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2018-19 Professional Development Plan

Offered by the Center for Online and Extended Learning at Tiffin University

Creating Interactive Content in Your Courses Using H5P

Session Trainers/Leaders: Date and Time:

Mr. Nathan Treadway – Director of Academic The last Thursday of each month of the academic
Technologies year from September through April at 10:00 a.m.
Mr. Korab Imami – Academic Technologist
**Each session will run approximately 2 hours,
with 90 minutes of instruction and the final 30
minutes for Q&A**
Target Audience: Location:

All full-time faculty and adjuncts teaching one or Physical Campus Location – Classroom #121 (first
more online courses at Tiffin University. floor) in the Hertzer Technology Center

Virtual attendees can access the training live via

the following link:
1. Faculty will create and edit their own interactive course content using H5P in this hands-on
session. The focus will be on the development of both an interactive video and slide
2. Faculty will learn how share their newly created content with their students and colleagues
seamlessly across any H5P capable site.
3. Demonstrate to faculty the ease in which H5P content can be embedded into their online
course shells.
Materials Assessment & Follow-Up
I will need: Assessment/Checks for Understanding during
 Laptop or desktop computer session:
 Digital projector  Checkpoint one after the trainer led
 Doughnuts, coffee, and water for the demonstration of H5P.
attendees  Checkpoint two after the hands-on
interactive video portion of the session.
Faculty will bring the following:  Checkpoint three after the hands-on
 A laptop or tablet of their choice interactive presentation portion of the
 An open mind session.

Everyone needs: Assessment Post-Session:

 An Internet connection – campus WIFI  Send a 5-8 question electronic survey to
connection provided at the beginning of attendees the day after the training
each session session requesting feedback and
suggestions for future sessions.
Time Minutes Description of Instruction/Activity
10:00 15 Introductions, overview of the goals of the session, explain the benefits of
H5P, brief trainer-led demonstration of H5P
10:15 15 Hands-on activity #1 – faculty create and configure their own free H5P account
10:30 30 Hands-on activity #2 – create an interactive video using H5P
11:00 30 Hands-on activity #3 – create an interactive slide presentation
11:30 15 Embedding your newly created H5P content in your online course(s)
11:45 10 Q&A
11:55 5 Wrap-up

In-Session/Post-Session Notes: What went really well? What needs to change or be re-taught?

Professional Development Workshop Rubric:

Leadership Advanced Proficient Working Towards
o Objective/outcome o Objective/outcome o Objective/outcome o Objective/outco
of the workshop is of the workshop is of the workshop me is unclear
clear clear or can be can be deduced
PD Planning o easily deduced
Objective is directly with some difficulty o Objective not
(Quality of aligned with the o Objective is aligned or it is somewhat aligned with
Content, most important with important fuzzy school’s needs
needs of the school needs of the o Objective is
Framing) at the time of the school at the time partially aligned o Discussion
workshop of the workshop with important questions are
o Agenda includes o Agenda includes needs of the school not scripted
activities that are activities that are at the time of the
tightly planned well planned and workshop o Agenda lacks
and relevant to the o Agenda has some detailed
100% relevant to core objective activities, but organization and
the core they lack tight
o Quality discussion there is little
objective planning
questions are variety in
o High quality o Discussion activities/presen
discussion questions are not tation
o There is a good
questions are of consistent
allotment of
scripted time quality
o There is a perfect for sharing, framing o There is an
allotment of and application imbalance in
time the time for
for sharing, framing sharing, framing
and application and application
Leadership Advanced Proficient Working Towards
o Leader not only o Leader follows the o Leader follows the o Pacing and
follows the planned agenda planned agenda timing are way
Delivery: planned agenda and makes a good but either off: leader
but also attempt at struggles to struggles to
Pacing/Time makes good adjusting the stick to the times hold on to
Management decisions about agenda when or doesn’t know any of the
when to adjust necessary even if it how to address original
the agenda on the doesn’t work unanticipated agenda
fly based on the perfectly challenges items
pulse of needs of o PD maintains a o PD components, o PD starts
the group decent illusion of sharing and/or significantly
o PD maintains the speed due to well transitions drag late (where
perfect illusion of managed at times leader could
speed due to transitions, o PD starts and/or have controlled
tightly managed sharing and fairly ends more than the start time)
transitions, clear instructions 10 minutes late; or ends much
sharing and clear for each activity some faculty later than
instructions for o PD ends within 5 arrive late expected
each activity minutes of
o PD starts and ends planned ending
on time and and faculty arrive
faculty arrive fairly promptly

o Framing o Framing o Framing o Framing

component of component of the component of the component of
Delivery: the session session sums up session doesn’t the session
concisely and the key takeaways fully sum up the either does
Group articulately sums for faculty key takeaways for not sum up
Facilitation up the key o Small/large group faculty the right
(Small takeaways for facilitation leads o Small/large group takeaways for
Groups, faculty participants to the facilitation often faculty or
o Small/large group right conclusions; veers off track, and causes
Large confusion
facilitation skillfully leader uses leader pulls them
Groups, leads participants appropriate back on point but around the key
Reflection) so that they reach scaffolded only after some takeaways
the right questions when lost time o Small/large
conclusions mostly needed and o Reflection time is group
on their intervenes to pull utilized, but activities are
own; leader is the group on track workshop could use mostly off
highly skilled in if they are off task a little more or a task, and
asking the o Reflection time is little less of it leader
appropriate used to capture o Leader talks struggles to
scaffolded big takeaways more often than bring them
questions when and/or help s/he needs back to a
needed participants productive
o Reflection time is capture their place
adequately used to action steps o Reflection
capture most o Leader talk is 40% time is
important or less of the PD nonexisten
takeaways and/or presentation
help participants
o Leader
capture their predo
action steps minate
o Leader talk is 30% s
or less of the PD
o The leader has o The leader has o There aren’t clear o It is apparent
clearly planned clearly planned indications as to from the
Follow-up/ how to hold staff how to hold staff how the school agenda or
accountable for accountable for leader will hold faculty’
Accountabili outcomes and has outcomes faculty reactions that
ty communicated accountable they do not feel
this directly to any
o The accountability implementation accountability
mechanisms are of the PD post- in
transparent and workshop implementing
tightly in place the action
that should ensure steps from the
90%+ compliance workshop

o Leader is o Leader is positive o Leader is positive o Leader is

motivational and motivational but not as negative
and inspiring o The tone of the motivational o The tone of the
Tone meeting is cold
o The tone of the meeting is o The tone of the
meeting is respectful, meeting is and disrespectful
consistently professional, somewhat or unprofessional
urgent, respectful, and warm respectful, o Faculty are
professional, and o Faculty are professional, unengaged
warm engaged in the and warm o Body language is
o Faculty are topic, asking and o Faculty are negative
engaged in the answering somewhat
topic, asking and questions engaged in the
answering o Body language is topic, asking few
questions questions
o Body language is o Body language is
positive mixed