPLICATION Criteria 5 points 4 points 3 points

Cleanliness/Safety Clean the Clean the Did not

area after area but clean the
- Since you don’t have any the task. not all. area after
the task.
questions prepare and get Speed Finish the Finish the Finish the
output output on output
ready with your materials. ahead of time after time
Accuracy Follow the Follow the Did not
- Each group will choose a procedure procedure follow the
and make but did not procedure
representative perform the the thread make the and did
invisible. thread not make
same. This rubric will serve as invisible. the thread
your basis in making this invisible

M. GENERALIZATION  (student’s response)

- Based on our topic today,

what have you learned?  (student’s response)

- Who can define what is an

invisible running stitch?  (Students response)

- Another answer?
 (student’s response)

- What is the importance of

invisible running stitch?

N. VALUES INTEGRATION  Students response)

- What good values did you  None ma’am.

learn based on our topic
- Very well, do you have any
questions? Clarifications?


Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer from the given options.
Write your answer in a ¼ sheet of paper.
1. What is an invisible stitch?
A. is an unfamiliar hand sewing stitch
B. is also called slipped/hidden and most commonly used hand
sewing stitch.
C. is used for sewing all kind of dresses.
2. What are the materials used of invisible stitch?
A. cloth and scissors
B. cloth, scissors, hand needle and pin cushion
C. cloth, scissors, hand needle
3. What is the first thing to do before sewing an invisible stitch?
A. buy a cloth
B. cut the cloth
C. prepare all the materials needed
4. Which side should you end your invisible stitch?
A. inside
B. in front
C. over the loop
5. Why is it important to knot the end of your thread before starting to sew
an invisible stitch?
A. to ensure thickness
B. to ensure the security of the thread
C. to create design
Answer Key:
1. B
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. B
The teacher gets the M.P.S. following this formula,

Total Score
MPS = ---------------- ÷ no. of student’s X 100
Number of Items

Research work: Answer the following in a ¼ sheet of paper this is to be submitted
next meeting.
1. What is blanket stitch?