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Curriculam Vitae


Email: W-16, Sector-12
Mobile: +91-9891827527 Noida, Uttar Pradesh

To utilize my skills and ability for the organization that offers professional
growth, new challenges and opportunities to learn new skills while being resourceful,
innovative and flexible to the organization.

Professional Experience:
Sundelta Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Jan 2008-Oct 2008)
Developed an Enterprise Resource Planning module software-Warranty and
Claims Services in order to solve the customer warranty related queries regarding their

• B.Tech. Computer Science (July 2007)
Institute of Engineering and Emerging Technologies (2003-2007)
Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla
Percentage: 65%.
• Senior Secondary (XII)
M.C.M.D.A.V. College, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh State Education Board, Dharamshala
Percentage: 60%
• Secondary (X)
Modern Public High School, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh State Education Board, Dharamshala
Percentage: 69%

Projects Undertaken:
Warranty and Claims Management:
Tools used: JSP, Servlets, Java Scripts, Java beans, Apache Tomcat Server
Database: SQL Server 7.0
Organization: Sundelta Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Team Size: 3
Role Played : Coding, Designing
Description: The aim of this project was to develop an Enterprise Resource Planning
module which can deal with the warranty and claim related activities of the product after
it is being delivered to the customers. In this module we have provided an email support
to the customers through which they can query about their products. If the customer
warranty period is not over then his/her product is repaired free otherwise some amount
of repair is being charged to the customer. A database is being maintained which is
updated time to time in order to keep the records of all the products, their warranties and
the list of the corresponding customers.
Online Examination System
Tools used: Core Java, JSP, HTML, Java beans, Apache Tomcat Server
Database: SQL Server 7.0
Organization: Sundelta Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Team Size: 4
Description: Online examination system has a built in database of questions called “Test
Bank”. It has a menu option where one can choose the type of paper among the B.Tech
branches like Electronics, Computers etc. and Aptitude. This is an extremely powerful
system for delivering exam and quizzes online.
Role: Design & Coding: Designed Login Form, Question bank and answer form. A java
bean class is written to connect to the database and retrieve questions based on user
choice. The user answer is compared against the correct database answers and a user
score is also reported. A clock/timer is also added using java script.

Resume Tracking System

Tools used: JSP, Servlets, Java Scripts, Apache Tomcat Server
Database: SQL Server 7.0
Team Size: 4
Role Played : Coding, Designing
Description: Resume Tracking System is a web-based tool. The system provides a
facility to search resume on different criteria. Resume Tracking System is accessed by
three types of users:
1. Student / Job Seeker Level: Where the jobseekers can submit their resume after
2. Placement Staff / Human Resource Level: Where the placement agencies or companies
can shortlist the candidates according to the requirement.
3. Administrator Level: Where one can delete the record from the database by using a
unique password.

Knowledge Domain:
• Procedure Oriented Language
C Language: Loops, Arrays, Structures, Pointers, Link lists, File Handling.
• Object Oriented Languages
C++ Language
Classes, Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Templates.
Core Java
Classes, Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Interface, Polymorphism, Exception
Handling, Swings, Session management, Struts, Java database connectivity with
Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Ms Access.
• Web Technologies: HTML, XML, J2EE (Java Server Pages, Servlets),
Enterprise java beans, Apache Tomcat Server.
• RDBMS : Oracle 10g, Oracle9i, 8i, MySQL, SQL Server 2005, MS Access.
• Software Testing: Functional Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing,
Smoke Testing, White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, Unit Testing.
• Operating System: Commands in Linux, Windows troubleshooting.
• Computer Networking: LAN, MAN, WAN, Switching, Routing, Apache
(httpd), TCP/IP, FTP, DNS, DHCP, Samba Server, Ghosting.

Summer Training:
• Four weeks training :
In NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) where I learnt
C & C ++ programming concepts.
• Six weeks training :
In Jetking Learning Centre where I studied Computer Networking &

• Within the top fifteen students in the Computer Science and Engineering branch
of 2003 batch.
• Scored 80% marks in NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology)
Testing and Certification, and got excellent grade for programming using C++.
• Member of Indian Society for Technical Education.

Areas of interest:
• Software Development.

About Myself:
Apart from the above mentioned skills, I would like to highlight the following traits of
my personality:
• Hardworking, Team worker, Ability and Passion to learn new things, Positive
Attitude, Optimistic.
Personal Profile:
Name : Dinesh Sharma
Father’s Name : Sh. Om Prakash Sharma
Gender : Male
Nationality : Indian
Date of Birth : 7th May, 1984
Languages : English, Hindi

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my
knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned

(Dinesh Sharma)