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Frontier Subsea Inc.

– Subsea Inspection Personnel

POSITION TITLE: Inspection Data Recorders (CSWIP 3.3U) & Inspection

Controllers (CSWIP 3.4U)
Location: Offshore (East Coast Canada) / Onshore (St. John’s, NL, Canada)
Assignment Type: Contract Placement
Duration: Ad-hoc Basis (3-5 weeks typical)

REPORTS TO: Client Approved Representative (Offshore – 3.4U)

ROV Supervisor (Offshore – 3.3U)
Frontier Subsea IRM Lead (Onshore – 3.3U/3.4U)


Frontier Subsea Inc. (FSI) are currently seeking resumes from individuals qualified to CSWIP 3.3U
(Inspection Data Recorder) or 3.4U (Inspection Controller) and with recent underwater inspection
experience on subsea oil and gas production facilities.

Work placements will be on an ad-hoc contract term basis, requiring offshore and/or onshore based work.
Offshore work is most likely to take place off the East Coast of Canada. Contract will be direct with FSI,
but work placements could be with a Client of FSI, or to another third party / subcontractor of FSI.

Those applicants qualified to 3.3U (Inspection Data Recorder) shall also have prior experience as an
ROV pilot on subsea inspection campaigns. During offshore assignments, the Inspection Data Recorder
is responsible to the ROV Supervisor. For any onshore assignments he/she is directly responsible to
FSI’s IRM Lead.

Those applicants qualified to 3.4U (Inspection Controller) shall also have prior experience in managing
underwater inspection programs for the subsea oil and gas industry. He/she will be directly responsible
to the Client Approved Representative (CAR) during offshore works and to FSI’s IRM Lead during any
onshore works.


Those qualified to 3.3U shall be proficient in all aspects of subsea asset inspection, including, but not
limited to:

· servicing, maintaining and flying the ROV, especially as it applies to underwater visual inspection
· inspection recording methods
· corrosion protection systems
· care, servicing and calibration of inspection equipment
· handling and managing data, including recording and reporting of data
· describing/commenting on video of an inspection task (verbal reporting of observations)
· technical drawing evaluation
· taking CP readings
· knowing the capabilities and limitations of underwater vehicles
· subsea ROV valve operations (integrity inspection and maintenance of XT valves/chokes)

Those applicants qualified to 3.4U require will be responsible for:

· the efficient management of the inspection program, ensuring that all procedures are properly applied
and fully implemented
· planning dive tasks with the ROV Supervisor, Vessel Lead(s) and CAR
· pre-dive briefing of supervisors and pilots on the dive tasks
· ensuring that all data is correctly stored and reports anomalies to CAR
Frontier Subsea Inc. – Subsea Inspection Personnel

· liaising between the ROV Supervisor, the CAR and the Vessel Lead(s), as required
· Ensures timely and appropriate reporting of non-conformances / anomalies with follow-up review and
assistance to confirm close-out

In addition to the above 3.3U expected proficiencies, those qualified to 3.4U shall also be proficient in:
· high definition still photography and video recording
· communications, daily progress reporting, and people management
· advanced methods of NDT, including the application and interpretation of Magnetic Particle
· project management - planning, scheduling, executing and documenting inspection projects, including
assessment of in-field observations against criteria of non-conformance
· the application of quality management systems


· Minimum 5 years relevant industry experience with ROV based inspection surveys of subsea oil and
gas production systems and associated infrastructure, including the host platform. Prior experience
on fields comprising FPSO and concrete gravity based platforms is preferred.
· Prior work experience in the offshore region of East Coast Canada, or similar offshore environments
· Must have, or readily attain, all required certification / regulatory approvals enabling offshore work in
Canadian waters. See also Other Requirements below.
· Prior experience with industry standard asset integrity management software programs, such as
· Prior experience of underwater inspection of flexible pipe systems and associated ancillary equipment
items, particularly steep and/or lazy wave configurations
· Proficiency in the suite of Microsoft Office applications and common E-mail systems
· Proficiency in English communications (verbal, written and typed)
· 3.3U or 3.4U endorsement for the optional Concrete Examination training, and prior experience of
underwater inspection of concrete / Gravity Based Structures, is not a mandatory requirement but
would be an asset

· Must be able to obtain an industry accepted Basic Safety/Survival Training
· Must be able to obtain valid Offshore Medical
· Must be able to obtain Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) or Control of
Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)