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Asia must prepare today for tomorrow’s jobs “This Mental Model is professionally used for Academic

Yasuyuki Sawada Discussion and Consulting works purposes only”

Chief Economist, Asian Development Bank

Filled with people doing Moved them from poverty

Technology Optimists argue SKYSCRAPERS
new jobs into a middle class

Progress creates many more New Professional Jobs Programmers, Environmental Scientist, and Data Engineers
jobs than it destroys
focus on
protect workers The ensuring
future of work and relevant
align education
fears over job losses are as the region’s education
more closely with
prosperity depend on Policymakers and labor
misplaced as Luddite it than jobs need to industry needs
regulation train
worries in the 19th century confront workers for
bottlenecks in
over the loss of jobs like their education the jobs of
horse and buggy driver or and regulatory policies are the future
loom weaver lagging the
happening develop high
Labor laws
and in industry cognitive and
social abilities
protect workers Other skills in
protections useful for roles
rather than jobs also need a in research, the future
Introduction of ATM’s rethink analysis, or
machines haven’t Social &
replaced bank tellers but
broadened their roles into
customer relationship

Foundation for future

learning & relearning

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Created By: Pascual, Kristel Joy D.
Mentored By: Professor Geuel F. Auste editor/2019/01/09/1883415/asia-must-prepare-today-tomorrows-
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