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ZeCor® Alloy Case Study

MECS ZeCor® materials intrinsic to

CF Industries and JR Simplot plant success
Industry leaders choose ZeCor® equipment ZECOR®-Z PROPERTIES
MECS developed a family of corrosion resistant high performance metals Physical Properties Mechanical Properties
known as ZeCor (which stands for Zero Corrosion) in 1998. ZeCor was Density = 0.275 lb/in 3
Min. Yield Strength
(0.2% offset) = 37.0 ksi
designed for use in strong sulfuric acid applications ranging from 93 percent Min. Ultimate Tensile = 78.0 Ksi
to 99 percent with temperatures from 140 degrees F (60 degrees C) to 260 Min. Elongation = 30%
degrees F (127 degrees C). The corrosion rate for ZeCor is less than 1 mpy
or 0.025 mm per year. This rate is dependent on the acid concentration and
temperature for typical drying and absorbing acid circuits.
ZeCor — an excellent choice for hot sulfuric acid 320
1 mpy (1 mil per year = .001 inch/yr = .0254 mm/yr)

CF Industries of Plant City, Florida, conducted in-house laboratory

studies of ZeCor and found the material to be an excellent choice for hot
concentrated sulfuric acid. “ We did short term laboratory tests with

Temperature (deg. F)
ZeCor, SX® and SARAMET® in 93-percent sulfuric acid at approximately 260

200 degrees F (93 degrees C),” Allen Hearn, chief engineer of CF 240

Industries, said. “We also did a comparison test of the same materials in 220
1 mpy
87-percent sulfuric acid to represent a diluted condition, also at 200 200
degrees F. The side-by-side test of these materials indicated that ZeCor 180
was superior to the other two materials.” Amry Tayebi, senior plant
engineer for CF Industries, concurred, noting, “ZeCor ended up being the 90% 91% 92% 93% 94% 95% 96% 97% 98% 99% 100%
Concentration H2SO4%
lowest corrosion rate in both of these environments.” As a result of these
convincing test results, CF installed a pump tank constructed of ZeCor in
their ‘A’ Sulfuric Acid Plant. “In the beginning, we performed ultra-sonic ZECOR COMPONENTS
thickness monitoring of the metal on a monthly basis… we have since
MECS offers a complete line of major components and
gone to monitoring every three months because zero corrosion is all that maintenance upgrade accessories fabricated from ZeCor
has been detected,” Tayebi said. Alloys, including:
• Towers • Pump Tanks
• Piping Systems • Uniflo Distributors
ZeCor offers outstanding corrosion resistance
• Acid Coolers • TowerGard Mesh Pads
JR Simplot’s Pocatello, Idaho facility has also utilized ZeCor in its • Packing Support Grids • Inlet Acid Strainers
systems. Two MECS UniFlo distributors and the acid piping system for the • Nozzle Sleeves • Outlet Acid Strainers
company’s ‘400’ plant — which runs a sulfuric acid concentration of 98.5 • Outlet Sleeves • Vortex Breakers
• Orifice Plates • HRS Equipment
percent — is constructed of ZeCor alloys. “We have done some internal
These components can be fabricated from any of these
inspections of the distributors and so far we have not seen any visible
high performance metals, which include ZeCor-Z,
corrosion. Prior to installing the ZeCor piping we had anodically protected ZeCor-310M, ZeCor-310MT, ZeCor-C, ZeCor-CL and
304 and have been pleased with ZeCor’s perforance,” said Stein Simonsen ZeCor-CL29. They are available exclusively from MECS.
process engineer for JR Simplot. An advantageous addition to the sulfuric
acid industry, ZeCor is less expensive than many other stainless steel alloys
and, when installation and field labor costs are considered, is competitive
with the traditional materials of cast iron and carbon steel.

SX® is a trademark of Sandvik Materials Technology

SARAMET® is a trademark of Chemetics, an Aker Solutions company