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                                                    GPS Driving Recorder Introduction                                                                V14.

GPS Driving Recorder Introduction

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GPS driving recorder GP600L is a most powerful device for fleet management, which has all features of a
standard GPS vehicle tracker for realtime tracking, route tracing and vehicle monitoring, it also works as a
driving recorder to record critical driving data as speed and mileage, vehicle status, driver info, doubtful
accident data and fatigue driving record. Besides, it works with embedded LCD, printer and more external
accessories to meet higher requirements for vehicle monitoring.

1. Specification

GPS Chipset Ublox

Huawei MG323, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, Support dual-band and

GSM/GPRS module
GPS Sensitivity -159dB

Channels 20/50 channel all-in-view tracking

Dimension 179*136*50mm

Weight 950g

Working voltage DC 9V~36V

160mA(12V) and 100mA(24V), normal operation.
Working current
Standby: <30mA

Working Temperature -25℃~+70℃

Working Humidity 5%~95% RH

GPS SMA connection,-26db

GSM SMA connection,-3db

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                                                    GPS Driving Recorder Introduction                                                                V14.0 

Printer Thermal with 58mm paper width

Information display 128x64 dot matrix LCD screen

Image resolution 640x480,320x240,160x120

Communication port RS232,RS485,CAN

Data buffer in blind area 10816 pcs

16 Digital Inputs
3 analog inputs with adjustable scaling factor
2 Vehicle speed pulse Inputs(one for car original speed sensor, the other
for external speed sensor)
1 relay output
Interface 1 output

4 RS485 interface(max 4 digital cameras )

1 USB interface
1 SD slot (max 32g)
1 voice interface

2. Features
Features as a standard GPS tracker:
Live tracking and route tracing
Speed limit and Mileage calculation
ACC status detection
Route management and out of route alert
Geofencing management
Vehicle Immobilization Control
Harsh braking or turning alert
Alerts via SMS/Email/to website
POI (Place of Interest) setting
Data buffer of 10,000 way points (much more than standard GPS)
Multiple reports: Journey, parking, geofence, mileage report etc
Listen in and two-way communication (hand free other than standard GPS)
Remote firmware upgrade via GPRS
Extended accessories:
Integrated IC card reader, LCD and printer
Drive IC card
Waterproof camera (max 4)
Door sensor
Fuel sensor
Temperature sensor (max 2 )
Support TF card to store snapshot or voice record(extend to max 32G )

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                                                    GPS Driving Recorder Introduction                                                                V14.0 

Features as vehicle recorder:

Record data Description
1.Speed and vehicle 48hr speed and vehicle status record on a loop, 1 data per sec
status record
2. Location and speed 360hrs GPS location and speed on a loop, 1 data per min
3. Accident doubtful Accident doubtful points record and analysis
point record (max 200 records of vehicle status and speed that is 20 sec before accident,
which is for accident analysis if vehicle was overspeeding ,or whether the
driver has taken actions as braking, turn on signal light etc.)
4. Fatigue driving record 100 fatigue driving records including driver info, driving start and end time
5. Driver info record 200 records of driver login/log out such as time, driver card no, driver
license ID
6. Device power record 100 records of external power lose and resuming on a loop
7. Device parameter 100 records of main parameter modification like ID and modification time
modification record
a) Vehicle status includes the 5 essential statuses of brake, right-steering light, left-steering light, lower
beam and upper beam besides there are 3 optional signal
b) All driving record can be sent to monitoring platform and exported via USB disk for analysis

Embedded component features

1. Display LCD is adopted for displaying 4 lines of 64 characters. It displays various
status and info like over-speed record, fatigue records, and you can operate
on it with remote controller
2. Printer For printing the recent fatigue driving record or other info as applicable.
3. Speaker for voice 1 min voice recording each time which can be uploaded to tracking platform
recorder or saved in the device for export later on
4. Built-in acceleration It can detect and trigger alerts when harsh braking or acceleration,
sensor sudden turning etc, it can also detect accident like collision
5. Route management Other than standard GPS system, the GPS driving record can save the route
that is defined on the tracking platform and allocated to the vehicle. When
vehicle runs out of the route, the device will alert the driver and send warning
to tracking platform as well.
6. Speed sensor port The device has speed sensor port which can be connected the vehicle original
speed sensor or external sensor to obtain more accurate speed and mileage
7. USB port The device has USB port which is for file export, import, parameters setting
and device upgrade etc.
8. TF card port The device has TF port for store snapshots and voice record etc
9. IC card port Integrated IC card port, for reading driver card info. The driving record will
include the driver’s info as driver license ID
10. CAN port The device has CAN port which can be used for remote vehicle diagnosis and
collect vehicle info as applicable.

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                                                    GPS Driving Recorder Introduction                                                                V14.0 

External accessories and features

1. Multiple-channel Max 4-channel waterproof cameras can take snapshots of both inside and
cameras outside of the vehicle. The snapshots can be uploaded to tracking platform or
saved in the recorder
2. Temperature sensor It’s customized for vehicle transporting goods requires strict temperature
(Max 2) control. The device can connect max 2 temperature sensors which collect
simultaneously the temperature of two parts of vehicle compartment. When
vehicle arrive its destination, the temperature can be printed out for proof
3.Fuel sensor Realtime fuel monitoring with fuel sensor is customized feature for tank
vehicle and big trucks. Daily and monthly fuel consumption report,
abnormal fuel raise or decrease report and alerts are available.
4.Door sensor Connecting a door senor, the device can report status of rear door of truck to
detect illegal door open and stop goods loss
Customization feature
3rd-Party monitoring
It’s customized for vehicle leasing and vehicle-loan companies. The device supports both the tracking
platform and a 3-party monitoring platform. The companies can set monitoring parameters for the
device which will upload to its own monitoring platform at preset interval. The 3rd party monitoring
platform and tracking platform can work independently from each other, the end consumers and
tracking platform are unable to check and modify the parameters on 3-party monitoring platform.

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