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2. Name of witness: Mr Adrees Latif
3. No. of statement: 1st
4. Date: 1 March 2019

Claim Numbers: HQ16X01238, HQ17X02637 & HQ17X04248








I, Adrees Latif of 5 Manor Road, Caddington, Beds, LU1 4EE, do say as follows:

1. I am the Subpostmaster at Caddington Post Office, 5 Manor Road, Caddington,

Befordshire, LU1 4EE, (the “Branch”) from 21 October 2001 to present. I also operate a
retail business from the premises selling newspapers, tobacco and other convenience items

2. I am Claimant number 107 in these proceedings. I make this statement in relation to the
Horizon Issues as set out in Schedule 1 to the Third CMC Order (“the Schedule”).

3. The matters stated within this statement are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Unless otherwise stated, the facts contained in this statement are within my own knowledge
and are true. Where they are not within my own knowledge they are derived from the
sources to which I refer and are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


4. I understand that the Horizon Issues Trial in these proceedings concerns the technical
issues relating to “the Horizon System”, a term which is defined in the Schedule but which
I refer to as “Horizon” in this statement for brevity. I give this witness statement in respect
of these issues.

5. With reference to the paragraph numbers set out in the Schedule, as will be clear from the
below, the issues I encountered show the difficulties I faced with bugs, errors and defects
in Horizon causing shortfalls in the accounts (1); errors arising in the course of the transfer
or processing of data (4(b) and (c)); and issues with accessing transaction data and
reporting functions through Horizon to identify the occurrence and causes of shortfalls (9);
This is not an exhaustive list.

Transfer of £2,000 between Stock Units

6. In or around July 2015 I processed a transaction whereby I electronically transferred £2,000

from the AA stock unit to SJ1, the second stock unit. This was not an unusual transaction
and the purpose of this was to stock up the second unit with cash. I would transfer cash out
of the first stock unit and then move over to the second stock unit and transfer the cash in.

7. When I moved over to the second stock unit to transfer £2,000 in, I noticed that £2,000 had
not transferred to this stock unit successfully. I immediately performed a cash declaration
on the first stock unit and confirmed that £2,000 had left this unit. I also checked the CCTV
to make sure that I had performed the transaction correctly. It was the case that £2,000 had
simply disappeared from Horizon.

8. Given that I carried out the transaction correctly, I believe that some sort of bug or defect in
Horizon caused the discrepancy, quite possibly during the transfer. Certainly Horizon’s
limitations in terms of accessing data and reporting functions made it difficult to interrogate
the system and locate the source of the error. I do not know whether the Post Office had
any additional ability to identify the source of the error but I called the Helpline who said that
there was nothing they could do. There was therefore a shortfall in the Branch account for

Transaction Correction issue

9. In or around JanuaryMarch 2018, Camelot sent information to Horizon in relation to

scratch cards. Camelot sent this information to Horizon twice.

10. Shortly after this, I received a notice from Post Office saying that Camelot had made a
mistake and that Post Office would send me a Transaction Correction to put the mistake

11. I received the Transaction Correction from Post Office and accepted the Transaction
Correction. However, the stock figure of scratch cards remained unchanged and Horizon

showed that I had an extra £1,000 worth of scratch cards showing, despite not having these
in a physical form. Therefore, the Transaction Correction did not work.

12. In order to rectify this, I would either have to produce the £1,000 worth of scratch cards,
which I did not have, or remove £1,000 worth of scratch cards manually from Horizon. The
latter would result in a £1,000 loss on Horizon.

13. I have been in touch with Post Office in relation to this issue but it has not been rectified.

14. It is clear to me that there is an issue with how Horizon has processed this Transaction
Correction. The difficulties with accessing data and reporting functions within Horizon
means I cannot confirm what the precise issue is.

Other Technical Issues

15. There have been numerous occasions where I have had shortfalls in the Branch but my
assistants and I have been unable to determine what has caused them.

16. Horizon crashes frequently and I have had to reset Horizon numerous times.

17. I have called the Helpline with regards to the technical issues with Horizon but they have
not been able to resolve the problems.

18. Horizon’s limitations with accessing data and reporting functions meant my assistants and
I were unable to identify the cause of the shortfalls.

I believe the contents of this statement to be true.