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Trigger List

Trigger: A subject that causes emotional distress when brought up. 

The following is a list of triggers. Please read through them and pay attention to what 
channels can discuss those topics without trigger warnings. Additionally, we have a 
couple of server rules listed here that, while they don’t require any TWs, need to be 
observed! The list is organized by category, with the categories being in alphabetical 
When requesting a trigger, please clarify if it's images only, mentions, discussions or 
Note​: ​Triggers that revolve around ​identities​ (i.e. French people, names, etc) will not be 
added to the trigger list. ​Note: ​Previously there were punishments for improper tagging. 
Until otherwise noted, staff will only place down the tag-end and/or request you add the 
tag to your message.  
Trigger Warning Format: 
**Trigger Warning (mention specific trigger) :warning:** 

[triggering content]* 

**​End trigger warning (mention specific trigger) :warning:** 
Animals and Nature
Note: Animals do not need to be tagged in the #pets-and-animals.
● Insects
○ May only be posted in #blood-bones-and-bugs
○ Any insect in flesh requires both the bug and gore tag
○ If you have a bug Discord handle (i.e. Bumblebee/Bee) or have an emoji of an
insect in your Discord handle, please change your nickname in the server so it is
● Spiders
● Dogs
○ Keep all images of dogs in the #pets-and-animals channel.
○ Mentions of dogs do not need to be tagged in the #pets-and-animals channel.
Mentions of dogs do need to be tagged in all other channels.
○ Shiba Inu breeds need a separate tag for both images and mentions
● Owls (mentions do not need a tag; images do)
○ due to the nature of the #hellenic-polytheism channel, this does not need tagged.
● Snakes (mentions do not need a tag; images do)
● Animal Abuse/Death
○ In #blood-bones-and-bugs channel, domestic animal death needs a tag,wild
animal death does not
○ An additional tag is required for animal injury

● Fatphobia
● Homophobia
● Transphobia
● Ableism
● TERFS (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists).
○ Please add a separate trigger warning for this and do not group this under
● Slurs
○ Words that are slurs that have been reclaimed by some, such as queer, are
allowed without a tag when used in reference to the self
■ Ex: “I am queer” is perfectly fine
● Autism Speaks, the company
Body/Mental Illness Related
Mental and physical illnesses do not need to be tagged in the #spoonie channel. However,
suicide related topics (i.e. ideation, thoughts, actions, etc.) and issues related to eating
disorders require a tag. In other channels, discussion of symptoms of mental illness do require
require a tag.

We fully support the destigmatization of mental illnesses and neurodiversity, and as such OCD,
DID and other mental illnesses will not be listed as triggers because they are considered
identities; its a part of who someone is. In-depth discussions about symptoms on the other
hand, will be tagged as such with the appropriate tws before hand, but the names of the mental
illness do not need to be tagged.

Switching alters is not a symptom, but talking about switching and what that entails will need a
tw tag.

● Suicide/Suicidal Thoughts
○ NN staff are legally obligated to reach out to all persons who express such
● Death
○ Please use #psychopomp to discuss mourning and grieving etc..
○ Any death by train must be tagged specifically as such
● Cutting, Self-Harm
○ It is against the rules to express that you have self harmed or are thinking of self
○ NN staff will reach out to all persons in need of resources
● Vomit/emetophobia
● Sickness
○ All major illnesses (i.e. pneumonia) require a tag. Basic/normal illnesses do not,
like the common cold and sore throats.
○ Cancer needs a specific tag
○ Endometriosis needs a specific tag
● Pregnancy
○ Miscarriage needs a specific tag
● Abortion
○ Anti-life/anti-choice needs a specific tag
● Eating Disorders
● Body dysphoria and body dysmorphia
● Intrusive thoughts
● Body horror
● Breasts and Associated Chest Anatomy
○ NOTE: Breasts do not need a TW when posted in the NSFW channel and in the
#sex-magic channel. HOWEVER, do NOT post any nudes/lewds of yourself or
anyone else in the channel. This is a legal matter and is for everyone’s benefit.
● Dental issues (i.e. mouth and teeth issues)
● Weight/Weight loss
● Medication
○ the #spoonie channel does not require a warning for this
● Trypophobia
○ Aversion to objects with holes. Please tag any images with holes with this trigger
○ this includes any holes in the skin
● in depth discussions of cancer
● the Spoon Theory
○ see pinned in #spoonie for more info

Craft Related
● Spirit names
○ Please keep the talk of your spirit friends/companions to the appropriate
channels! Don’t use your spirits actual names, use a nickname instead. No TW
● Sigils
○ Please keep all sigil images to the #sigil channel. No trigger warning is needed
○ Text discussion does NOT need to have a trigger warning
● Curses
○ Please keep all talk of curses to the #spells-and-curses channel. If you wish to
mention curses outside of the channel, please add a trigger warning.
● Energy vampirism
● Demons, imps, hellhounds etc.
○ exempt from the #demonology and #satanism channels.

● Food
○ Needs no warning in #kitchen #home-and-hearth
○ Images must be kept to food-friendly channels
● Drinking/drunkenness
● Alcohol
○ Needs no warning in #kitchen #home-and-hearth
● Drugs
○ Talk of drugs is not allowed outside of the #drug-magic channel.
■ Talk of hard drugs must have a trigger warning in all channels
■ Drugs only used for recreation are not meant to be discussed in
● Meat
○ Please keep all food images to the #kitchen channel
○ A separate tag is required for the butchering of meat products.
● Tobacco/Cigarettes
● Culver's restaurant (mentions and images need a tag.)
● images of canned corn
○ please keep food images to the #kitchen channel
● gifs/videos of people chewing
○ If its a video, please add a misophonia tw

● Eye gore
● Blood
● Abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, verbal)
○ Incest requires a separate tag.
○ Bullying requires a separate tag.
○ Gaslighting requires a separate tag.
○ Intimate Partner Violence requires a separate tag.
○ Domestic abuse/violence requires a separate tag.
○ psychological and emotional manipulation requires a separate tag
● Suffocation/Choking/Asphyxiation
● Stalking/Surveillance
● Drugging
● Drowning
● Guns/Gun Violence
○ Mass shootings require a separate tag
● Hand injuries
● Punishment for bad grades
● In depth texts/videos of physical fighting, especially kicking
● Spanking of children
● endorsement of corporal punishment
● conflicts with fathers
● human trafficking/slavery
● neglect

Medical, Social, and Government Systems

● Military
● Hospitals
○ Hospital restraints require a separate tag.
○ Needle and needle shaped things (i.e. IV needles) require a separate tag.
■ Images of knitting needles or scissors don’t require a tag in #fibercraft
○ Intravenous needles requires a separate tag
● Anti-Vaxx Movement.
● Salvation Army
● Autism Speaks
● Police

Pop Culture
The triggers below do not need to be tagged in Hobbies, Art, Memes, Media, and Photos.
Browse these channels at your own risk. All songs, music files, and band discussion must be
confined to #music-and-pop-culture-craft

● Zombies/Corpses
● Clowns (mentions do not need a tag; images do)
● Rick and Morty (mentions do not need a tag; images and videos do.)
● Mario franchise
○ images, videos, sounds require a tag; mentions do not
● Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyoujin
● the songs “Mary Did You Know?” and “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton
● Persona games
● The song “Amazing Grace”
● the song “Zombie” covered by Bad Wolf
● Supernatural the TV show
○ the black pentagram symbol that's from the show as well needs a tag.
○ mentions and images
● Homestuck
○ images and mentions
● "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughan
● Call of Duty/CoD Black Ops game
● Grand Theft Auto games
● creepypasta ”Momo”
○ mentions and images
● the character Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
○ discussions, mentions, quotes and behaviourism of this character need to have a
● Greatest Showman

Miscellaneous Category
● Fires
○ Fire does not need to be tagged in #candle-magic, #elemental-magic, and
● Electrocution
● Loud noises
○ While in voice chat with others, do NOT make loud noises like screaming.
● Car accidents
● Cannibalism
● Ribbons (the crafty kind you tie gifts with)
○ Ribbons do not need to be tagged in #fibercraft
● in depth discussions of pet names (like the ones you give friends; not animals)
● Break ups of romantic relationships
● Sounds of fire/security alarms
● IR lights and PIR lights in images need a tag
● Videos/gifs of bouncing trampolines
● the pet name “baby girl” and “kitten”
● the emoji c:
● Scissors (images only)
● financial debt
● crutches
○ no tag needed in the #spoonie channel
● flashing gifs/images
● conspiracy theories
● the terms “puppet” and “ puppet master”
● Gif usages of water/rain
○ No tag needed in #weather-magic
● Valentine's Day
○ No tag is needed in #celebrations-and-rituals.
● American Independence Day
○ must be tagged as such
○ must be tagged in #celebrations-and-rituals
● discussions of relationships with a noticeable age gap
● Trains
○ especially train horn sounds
● the phrase “break a leg”
● smokers cough

● World Ending Events
● Questioning Reality
● Heights
○ Images (i.e. looking down from the side of a building or outside of a plane)
● Deep waters
○ images of deep dark waters need a tag, mentions do not unless heavily

● Christianity and Catholicism
○ Exorcism
○ No warning needed in #abrahamic-religions
● Mormonism
○ No warning needed in #abrahamic-religions
● Cults
○ Please add a separate tag for Jehovah’s Witnesses, additionally the shorthand
for it (“JW”) needs a tag.

Sex Related
● Kinks
○ DD/lg requires a separate tag.
○ Kink in general will not be required to have a tag in the #sex-magic channel,
however specific kinks, like DD/lg, will need to have a tag.
● Sexual assault and rape
○ statutory rape needs a separate tag
● Pedophelia and “MAPs” (Minor Attracted Person)
● Incest
● Virginity
● Drunk sex
○ We realize this is implied under drunkenness, but drunk sex requires a separate