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*President and Faculty Advisors are AdHoc members of all committees

Social Committee
Social Committee will be responsible for planning a minimum of 1 activity a month
for the Cast. They will be responsible for set-up, break down and clean-up of events
or activities. A Social committee member is expected to be active and present at all
committee meetings and have a willingness to put forth their own ideas and have
them workshopped, or denied.
Head: 1.
2. 3.

Fundraising Committee
Fundraising Committee will be responsible with coming up with fundraising ideas for
the cast or community to participate in. Fundraising committee will also be
responsible for the concessions table during mainstage shows. This includes
collecting food donations for concessions and running the table during intermission.
Head: 1.
2. 3.
4. 5.
*President and Faculty Advisors are AdHoc members of all committees

Studio Board (Black Box) Production Committees

Vice-President of Black Box Productions will chair all Studio Board Meetings,
receive proposals from Student Directors and submit studio board reports at
General meetings. They will also head the Technical and Selection committee if the
co-head fails to show.

Selection Committee
Chaired by the Vice President All Studio Board production committee members
(Tech, PR, and Black box) are a part of the selection committee plus one upper
class man and one lower class man.
Co-Head: Upperclassman:

Technical Committee
Also a member of Selection Committee. Technical Committee members must
attend all Studio Board meetings. Technical Committee members are responsible
for handling all technical production needs for Black Box Productions, Submitting
Royalty requests, Coordinating Black Box Strikes, and managing budget for Black
Box Technical Expenses.
Co-Head: 1.
2. 3.

Public Relations Committee

Also a member of Selection Committee. PR committee is responsible for handling
all publicity and marketing for Black Box Shows and Jag Guerilla such as printing
posters and programs. They are also responsible for the set-up and break down of
chairs and sets for Black Box productions.
Head: 1.
2. 3.
*President and Faculty Advisors are AdHoc members of all committees

Jag Guerilla
This team will is entirely new! You will be responsible for the set up and running of
Jag Guerilla. This includes securing venue, voting on theme, appointing MC and
general execution. Must be serious and have a full commitment to the team.
Head: 1.
2. 3.
4. 5.