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July 9, 2018 (day25, Monday)

Quick Overview


-Rehabilitation of Old Hospital then observed the pouring of angle column


-observed the installation of steel decking at Bukidnon State University (BukSU)

academic building

-get the plan and details for the construction of academic classrooms at Bukidnon

State University Annex at Casisang, Bukidnon

In the morning after signing the log sheet, Engineer Jomyl Orleans assigned

us in the rehabilitation of Old Hospital to observe the pouring of concrete. While in

site, we familiarize the plan and spacing of steel reinforced bar since it wasn’t

introduced to us in our study. We observed mixing of concrete by using the single

bagger mixer. We evidently saw that they are having a hard time putting it in the

mixer since they are putting it while the mixer was running. Concerning about the

concrete cement water ratio, the standard ratio was not followed because they’ll just

estimate it compared to their past experience. Furthermore, we saw the pouring of

concrete manually and they used small bucket for transporting the mix concrete and

tossing it from person to person after putting some amount of concrete. After that

they applied a vibrator to vibrate the steel reinforced not the concrete itself this is to

prevent from pores and honey comb.

Afternoon, we proceed to Bukidnon State University school campus to

observed the steel decking at the construction of 4-storey academic building for

college of arts and sciences department. Before that I went to the Finance to

observe the spacing and arrangement of steel reinforcing bar. Then observes the

transporting the cement mix above where they just suspended with a rope and

pulling it above. Then I proceed to their bunkhouse to wait for my co-trainee. Then,

went to the site where there are a lot of welding works involved. We observed that in

order to connect the steel reinforcing bar and temperature bar they welded it

including the dowels and the slab for wall. Then for the column they also braced it for

stabilization. Then before we went to the office to sign out we first went at university

planning office to get the plans and details for the construction of Bukidnon State

University annex at Casisang, Bukidnon.

July 10, 2018 (day26, Tuesday)

Quick Overview


-wait for the inspector of Provincial Engineer at Rehabilitation of old Hospital


-arrived at Impasugong road construction to observed

We are supposedly going to travel at early in the morning but Ma'am Lalay

from the provincial engineer’s office call us that the inspector will be having a

emergency board meeting. So along with Engineer Jomyl and with our driver we wait

in the bunk house of the rehabilitation of old hospital spent some time talking.

Unfortunately the meeting takes so long so ma'am Lalay postponed our trip and told

us that we will going to go back in the office at 1:00pm.

We went back in the office at 12:30 as Engineer told us. We arrived at

Impasugong to observe the construction of 2.5km JCT sayre highway San Juan-

Intavas road. Provincial engineers inspected it to ensure that the design are being

followed and monitored to check if the test the PERT/CPM are being followed. Then

we proceed to Kisolon Sumilao road construction for them to take pictures. Then we

went back to office to sign-out.

July 11, 2018 (day27, Wednesday)

Quick Overview

Morning and Afternoon:

-observed the welding works at the construction of Bukidnon State University

academic buildings

After signing the log sheet in the office we proceed to Bukidnon State

University school campus to observe the welding and masonry works. They are

currently continuing the installation of steel decks and welding. Then in the ground

floor we observed the masonry works, there was a part on wall that supposedly a

glass wall but they already piled it with concrete hollow block because the revision of

plan was too late. According to the time keeper, if the decision was to remove the

concrete hollow block the contractor will be getting paid accordingly.

Then we visited the construction of finance building to observed, since this

construction are on phase3 means it is close to finish the works the usual work are

finishing and applying seal coats. Then we proceed to the construction of academic

building where they are currently placing the steel deck for slabs.
July 12, 2018 (day28, Thursday)

Quick Overview

Morning and Afternoon:

-observed the pouring of concrete of steel deck at Bukindon State University Annex

at Casisang Bukidnon

-stayed in the company shop to prepare some snack

We went to Bukidnon State University Annex at Casisang Bukidnon to

observe the pouring of concrete even though there was a light. They continue the

pouring of concrete because it was already scheduled. They poured the concrete

with the use of crane then the mason are the one who will be flatten it. Unfortunately

it constantly raining so they decided to cover it but the problem is the slab will not be

perfectly worked so they decided to leave it that way at least the impact of the rain

was light that cannot affect the concrete slab.

In their bunkhouse we felt the warm welcome of their foreman and the

hospitability of workers they shows towards us. Since every pouring was a free

lunch, we ate together with our engineer and driver. After the break the foreman

decided to stop the pouring of concrete because of the non-stop rain. Then we

proceed to company shop to prepare some snack and then sign out.
July 13, 2018 (day29, Friday)

Quick Overview

Morning and Afternoon:

-observed the pouring of concrete at construction of Kalasungay Road.

In the morning we went to Kalasungay Road Construction to observe the

pouring of concrete along with Engineer Jomyl Orlean. We learned and compared

the different technique of constructing the road in every foreman as discussed by

engineer. In the afternoon, we went to their bunkhouse to have a lunch then we

proceed to office to sign out.

July 14, 2018 (day30, Saturday)

Quick Overview

-observed the construction at the Rehabilitation of old hospital

Since they are currently painting the office, the odor are not peasant so

Engineer Jomyl Orkeans told us to proceed to the Rehabilitation of old hospital

Malaybalay City.We consumed our day at the construction observing and asking

some question to the workers.